Yo Mama so Strict! Nuns

Yo Mama so Strict! Nuns

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love yo mama to make sure to LIKE our videos your mom get in the freaking car your mom is so strict she punishes Catholic nuns all my me that's a good testament right there yo mama's so fat when she died she broke the stairway to heaven Oh mama's so ugly she turned Medusa to stone get in the king your mom is so hot when she went into the ocean it turned into a hot tub whoo oh no oh oh oh my oh oh no no no no no the hot tubs too hot yo mama's so strict she doesn't want you home before dark she wants you home before hurry and after dark hey lady what are you doing let me out of here I'm not even your kid this video was sponsored by privacy calm privacy calm lets you buy things online using virtual cards instead of your real one it's a great way to manage your online subscription set up spending limits to avoid getting overcharged will pay for something you forgot to cancel and best of all it's 100% free to use they'll even give you five dollars off your first purchase just go to privacy calm slash yo mama and sign up today it's super fast and easy to use that's privacy calm slash yo mama yo mama's so fat she had to be baptized at SeaWorld what I'm trying to say is your mother's a whale whale of a good time yeah yo mama's so ugly when she looked out of her window she got arrested for mooning it was your face huh that's what they all say get in the car yo mama's so hot she makes the Sun sweat ooh Wow okay um hey wait what are you doing Oh momma's so fat the cops use her as a roadblock get out of the car get out of the frickin chair oh that's a great job you did back there Shirley [Applause] yo mama's so stupid she tried to snort coke a cola hey that's my you know you're getting boogers all over my drink everyone get down on the ground we're busting this operation yo mama's so ugly she made the Illuminati close its eye I'm free I'm free uh-huh this is what it's like to be alive lady I could kiss you oh maybe not but thank you okay guys okay I the devil want to make it clear that Donald Trump is not the devil we're two completely different people oh hey Melania this guy on TV looks like me hey yo mama's so fat when she died not even her ghost could float yeah ghostbusters I got a real problem here oh oh never mind oh hell yeah got another soul wait where you going pulled off put laxatives in my coffee you yo mama's so poor she hangs toilet paper out to dry see somebody familiar in the distance who could ground until one foot away yo mama's so stupid she sold her car for gas money a dummy that's an electric car don't try to understand women women understand women and they hate each other yo mama's so hot she's the leading cause of global warming global warming isn't man-made its mama made good one Brody still a good joke [Applause] yo mama's so damn ugly the devil saw her he started going to church god it's off me the devil yeah sorry about all that stuff I did feel like I just a real real asshole so I just just please please take me back come on God we used to be buddies Oh God oh she's here oh I'm sorry a thousand times just take me back come on man stop being a dick I don't celebrate Halloween it's the devil's birthday well hugh janus you weren't even invited so she sat next to moses in third grade let my Trapper Keeper go get stupid game for family night [Applause] when life gives you lemons punch light for the day yo mama's so oh she pre-ordered the Bible pre-order the DLC and you get five Jean and if you act now I'll throw in 2 Corinthians with the behind the scenes of mine now with 100% more Moses I didn't agree to things love yo mama then you love enemy subscribe to anime for the newest animated memes none of this is original

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