Yo Mama so Strict! Fortnite Battle Royale

Yo Mama so Strict! Fortnite Battle Royale

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love yo mama and make sure to like our videos mom yo mama's so strict when she grounded you from fortnight she banned all the players yeah I'm gonna get that dumped Oh what lady this isn't fair come on fine I'm gonna go play apex yo mama's so ugly when she plays fortnight she scares off the oh wow thank you lady oh good luck yo mama's so hot when she plays fortnight people use her as the cozy campfire oh no oh no I've been shot oh oh oh all right yeah this feels nice heal me mama yo mama's so fat when she plays fort night she farts out the soul Oh Roy gonna be number one wait what's that smell yo mama's so she when she plays for tonight she doesn't need weapons to win a victory royale oh my God look at those guns no mama so when she plays fortnight she can hide under the freaking stone where's the last player where's the last player yo mama's so fat when she jumped from the battle bus she destroyed the freakin map is that is that a meteoroid oh hey nah that's just yo mama yo mama's so stupid she thought fortnight was Fork night where we eating yo mama's so ugly when she blade fortnight the cube ran from her right yeah oh oh oh yo mama's so fat when she hang glides in Fortnight people fake she's the floating island wait where's the house yo mama's so tall when she played fortnight not even ninja get out build her I think we're gonna win Oh No I'm running out of mats yo mama's so hairy when she played fortnight people thought she was the direwolf skin whoa lady you must be a beast at this game yo mama's so stupid she thought fort night was a slumber party I brought the pillows let's throw this for yo mama's so fat not even ninja could carry her in fort night alright squad we got this love yo mama then you love enemy subscribe to animate for the newest animated memes how I think I play for at night how I actually play for at night time to farm some materials yo mama's so hot she's bad from national parks for starting wildfires only you can prevent hot mamas my Pokemon Briggs all the Nerds to the yard and they're like do you want to trade cards damn right but God Tara's art in the mirror you'll catch pokemon slow lurks soviet russia pokemons catch bro dick I don't know what the fortnight is but you can build huge walls oh shit yo mama so my receipt he built the border wall before Donald Trump now that I got my five billion dollars for this wall whoa what you see folks that's how we make America great again all my idea by the way so can you let me back in please let me back in I'm afraid of the Mexicans we need another Zod game jetpacks in space robots how about what the fans want yo mama's so stupid she thought call of duty was a game about pooping yeah take that wait what are you doing Oh No that's gross none of this is original

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