Young mums RANT

Young mums RANT

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what I'm just gonna quickly do this video yeah because I'm actually getting very angry this was not planned to be done in my video there was only meant to be filming my favorites today but I'm getting 9 okay so basically it's about young mothers as some of you know I am what I was I still am a young mum I'm 23 now I know it's not really free I want to nd do now and I'm going to be totally free in February but you know still wanna wait I don't know why I thought I was 23 and I have so I have a five-run by the time this video comes out I'll have a 5 world and I'm just so peed off I cannot go anywhere without someone assuming that I'm on benefits I do joke I go out every weekend and I've dumped my son on my parents I have a baby daddy and all of this malarkey and it just annoys me let me start by saying okay there is this stereotype I don't know about how it is in the other countries but in the UK especially in London there's a stereotype around girls that get pregnant a young age one of them is that they sleep around which I know is not the case the second one is that they don't take care of their child and that they go off and do what they want and carry on being a child while their parents look after their child and these stereotypes really frustrates me because in the history of my lifetime I have met a lot of young mothers I live in an area where there is a lot of young mothers and I went to you know baby groups and stuff like that with Jesse where I used to take him once a week to like play groups and stuff like that and I would meet other young mothers to there and some of my friends are now young mothers too I was the youngest of the young mothers cuz I heard defeat very young this does not make it any difference between our ages we're all still young mothers because we're younger than what people age that people would usually be to have children and let me tell you now in the history of all the young mothers I've met I have only up ever yet two young mothers that fit that stereotype every single our young mother that I know does not fit that stereotype a lot of them are in studies some of them are working they're not claiming benefits and planning for no future and just bumming around all day and taking jobs going out every night that I don't know where this freaking at the stereotype came from but it makes me extremely annoyed because we are not the stereotypes there is no stereotypes when people see me get on the bus with my son they're immediately thinking I wonder how hard she was when she had him all they're thinking like they know like people know like there's multiple times I've gone food shopping and I bring Jess with me if he's not at school he'll be coming with me food shopping people know from the fact that he's saying mummy that I'm his mother but they still say is that your little brother because they want me to say no he's my son so they can reply with oh so how long will you when you have him then and it's the same room hi yes I was young oh you must have missed out on a lot no not really because I had the gift of life of a child so I didn't miss out on anything thank you very much it's extremely frustrating the dumb comments and questions that they ask like do you regret having him young well this is the thing my dear you cannot live your life in regrets and let me just quickly sense for you now oh my gosh you again I haven't even I didn't I didn't regret having given you okay that is not what I'm saying but people I don't know why people are sad like it's like you got some did you great getting married I heard you got married did you even correct that no you know and ask those questions so don't ask me that question about my son because it doesn't matter to you whether or not I do regret it for one for two is none of your beeswax and I don't know why people feel so they have the power to even ask you these questions like it's okay because you're younger you weren't have an older mother did you regret having him old no you don't see people asking that so don't ask me that okay because I'm still a human being I'm probably mature oh they knew because of the fact that I have a child so I've had to grow up so do not come to me with those stupid questions because I do not want to hear it another question but I get constantly us is what did your parents say how's it what did your parents say when you weren't out clubbing do Ibiza and you overdose on MDMA and end up sleeping around with multiple different men okay so I don't ask me what my parents said when your parents probably had a lot to say about that and then they will also say like oh don't you regret not traveling in the world I'm sorry but people seem to think that having a child means that you have completely no life that is not the case I may only go out once a year but that is because I want to go out once here if a mother decides to go out once a month she should not be looked down upon because she's a young mother because you see older mothers going to the pub every week no one says anything about that you see them going out themselves but it's not frowned upon because they're older I feel that young girls that have kids should still have the right to be able to go out and enjoy themselves that should not be something that they have to be worried about he'll help you both gonna judge them how people gonna look at them if I want to go every month then I will and it doesn't matter what anyone says to me being me going out once a month does not affect how I parent to my child it does not affect how much I love him how much I care for him how much I'm capable as a mother that does not affect anything another thing that strangers asked me that it really frustrates me is was it an accident you do not know me for all you know I could have been married at the time I could