When Good Moms Do Bad Things

When Good Moms Do Bad Things

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We try to feel better after a tough time. Humor. A Scandenavian asset in troubled times. PS Don’t Drink and Drive. Don’t Hit Kids! -MP

I need a serving dinner they won't eat it dad is cooking I'm just like you curls shame I'm you and their boyfriend relic give them some money they're all drinking the boys are now drinking and I'm just like oh and one of our girlfriends goes in grandma's formal living room with it's big oriental stained table that concludes total antique with up with a little glass Japanese face on top of it and they're sitting there and all of a sudden she goes all in the basement grandma grandma just out doing at a young life banquet for church no and they're coming home any minute Wow one coriolis for me she got really drunk i canna done and then we did show me a drink now I drink a we're all at what and the guy went hi Danny out that window kicked us out without trying there's a tiny criminal know what okay i'll pick you up right now i'm gonna drive that revolver yeter you match you wanna go-o-o enjoy watch them Grantland a very much how do you feel when your wife drinks to the make you mad Becky only industries got it dude does she hit your little son does she hit the little fun little Tommy does she yeah and why's he wished she hit anymore I really hate my mom drinks and when she drinks she hit me and it really hurts so always don't drink okay or you might hit your kids you lie hit him hit it wow so how hard you hit it you

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