"Where is that child's mother?"

"Where is that child's mother?"

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For years I have had a saying, “Where is that child’s mother?” I apply the saying when I see a small child climbing a tree while the adult nearby is absorbed with their phone or otherwise occupied. Another example is a little kid who is running way ahead of his Dad very close to busy roads. Being a mother, I have always anticipated trouble. I am the one standing under the tree ready to catch the kid and to say “That’s high enough, come on down.” I had a death grip on my children when they were little and we were near traffic.

When it comes to risk management I lean on the side of worst case scenarios. The first young man who picked my daughter up in a car was interrogated about his driving skills, his license was examined and I explained the consequences if anything happened to her due to his carelessness. In every organization there should be someone with this outlook. Is anyone applying mothering skills in your group?

hi I'm Debbie Peveril and I listen to the weekly tip from basic board governance dossier today I'm doing some comparisons between parenting and governance and one of the things that I have said for years is where is that child's mother I apply this saying when I'm in a park and I see a kid a little kid climbing a tree and the people who are with him are otherwise engaged perhaps looking at their phone maybe talking among themselves but no one is watching this child another example is a kid who's with his dad little kid again running for our head busy intersection close at hand I always wonder where's that child mother the reason for that is because in in my role as a mother I have always leaned towards the worst case scenario I am ever vigilant for things going wrong when my kid was climbing a tree I would be standing underneath saying that's high enough come on down governance is the same kind of thing you need to have someone in your organization who is looking at risk management from the worst possible scenario because when you're using other people's money in a non-profit you're supposed to be prudent and someone should be looking out for the organization like a mother looks over there

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