When You Don’t Look Like Your Parents

When You Don’t Look Like Your Parents

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“My entire family is white, and I’m black.”

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37 thoughts on “When You Don’t Look Like Your Parents

  1. Okay so when people see my dad they say “oh that’s your dad?.” Because he has dark brown almost black hair and I have light brown. And he gets really really tan in the summer and all seasons basically. I get tan but not as much as him. So tbh I don’t really know.

  2. Both of my parents are from the carribean. My mom is mixed and my dad is black. I'm the copy of my mom except with more black features and curlier hair. And my sister is the copy of my dad same dark skin but mixed hair.

  3. As a Pakistani Im also a mixture of different races I have Afghan heritage from my father side and half Arabic and Pashtun from my mother side so I have got fair skin tone , dark brown hair ,my facial features look Pashtun afghan except my eyes I have arabic eyes (almond shape black eyes which is actually a very dark brown shade and this eye colour is not very common even in Asia mostly people have brown or dark brown eyes only pure Arabs mainly Saudis have this type of eyes colour I got this colour from my mother , my father has light brown eyes all my cousins have light to medium brown eyes only me and my brother have black eye colour.

  4. My dad is half Norwegian and Half Icelandic he is pale and blonde. My mum is half Egyptian and half Māori Polynesian.
    I popped out pale with black/brown hair and my sister tan with light brown hair.
    I was then Raised in the Faroe Islands. None of us look alike

  5. If mixed people are so called 'black' then it would mean that all 'black' men worldwide could 'PROCREATE' with white women and claim to be 'PRESERVING' the black race. And their 'BIRACIAL' kids could do the same, and so could their 'QUADROON' grand kids and 'OCTOROON' great grand kids. It makes no 'BIOLOGICAL' sense.

  6. How do you teach a person to be white? It’s a very fine line for internationally adopted kids. Your parents don’t want you to forget about your culture but at the same time they don’t want to make your differences between you and them stand out by having you do things from your culture. Things that are obviously different from them. I like the way my parents did it. They raised us not making a big deal about the born in Korea thing but they also let us know at a very young age, that if the desire came up and we wanted to learn more about our culture or find our family they would support us 100%.

  7. After watching this video, I feel like, why my parents aren't from different countries or religions or totally different backgrounds? It must be so cool to have parents like these. 💕 Well, my mom and dad are Indian. Both of them are from same religion and caste. Sometimes, it's boaring. 😅😂

  8. My life when I go to a parent teacher conference

    Info: my dad’s Icelandic and my mom is Kenyan

    Dad: comes with me to a parent teacher conference
    Teacher: Oh, I didn’t know you were adopted, your so lucky to have such good adoptive parents
    Me: Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️
    Dad: Confused 🤷🏼‍♂️
    Mom: Ready to explain 🙎🏾‍♀️

  9. I’ve never even met my birth parents and I’m 10… my adopted parents get mad when I ask to see them and just say next week… it’s been happening for about a year now.

  10. My mom looks Irani and my dad looks Indian (even tho they are from same country as me)
    I am here looking like a hybrid person. Specially because i got east asian features (along with indian features) out of nowhere. Sometime i doubt that i am adopted.

  11. Me tell people I'm half Hispanic(Dominican) and them not believe me and until they see me hair length and my loosely-curled hair texture. They just assumed I'm only black because my skin is a darker color then the "average Hispanic" as I was told, which is honestly depressing😂. I don't and will not deny any of the races that I'm mix with with because it's literally in my DNA 😂;I am honestly so glad that more Afro-latinas/darker skinned Latinx are being more represented now-a-days which is very rewarding, and I know I'm not alone, that their are more people like me.

  12. My mom is from Mexico and my dad is English and Native American my mom has pretty dark skin and I have white skin and blue eyes but dark hair. And no one believes me until I speak Spanish

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