have been living a successful career so you didn't need to ask me because it's actually none of your business whether or not it was an accident because he's here now and does he look like an accident no he's a freaking masterpiece so we don't need to be asked if it was an accident or not especially in my child's presence because this is not an accident a human being is never an accident even if it wasn't planned for God still let it happen so therefore it is not an accident if something happens it happens on God's watch if he allowed it to happen that wasn't an accident an accident is falling over and breaking your leg is an accident an accident is getting into a car crash having a child is not an accident it is a blessing so therefore you should ask me was it a blessing and I would say yes it was a freaking goodbye thing and that's laughing is amazing thank you people will ask me you hope you're planning on like waiting till you have the next war on or I hope you give it a good few years or I hope you're not having another one soon and let's hold up for a second okay you do not know my life you do not know what's going on in my life I have a friend who if she had not had her baby young she would have not been able to have kids because sadly she was going into early menopause now people will look at her and make the assumption that she when I got accidentally knocked up on a night that she was drunk with a guy that she didn't know when really and truly she's in a long-term loving relationship and if she did not have that child she would never have any kids so if anyone's watching that this that goes around asking these ridiculous questions I suggest next time you zip it and keep it to yourself okay because these stupid questions infuriates me and I know for a fact that it annoys every other girl there's always so much pressure on young mums for us to do better I've been a mother of the normal age having a child I am expected now to be a complete and utter professional mental physical success in every single way to prove that I'm a good month whereas mothers that are older do not have that stigma attached that they have to fight their way out of well this happened when Jesse was younger if I used to get on the bus and Jesse was throwing the straw people would look at me to see what I do to judge whether or not I was a good mother because their assumption was I was not a good mother because I was a young mother and young mothers cannot take care of their kids properly they don't know how to discipline them all they do is feed them Burger King and you know McDonald's and sweets with that's actually not the case it's extremely frustrating that people have these stigmas attached and what's more upsetting is that when people ask me about myself when they first make me and they find out I have a chat if I mention the fact that I'm going to uni I'm getting married they find it unbelievable they struggle to believe it because it's like whoa you're actually doing something with your life you're not just claiming benefits that's really out of the norm when it's not out of the norm because like I said I have multiple friends that have kids all of them not all in education or they're working or they're on maternity leave because they were working and they're going to be going back to work after okay people will assume they'll say things like I'll say you've given up your farm and you're afraid of no I've become responsible I have grown up but there's actually benefits to being a younger mother I can take my child to the pot if he wants to climb up that really tall slide and slide down it I can go down the slide with him I actually play games with him we make tents we build tents and we play army games and all these kind of games that I feel because I'm younger I'm able to play it more with him and there's a very strong bond between us and don't get it twisted he doesn't think I'm his friend he knows I'm his mother and he know the V does something wrong they were going to be a lot of consequences for that but he also knows that mummy is fun too and I feel because I'm younger I communicate with him better and I can look back at boy when how he is his age I still remember quite vividly what I was at that age and you know understand younger things that the older you get you start to forget about if that even makes sense remember because I'm young when I have to wake up in the night for night feet and then I had to wake up at 6:00 a.m. in the morning because he wanted another feed and I had to say that because he didn't want to go to bed or who's having wind or he was unwell or something of the sort I have more energy to do so I'm more fine to set waking up in the night I have more energy to carry on with these day-to-day things whereas if I was much older I would have less energy to do them another thing with people saying don't you wish she should have travelled remember now that I've had him young he's gonna be 18 when I'm still relatively young but he's gonna be old enough to stay at home for the weekend by himself before the week when he's in his 20s and I'll be still young enough to travel the world and hitchhike Martin Mountains if I wanted to because I'll have the energy so once he gets older I was still have my life to continue with I'm not going to be there so tired my body's not going to be so fragile and so worn up because I will still be relatively young having kids young isn't that bad now I'm not telling you if you're 15 to go out and get yourself pregnant you should always if you'll have it so have safe sex okay if you are doing that my advice would be to someone at that age not to be engaging in sex and I honestly would say saving it for marriage is the best thing now that sounds crazy from someone that has child but having him young has now benefited me is benefited my parents they get to spend more time with their grandkids