Will Kylie Be A Good Mom? | Astrology – Kylie Jenner & Stormi Webster

Will Kylie Be A Good Mom? | Astrology - Kylie Jenner & Stormi Webster

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Hope you enjoy this video! CONGRATS, KYLIEEEE!


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hello star babies today I am back with a very very special video but before I start this video I want to make two quick announcements if you clicked on this video you care a little bit about Kylie Jenner so why shouldn't you care about her mom Kris and I'm gonna tell you guys again that my new single Kris Jenner is out I'm gonna leave the info below so you can listen to it because it's awesome my second announcement is if you did not see my previous video which is my nighttime routine featuring how i whiten my teeth or if you're not following me on my instagram you wouldn't know that i am doing a giveaway with smile brilliant they're a company that basically creates these awesome custom whitening trays and you can whiten your teeth from home and I whitened my teeth using their products so they want to give one lucky winner 149 dollars towards a whitening kit plus if you use my code you can get 15% off of your purchase on smile brilliant anyway I'll leave the details below because I know your ear to get into this video I'm just gonna say first of all what we're not gonna do is make this video a place to make fun of or criticize a new mom okay and I learned the news that Kylie Jenner had in fact had her baby so the pregnancy was real I was shook no literally deep down I felt tears welling up in my eyes and I'm not obsessed with the Kardashians or the Jenner's yeah I have a song called Kris Jenner but it's kind of like a tongue-in-cheek thing and in an admiration for her as a business person but I'm not one of those people that really keeps up with the Kardashians but for some reason I just I was so emotional upon finding out that Kylie is a mom and I think it's because part of me has always understood where Kylie's coming from or maybe what she's been through and I feel so bad that in the recent years she is a hundred percent the most harshly criticized of anybody in that family she's made fun of all the time she's called names her appearances made fun of she can't do anything right cuz she was ugly before and she's ugly now three years younger than me and already going through all of that I can't say that I would be so graceful and how to deal with it so when I saw that she had had her baby I felt like almost a sigh of relief because I feel like this baby whether you agree with it or not I think this is the best thing that could have and will ever happen to her I think that it is a blessing a thousand percent a blessing for her I think it's exactly what she needed not that you know it's some kind of like accessory but I think that becoming a mother and embracing motherhood and pregnancy and privacy for nine months is exactly what she needed to reground herself she had to start thinking for another being and I just feel like it's gonna take her away from much of the much of the superficial world that they live in sure she'll be followed by paparazzi and she'll probably do interviews and things like that and still keep up with her appearance and things like that but I really think that being in a position to focus all of her energy and all of her love on another being is amazing because she's in Hollywood she's in this industry and maybe certain people's impressions of a family that encourages focusing only on yourself only on your own appearance only on serving yourself and getting others to serve you and taking yourself far and motherhood is just like a shock to be like nope the center of your universe is no longer you miss leo so anyway I am so happy for her so excited for her I just wish I could tell her congratulations and that this is literally the best thing that ever happened to you and oh my gosh I'm I'm so thrilled for her I think it's exactly what was meant to happen and anyway I wanted to make this video will Kylie be a good mom now of course as I just said we're not going to be making fun of her we are not going to be crap talking a new mommy okay she doesn't need that she needs to not be stressed so Kylie if you're watching this this is all love it's a little bit of a prediction about her relationship with stormy based on astrology and what kind of mom kylie is gonna be so if you're curious please keep watching so like me kylie is a Leo and Leo moms are notorious for being leaders they're fierce mothers they are fiercely protective of their children like lions and their cubs they can also be self-centered not have enough time for their children neglectful narcissistic and really hard to deal with however I think that based on Kylie's chart and on Stormies chart this is going to be an amazing mother-daughter relationship here's why so Kylie is a Leo which is a fire sign and stormy is an Aquarius which is an air sign fire and air together I've said this before they just make the flame bigger they just they feed each other and because Leo's are so theatrical they're so into imagination they are just like the children of the zodiac and they really are the rulers of family and children when it comes to astrology I think it's an amazing combo because Aquarians are really in touch with their inner child they are whimsical and strange and they love fantastic and unique things they love being bizarre and being different and they love that about themselves they're just that way but they love it and they embrace it and Leos are the same Leo's Leo's love to stand out and they want the same for their children I think there's a little bit of pride and having really cool children so even though we only know a fragment of who Kylie really is let's be real because why would you show everybody everything really have no idea who she is deep inside and I think she's definitely one of the more reserved of the family that being said I really think she has a silly fun kind of dramatic flair to her we can see it in the way that she dresses she's not afraid of being different she's not afraid of being looked at being the center of attention being loved and adored by people and Aquarius stormy is going to be the same I think I think they're going to play together they're gonna play pretend that they are going to invest a lot of time and money probably into playing pretend I can just see stormy having a closet full of costumes and masks and probably doing fun like animal makeup and it's just going to be a blast I think highly especially think of how artistic she really is she loves style she loves makeup she loves things that I mean she's playing a character in a way when you dress up when you put clothes on you're like coming into your own character you're having fun creating your persona behind closed doors I think Kylie would really love to play pretend and put on shows and just sing and be so silly with storming I think she probably hasn't gotten an opportunity to do that with many people because everybody's judging her everybody's watching her so she'll really be able to tap back into her inner child with this baby because she's still so young and yeah I think that's amazing kylie is also totally going to embrace Stormies uniqueness if anything she's going to be the main supporter of that uniqueness you know the Stormies gonna have amazing clothes and whatever hair she wants to have and you know changing her style every other day probably and I bet Kylie's just gonna let her dress how she wants and really foster that creativity