Women Try $1 Pregnancy Tests

Women Try $1 Pregnancy Tests

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“…Pop Tarts are more expensive than this pregnancy test.”

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today we are trying really cheap pregnancy tests I actually don't how much is it the dollar yeah pop-tarts are more expensive than those pregnancy tests have you used an at-home pregnancy test before yes multiple times you know you have scares every now and that sorry mom and dad tried quite a few pregnancy tests in my life I am five months pregnant so yes they've been accurate have you ever heard of $1.00 oh yeah definitely a couple friends that abuse them I've gone to the dollar store you'll see the $1 pregnancy test am I gonna pick one up if I think I'm pregnant probably not I feel like there are some things you want to cut costs on Mike you don't have to order delivery all the time you don't have to go shopping pregnancy tests is where you don't want to cut corners all right I've seen this before pretty simple I feel like more expensive ones have a lot more packaging going on results in three minutes Wow over 99% accurate okay that's reassuring this actually seems a lot more put together than the pregnancy test that I took and that was a more expensive one there's like a dropper and this little plastic device oh wow this is like so much smaller than I was expecting it to be this looks like a toy that fell out of my Barbie Dream House usually there isn't this separate dropper they make it pretty easy with the other ones you just see directly on it I feel like I'm gonna feel like a little fly intensity I'm gonna pee in a cup and then I'm gonna put this dropper in the cup then drop it into the collection well which sounds great something Handmaid's Tale do not read results after five minutes I'm wondering what happens exit 5 minute God with these lines it gets so confusing okay one line for negative two lines for positive it's invalid if only the line appears or no one that is too many options I just need a pregnant or no pregnant situation yes maybe when you get an expensive one you're paying for the convenience of really understanding what the I just read not at all I'm pretty confident I'm pregnant I just had my period so I think I should be okay what if I find out I'm pregnant literally I find out right now here's the epoxy opener and device in dropper I forgot you need is a cup so I actually got fully on clothes and had to put everything back on it casually came in a coffee no look I gotta say for a dollar paying for cost convenience but definitely not actual convenience one two three and now we wait for whatever result I already see those two lines pretty strong there we go there's that red line come up we have confirmation I am not pregnant wonderful moving thank you set the timer for three minutes and right when I look down I already see the two lines appear okay so it's been three minutes and I'm gonna walk I know it was really scared of the line being somewhat faith but that's a very big and bold read learn a couple of minutes after you take a pregnancy test and you're just waiting on the results are pretty nerve-wracking it's nice to know that this is very effective the main difference between like higher end ones and cheaper ones is the time it takes for the test story one stick is not pregnant two sticks is pregnant and on a twenty thirty dollar one it's just not pregnant or pregnant which now I'm thinking like why would I spend an extra ten dollars just to get a word say that I don't know nothing has like bothered me more than coming into the work room being somebody your brain you

44 thoughts on “Women Try $1 Pregnancy Tests

  1. I've been trying to figure out if I am pregnant this past week as the last period I had was January 10. I was supposed to have my period around the 8th of February. My chest have been tender, I've been ovulating heavily, I've been having cramps that are similar to period cramps but no signs of my period have happened. I've been more tired. This week will mark almost 2 months without my period. I have had a miscarriage in the past and I've been trying to find inexpensive pregnancy tests seeing how expensive the ones in the store are. My significant other and I are hoping so. I keep hearing about the dollar store tests and wanted to hear some stories on it.

  2. I found out I was pregnant with these exact tests lol. I was only 5 weeks and the first one came out invalid at first so I took another two and two bold lines popped up instantly and we looked back at the first one and it had turned positive too

  3. Daysha’s test was invalid cuz if u look at hers the line is on the right side. But Sheridan’s is on the left side. When Megan shows the back of the box I can see that the line on the right mean invalid and the line on the left means negative.

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