they have more energy to do things with their grandkids and now they see Jesse weekly even if it's my mom popping around for a little while they see Jesse and they get to be regularly in his life because of the fact that they're not in a nursing home they're not old that it's me taking care of them yet they still can take care of themselves and they can still spend time with Jesse and do things with Jesse a few days I should birthday they're taking him out for his birthday present whereas if they were much hold up it'd probably be a visit to grandma and granddad and there wouldn't be much more to it but because they're still relatively young for grandparent they can take him and do things with him firm at they're taken into a safari park now if they were much older they're probably still wouldn't have their license anymore they wouldn't be capable driving a car by themselves and also they wouldn't be able to do things with him which is what they're being able to do so when people go on life is the end of the world it's not this is why I have decided to do with because obviously I'm studying midwifery but what I've decided to go on with my movies to specialize in at teenage pregnancy because I feel that teenagers that get pregnant get a lot of slack from other people and they need some genuine support from people that they know they're not being judged they know they have concerns or questions or things or anything that they can door to someone about it and that person isn't going to be judging and that person is going to be carrying from that person is going to be helping them that person is going to be there emotionally for them and yeah that's why I decided why I wanted to spare in teenage pregnancies because I was a teenager that was pregnant myself and I know the stress that other people put on you for being a young mother and the fact that sometimes all that a young man needs is support and she's fine and she's going to be a capable other mother as someone who was you know settle down made and having a successful career already set up before she even fell pregnant in the first place young mothers can be just as successful as anyone else young mothers can do just as much as anyone else look at Barack Obama his mum was young man yeah she raised the president so does that not already say it doesn't matter if you are a young mom and do not if you are young mom you listen to this do not let people's judgment put you down because it used to really put me down now I couldn't care less I'm proud of being young mom I will shout it from the rooftops that I am a young mother because I feel like I now have a point to prove all the other young mothers that get a hard time about everything are expected to do ten times better then they counterpart that is the same age as them everyone before you start making your judgmental observations about young mothers to please hold your tongue you can think these things because no one could stop you from thinking and feeling how you feel but your comments and your questions are never really appreciated unless you're close to the person and if you're close to the person you probably know the whole situation anyway a lot of the time young mothers do not fit the stereotype so before you make that assumption please think twice about judging the mother that you're judging him because you don't know what happened in life before you don't know if it was even the fact that she was you know raped and she fell pregnant and she was brave enough and strong enough so you have that child and loved that child you do not know the situation so don't start jumping on or judgmental monsters because you don't know the whole situation and I don't think it's very fair that people make these judgmental things about everyone and I feel that it's very unfair as well as abortion is something that people can do and if you decide to have an abortion they're up to you if you decide to do that then you do that that's you no one can judge you for doing that but do not judge a mother that's decided to keep her baby because it's more apparent because there are a lot girls that have had abortions that you would not know because they don't have a child they're not pushing above you around whether when they would have been young mums too so before you jump on that girl that's actually pushing that buggy around with that two-year-old in that only looks about she's sixteen remember that she made that brave decision and it's a very good it's difficult decision which whatever decision we make if you make an abortion decision to have an abortion or you make a decision to keep the child it is very difficult but keeping the child the effects are more apparent because you have to change your whole lifestyle to pay yourself and you have to grow up to look after this child they've made a decision which I feel is a scary decision to make because I made that decision myself of keeping that child and going through with the pregnancy and becoming a mother at the yeah at an age that was is quite young to become a mother okay so already hard enough for them as it is for you to be coming with your judgemental nonsense and I just wanted to rant and let let that off my chest because I was asked today again what did your parents say I don't want there to be no stupid argument in the comments about abortion or about keeping the baby or about being a young mom if you've got something stupid to say then go and make a blog post somewhere else because if I find it in my video then I'm going to delete it because I don't want people getting upset okay okay so anyway thank you for watching I know this isn't something that I usually post and I'm all about makeup but I decided to have a rant because I thought I can talk to you guys and there are people work there you guys dad you get me say yes that's why I did it so anyway I'll see you in my next video bye

