Wild Dog pups feeding

Wild Dog pups feeding

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so many in the pride of lions is signature here because in the one the main lion will eat inches away the cows when he is fed out that's when they can join so this one the rather get the cops the pub start eating like now when the pups are good then they can they can go back to the dead or it's not enough they can hunt again the puppies might be around three months

12 thoughts on “Wild Dog pups feeding

  1. I've watched so many of these. Its so funny how the pups are totally skittish of EVERYTHING, including the prey itself, yet they are totally bossy and possessive with the adults.

  2. 0:30 so funny how pups are always really just spookin themselves over nothing except themselves getting spooked lol
    Every step they get closer, the more courage they have to confiscating it from the elders. haha
    those older dogs arent just insanely consuming it so fast bc of hyenas and lions, but also bc of the pups.

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