kylie is a major trendsetter whether you like her or not so the same things gonna be for stormy I think they're just a match made in heaven really also as a Leo mom kylie is gonna be on the go traveling and I have a feeling once she gets of age stormy is gonna so be down to be along with Kylie because Aquarians just want to do everything they want to see everything they want to travel they want to go to museums and I'm hoping and feeling like Kylie is really going to feed into that into creativity exploration learning and really broadening her child's horizons because she has the money and the resources to do some really amazing things so I think as a Leo she's going to take that initiative to give her child some really amazed experiences one thing that's also great though is Kylie gives me a very chill vibe a very laid-back vibe I think that's because she's a Capricorn ascendant at least what I've read but it makes sense to me and she's a Scorpio moon so her actually Kylie and Stormies dominant planets are earth so they're they're dominant signs are earth they have the most planets in earth signs let me say that 75 more times out of all the signs I get the most chill vibes from Earth signs and since Kylie and Stormies major dominant element in their charts is earth for both of them I think they're gonna be a very chill mother-daughter duo Kylie's not gonna be like where's the baby bottle oh my god we have a doctor's appointment at 3:00 I can't find the car keys I think Kylie is gonna be surprisingly well equipped for this motherhood thing I think she's gonna embrace it and be like I got this especially because she's leo she's sure of herself she's not gonna let herself be some confused woman not that that's a problem because I'll probably be a confused woman when I'm a mom but I think she's gonna be surprising everybody with how cool calm and collected she is through this motherhood thing I also think it's great that Stormies ascendant is Leo because she will at least appear to the public that she's keeping up with the lifestyle she's keeping up with Kylie her mom being this crazy like huge social media star I think as a Leo ascendant stormy will be able to keep up mostly with the paparazzi and the money and this and that she will appear to the spotlight will become her she's probably gonna be very photogenic very beautiful and probably loved having photos taken and being the center of attention which i think is really good because you know if she were super super Scorpio or something like that that world would be a lot for her which is why I have always sympathized with Kylie being a Scorpio moon because I feel like deep down she doesn't like that lifestyle I've seen a video for talking about it briefly but she doesn't like that it makes her anxious it's too public which is also why I'm so proud of her for doing this private pregnancy stormy is however a Virgo moon so she's gonna need a little bit of order and a little bit of structure even though she is an Aquarius it's kind of like two very different signs but kylie is gonna be that strong Leo lion leader mom and she's gonna be able to give that structure for her Leo's are natural born leaders they like a bit of structure in their lives and they kind of like making structure for other people telling people how to do things delegating so as stormy is younger and and finds a need for more order and more security in her life and she might kind of tend toward anxiety because of that Virgo moon it's hard I'm a Virgo rising we get real stressed real easily and we need to feel like we have things under control i think kylie is gonna give that impression that we've got everything under control plus she's very earthy so it's gonna come across that way too I think it's great that Kylie has a Scorpio moon and stormy has a Virgo moon I think that will really complement each other because when stormy probably does get sick of the paparazzi and the crazy life and be like we need to slow down we need to slow down I think kylie is totally gonna be down for it Kylie's a homebody she is definitely deep down an emotional person and a private person and someone who really cherishes her small circle especially as a Leo and Scorpio combo that privacy that small circle but the loyalty is a big thing and I think stormy is going to feel so loved being surrounded by Kylie's friends that are her true loyal loyal friends we all know they are because they kept a secret that could have gotten the millions of dollars and it's going to help with maybe some of that Virgo moon anxiety if that's there I think in general Kylie and her daughter are going to have a very strong relationship into Stormies teens especially I think they're really going to find this kind of bestfriend dynamic because also they are opposite signs Aquarius and Leo some of the best best friend combinations are Aquarius and leo they're different in the way that they go about things but they're very similar in their morals and the things that they value so I'm excited for their relationship as stormy grows older too for the most part I think they're gonna be able to handle things because Kylie's Kylie's Mars is in Libra which is nothing to really be afraid of and Stormies Mars is in Sagittarius which is it can be petty it can be you know she'll probably as a teenager say some digging things that she knows are gonna piss her mom off or you know she's gonna be a little too honest and maybe bruise Kylie's ego because Kylie has that Leo pride that comes to the nitty-gritty the heat of argument I think Kylie's gonna be the chill one she's not gonna want to fight with her daughter and I don't think they're gonna have any kind of explosive crazy relationship I think as long as stormy can understand her mom's lifestyle and that she is in the spotlight that's just kind of she was born into it and can take it into stride I think it is going to be amazing and I'm just so excited to I don't know I I feel like this is more than just coincidence this is more than you know wow this is so exciting to talk about on Twitter like this is a major major blessing in Kylie's life this is a sign this was maybe an answer to her prayers who knows what she's been struggling with I can only imagine that it has to kind of do with being in this industry of narcissism focusing on yourself not being able to trust other people not knowing who you can give your love to and the world kind of being really harsh and mean to you and suddenly you just get this little angel who you get to give all your love to and it's gonna give all your love back and it's innocent and beautiful and it knows nothing about money and paparazzi and parties and image and whether or not you had plastic surgery it just knows that it loves you and huh I'm just so happy for her and it's making me want to be a mom but not anytime soon because I've got things I gotta do and also I am significantly less wealthy than Kylie so I probably need to save my coin up until I can actually afford to have a child anyway I hope you guys enjoyed a little bit of my insight into Kylie and Stormies relationship and if you want let me know if you had a child today or a dog or a cat whatever if you don't want children comment down below what you would name that being since we have such a unique name as stormy the Kardashians and genders are totally known for naming their children unique things so comment down below your favorite baby name dog named cat name whatever anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this video I love you so much and I will talk to you next time ma bye guys

