What I Eat! | 1 Month Postpartum

What I Eat! | 1 Month Postpartum

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good morning welcome back to or what I ate Wednesday it's currently about 6:45 and I just made my lemon detox it's not got ginger in its eggs I just don't have time to grate the ginger into it but it is just a cup of hot water with I put in a tablespoon of this apple cider vinegar and half a lemon freshly squeezed lemon that's just gonna be the first thing that I drink and then I'm gonna grab a bottle of water for after immediate Eduardo are playing with their new lol dollhouse stairs broke seriously how did that break it is now 847 I hate eating this late I usually like to eat around 8 but with a newborn baby and trying to send to kids of the for up to school it's just a little bit crate great luckily Alessia is heading to a little playgroup today so she has an activity planned and I'm gonna bring and dry out for a walk and obviously a million into our door at school so finally after a morning though for a little bit of chaos because they were running we're running late because the kids want you to play with that lol dollhouse that Amelia got for her birthday Milo aldol sent that by the way that we did not bite out for her so that was really really nice of them and thank you LOL doll if you're watching which I don't think you watch these videos people that work in L or L dollars probably don't watch dnews what a Wednesday but and they probably watched the vlogs and yeah we're just really appreciative because you know what's nice about it is I was worried that it would be too much and that she would be really spoiled on her birthday and I didn't want that because obviously I had bought her presents as well but what's really nice about it is that it's something that the three kids three of our four kids can play with last night a media quarter and Alessia we're playing with it and it was just so cute and so it's something for them to share so I don't mind but I'm making my breakfast my porridge right now spread it out with almond milk and raisins a date they're over here raisins date and cinnamon just cooking it up and then I've also got my coffee which has just been made the green capsule from Nespresso and I'll be did a wheelie over there which not happy with Alby has been acting off a lot and stressing me out to no end but removing we had a new baby like there's just not a lot of change going on so that's probably white but he's always been the problem dog I'll be honest I've also got my water here which I haven't done that well comments so far and here is breakfast porridge coffee water and a happy baby it is now 929 on our walk all bundled up in there it's not the nicest of days but it was raining earlier it stopped now so we're gonna take that opportunity go out for a 30 minute walk and so long as baby's cozy in there I mean I get pretty hot anyway I work up quite a sweat when I do this one seems like you wouldn't Ruth I mean it's not that hardcore but I walk pretty fast until it's probably gonna rain a little bit whoo we need to get moving so don't blame can tell but I do two kids it is currently 1052 and I'm sitting in my living room breastfeeding Andrea he's having a little feed and I'm about to have one as well cut them angry after that walk I brought in a little snack I've got some dried apricots which they're organic so they look really dark I know usually apricots are orange but for some reason the organic ones always just look really really dark and some walnuts as well because I'm trying to be more regular and I heard that apricots and like dried fruit and stuff it's good for that so that's why I've got those and then I've got my water over there there's the lol doll palace can't wait to move into our new house where we actually have a playroom for all this stuff but for now this is a playroom common living room and someone has finished feeding he's got scratches on his face and he's got baby acne he's a mess this week but that should all clear up soon it is now 2 o'clock our manager dawn came for a little like meeting slash catch-up and he only laughed like maybe 15-20 minutes ago so I'm gonna have my lunch now lunch today is tuna and sweet corn with mayonnaise and I put it on this bread so this bread is new I bought it on a cod oh and it's a protein rye bread I will try to show you but basically I use all look at my cake I usually have this rye bread the sprouted one from Fiona Iona Fiona but I got this one protein bread organic rye and flax the brand is profusion and this is the same brand as the one that makes this pink salt and I really like this it's the Himalayan pink salt so I just thought I'd try it out it's the first time trying to say I don't know if it's good I still don't know what Jonathan and I are gonna do for fate I think we're probably just gonna stay here to be honest and get a takeaway because it's just too hard baby but yeah I think I'll have this take some cherry tomatoes as well oh and I don't think we have any cucumber left but yeah that is gonna be my lunch okay no 10:00 to 5:00 and we are devouring my cake that I made for mes Perez actually a media's cake this is my little slice it's an Oreo cake and if you want the recipe it's from precious no precious serious eats causing serious eats calm if I remember to I'll leave it down below but it's with fresh cream and it is so yummy I cannot wait to eat this and Jonathan's gonna sample some what is this sport what that's not a cake for just some massive force we have beanies anyway I also made a coffee black coffee and I'm editing what you think of it I'm a god it's a week since I have zurvita vlog in the last week there's some cream on your feet makes it all better it's a couple of hours later and it's now ten five to eight just kind of late feeding dinner but it's our date night well I'm working late Jonathan things it I'm dry out for me which was nice I actually didn't have to put any children to but this evening so um we got one of Mama's because it's amazing it's good and we're watching a movie um Theo came up and joined me while I was breastfeeding was actually so cute look at him you think you're a king dude he got up on your pillow and everything did he yeah he was so cute though he just like ran up the stairs and I thought it was a maniacs I could hear somebody coming hidden it was really dark and then this just a little head popped off my house like that's way too small to be immediate so I couldn't really see it was really dark and then I saw I the head disappeared and then it went boy boy is like okay that's a dog and it was the oh so cute so I got the teriyaki so bought with salmon and Jonathan got exactly the same teriyaki Silva what's taking steak it was three funny when I put it into the M shopping basket or whatever it was this exact same it was like in brackets salmon and steak for him and for her so well it comes with noodles like the same ones that you get with the yakisoba yeah so we're gonna have this now drink my water and watch this movie with Theodore jonathan is just realized that's what it andraia on Wednesday yeah I need to feed on grass you know he took my shower keep going to bed too late guys hold me accountable tell me hit me up on Twitter you might go to bed go to bed get on up on Twitter I hate I need to be going to I have like there's been some days that I've been good at it and have gone schibetta a trending hashtag go to bed on any dates that we watched Tina its mate I'm dividing close yeah he's like such an Al and I'm like the polar opposite but then I wake up pretty early so not good it sounds bad when University used to hear the birds anyway now we hear the birds because the kids think I'm sorry on me I wake up before the kids you do you are like a bird anyway so heading to bed now it is 25 no 20 pass and that focus Mass at 20 plus 10 and I'm just taking my vitamins or vitamins as American people say they can be complex vitamin B this one taking pregnant care max two of them and then the omega-3 which comes that's part of that and vitamin d3 drops which is one of those and then I filled up my water again and I probably will actually drink this I've been really good at drinking three of those a day and each water bottle is holds 900 milliliters so I think that's pretty good because it's almost three liters a day so that was everything that H day and I hope you guys enjoyed the video thank you so much for watching please give it a thumbs up if you liked it and subscribe to see more I upload Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays and I will talk to you guys in my next one bye

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