What Makes Mothers So Special, According To Neuroscience

What Makes Mothers So Special, According To Neuroscience

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On Mother’s Day, Columbia neuroscientist Bianca Jones Marlin delves into the biological mysteries of the parent-child bond. Thanks mom!

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the bonds specifically between a mother and her child is so important because of the biology paired of the experience after a mother gives birth and I looked at Mouse mothers after Mouse mother's give birth the first important cue that they get is a cube or baby crying and the baby crying plus the flood of oxytocin is not released during birth changes the hearing centres of the brain and allows the hearing centers of the brain to take that message of a baby crying and it brings relevance to it and we say this because we've looked at animals who have never given birth and they don't respond the same way it's in some of the baby crying in fact they respond pretty much the opposite way but with mothers mothers will go and they take care of the pump and they'll pick up the pup the biological chemicals that are being released and how biology has set up makes that very particular very specific and very unique to mothers

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