31 thoughts on “Will Kylie Be A Good Mom? | Astrology – Kylie Jenner & Stormi Webster

  1. Sorry nope. I think that kylie made a HUUUGE mistake being a mom so young. Like she's still a kid. She hasn't had real time to mature yet and develop real charactre and values. I think that 25 is possibly the youngest but still acceptable in terms of maturity in this day and age.
    Sure she has tones if money but that doesn't make for the best mom.
    She's just a narcissistic and self indulgent kid. And i can't stand her.
    She's not grown up and it was such a stupid thing to do get pregnant at such a young age. πŸ§πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ–•πŸ»πŸ–•πŸ» #fuckinghatekylie


  3. I am so happy for Kylie. It’s the best thing that could ever happen to her. I can’t wait to see what Stormi is like when she grows up. Also I find Stormi chart to be quite interesting

  4. I feel like her baby Stormi is going to be big, like I can feel Stormi presence. I feel like she will be more controversial than Kylie, like she has no filter. I feel as though Stormi will be very protective of her family and if u say one thing about them she will be coming for you. Stormi is strong and blunt. She’s the spoke person for her family. Stormi is definitely the type of person that can handle her own. Don’t mess with Stormi

  5. Sakura for a girl, the name seems to follow me at significant moments so we will see. My real name means 'alive and well' and is the sub name to the one that means 'life'. That always keeps me going in hard times.

  6. Loved that you looked into other chart placements to see their compatibility. I flip-flop with the idea of having children like you financially it is definitely not a good time! I have names lined up though πŸ˜‰ top three for a girl are Noa, Olivia, and Autumn and for a boy Ian, Wesley, and Langston.

  7. i'm not a fan of the kardasians or anything to do with them, but this is a great interesting video through the astrology. keep up with the videos!!! :D. congrats to her new baby also btw.

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