40 thoughts on “Young mums RANT

  1. I know this video is old (I am doing my makeup and binge watching your videos and had to stop and comment this). I had my daughter (and one of my boys) at a “young age” too. I was 18 when I got pregnant, 19 when I had my daughter. I was 22 when I got pregnant with my oldest son and 23 when I had him. People ask me that ALL the time STILL. They say “oh you must have had her (or him) young. Do you ever regret having them so young? Wouldn’t you much rather have waited to have then when you were older”. My answer is ALWAYS “Um NO. My kids saved my life. If I would have waited like you ask, I wouldn’t have them bc I literally would have been dead”.

    My daughter has a different biological father, so before I met my husband, it was just her and I right off. My parents and Sister helped me A LOT with her. It was like she was all of ours. I financially supported her on my own but my sister (who was 16 at the time) used to drop her off and pick her up from Daycare and would watch her for an hour after school til I got home from work. We lived with my parents but I was the one who woke up with her at night (obviously she was my child), I did everything for her but when I wanted to take some “me” time my parents were always more then happy to watch her.

    One day they went to dinner and the owner of the restaurant was their waiter. He said “Oh I didn’t know you guys had such a young baby! Congrats! (My parents had me at a young age, my mom was 18 when she got pregnant with me and 19 when she had me). My mom said “Hell NO! This is our granddaughter. I couldn’t imagine having a child at this age!!!” She was like 38 at the time. That’s around the age people “normally or should” have kids according to society. It’s sad! My mom was like there would be no way I could do this at my age now.

  2. I think a lot of the reason that there is such a stereotype of young mothers is because the media kind of portrays it and you only see the bum kind of young mums on tv like Jeremy Kyle and stuff and you never like see the successful hard working ones because there not talked about

  3. the thing is, if you regret having a child you never should have had a baby and if you don't want a baby then you wouldn't have one would you? it annoys me that people have no common sense anymore

  4. Here in the U.S. there's the same stereotypes…I had my son at 17 and I have never been lazy or had a support system to allow me to be a lazy parent….I still work two jobs so he can have whatever he needs and live better than I did…all I think about is his future…there are good you got parents out there…I'm not condoning having children young…but it doesn't instantly make you a bad or lazy parent

  5. Im a young mum myself had my daughter at 16 i have never been happier; shes the most beatiful clever girl i know; i would rather be with my child then were i was before i had her she changed my life for the best.
    I know people who are 30yrs or older && cant look after there child the way they should be.
    People are to judgemental
    I also feel like im constantly haveing to prove myself about being a mum becuase off my age

  6. I just have to start off by saying I love your videos and I think you're the cutest thing alive! I just found you today and I've been binge watching like crazy! 🙂 But I can tell you where that stereotype comes from. I'm from a cruddy town in south Alabama and literally ALL the young moms party and sleep around. I've only met one girl from my small town that's a young mother that doesn't act crazy. And that's out of about 10 to 15. I guess it all has to do with the culture you're surrounded by. But props to you for being responsible! That's awesome and you're an inspiration

  7. I just came across your account and I hope you don't mind these offensive. How old were you when you were pregnant with Jessie? And are you dating the guy who you had sex with?

  8. HAhaha how old do you think peoples grand parents are? They won't have their license any more hahaha. I come from a family of teen mums and you are never taken seriously, but its so much better having a young mum, their more fun and completely selfless!

  9. 'young mum' and 'single mum', same stereotype rubbish sadly and also seems to be a global stereotype.
    Hope you could sense me cheering you on during your 'rant' lol. Basically the conclusion is people who ask these thoughtless questions and make stereotype judgement are not just morons but show that it is THEM who have severe lack of maturity and 'social skills'.
    Personally feel for younger mums and think they deserve a medal for not only being a mum (all mums deserve medals lets face it!) but also for doing sterling job raising a human being while also dealing with the social stigma and extra pressures due to age. Hats off!

  10. Are you Aquarius? My Birthday is February 18, when is yours. I wish I had been a teen mum, I am39 still no kids. I wish I could be a teenager again, I would choose to be a mum. My mum had me when she was nearly 42. These people giving you a hard time are thick, it really is a gift of life.i love your honesty.

  11. too many negative connotations surrounding the word 'young mum'. The problem is its fuelled by the media and the newspapers, putting young mums all in one category and stereotyping us all.

  12. I'm guessing it came from the USA because most of the young mothers I have met (but don't associate with) have had at least 3 of those, (partying, dumping baby on parents,have a baby daddy) sadly baby daddy's/baby momma's are common around here.

  13. I love everything you said! My mum had me and my brother young. She was 19 when she got married, 20 when she had my brother and 23 when she had me. My mum is now 41 my brothers 21 (in the airforce and very successful) and I'm 19 in a months time and going to study adult nursing at Uni in September. My mum is from Morocco and came to England not speaking a single word of English. But she worked insanely hard, and has been working as a cleaner for many years and speaks English as though she was born here. I often think that young mums have to work even harder to prove themselves, and that shouldn't be the case. My my now lives her life to the fillies and does everything she didn't do when she was younger- and she's still fairly young! That's the great thing. Her life wasn't over because she was a young mum. And because of my mum, i never judge young mums because I'm the child of one. It's made me really open minded, and I LOVE that you made this video to spread awareness. Xx

  14. Holyyyyy you are BEAUTIFUL. You're just remarkably stunning. Do you have a tutorial for this look? So so pretty. I had to rewind to actually listen to what you were talking about because I was just so mesmerized by your face.

  15. So much respect towards this video , I can relate to this so much , I'm sure a lot of teenage moms can relate too. So much respect to all those amazing teen mothers !!!🙏🏼👏🏼

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