WE'RE GOING TO WALT DISNEY WORLD!! (February 5, 2017) Disney SMMC | beingmommywithstyle

WE'RE GOING TO WALT DISNEY WORLD!! (February 5, 2017) Disney SMMC | beingmommywithstyle

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We’re going to Walt Disney World and on the Disney Wonder cruise ship for Disney Social Media Moms Celebration 2017!! We will be doing our usual day in the life vacation videos on the trip, split into topic specific parts! In this first video, we are boarding the airplane in Michigan and headed to Florida!! We drop our things off at All Star Movies, where we are staying the first night before transferring to the conference resort.

Then in the next video, we go to Blizzard Beach for the first time!

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** I am a 2017 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration attendee and have received complimentary items and hosted experiences as a part of the event. All opinions are my own.

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good morning we're up and going and vid is about five o'clock the Maureen and we are heading to the airport we are headed to Disneyworld today I was there up and going as they got their little mini ears on we're excited they're ready to go and then we've got many years to you know I'll put in love you must show me now you mad we're ready to go to Disney World and we're all need to drop our bags off there's many years okay you can't what quadrant II can't portrait you're going to draw it Dan just went and chopped off the stroller yeah glad he's ready for the busy flag he just went and dropped off the stroller so that way it'll meet us in Florida used to jump off the bigger items over here International and we're going to go over and go yeah we need to go on the Detroit monorail over here to get to our gate then which way and we gotta call up right first you gotta find me what all right to the right we go there goes look at the next one yeah plane is already here things I'm pretty smoothly to get here today Weaver is mr. rest early this morning we didn't really sell a lot but we got all of our bags here we got here in science or some matters through be in Orlando around 11 o'clock and then tightly around our suggests we thinking about going to the water park guys already here it's so cool we get to walk all the way down to the plane we're in like a hallway here for exactly No so his sauce your calories are upstairs good luck there's data on the cloud Wow now I'm writing that's all I see very very see ultimate is new all right we're here natalie is in Orlando as well as in Orlando looking ahead over impact the shuttle to get in a bag plane and really three questions okay I'll have it here does it feel like it's warmer already yeah yeah there's the hotel you see the elevator going up I'm gonna hi inside the airport ergo c-3po well in suitcase you got it good job – don't let us quit there it is heavy all right we got our droid this was the Droid we were looking for all right we got all of our stuff there's everything I didn't show this morning – gave one tsuki suit to say – for Yuri stroller yes I'm technical we can unfold us take the food smaller once put it in yes this is going to become our luggage caddy we're gonna see falconers ended up putting Natalie in a stroller and I've got Vegas to chases and Dan sent the rest of them and head on down the magical stuff and we actually just have our magic vans because I never got the confirmation letter or the luggage summer may also that's why we have all of our Suki's around the most magical what's that we were right next to freeze line vacuum line under foods you can see our best reflection in the window and a couple of TV perfect about halfway to Disney World they're really joining Simon works out perfectly even those rooms up our bed and they went to find out why so we have two hi kiddos need to get nataly's over here this times interchange because all about the Pollux please ready there's the motorcoach really really not moving this is River so they had the red carpet all rolled out for us because we're certain to expense our luggage and in our rooms readies we're going to go over there the children access with these things anywhere in the Dalmatian area 101 Dalmatians area building for there's Pongo and Perdita oh yeah elevators we like elevators so there's Pongo and over here is Perdita yeah the little TVs that's cute you guys are going to get your picture taken in the TV set because what I chicken Isabella on the TV right now there's a cute little picture spot right by Fonda and there's Natalie hop in there Natalie we are going to change clothes or a room floor and I notice alright so we're gonna do a quick room tour here we're at four 906 and building for well and we just got in from the airport it is a cute little Mickey table here and this is the first time that we stated a value so we're going to be checking this out and then we're moving to a moderate tomorrow for the conference and I was testing up at that array it's obviously the big difference between when we were at Caribbean beaches there's no you know extra little bed here there's just the two doubles and the beds are a little bit smaller than the values but the theming is super cute in these I love the little border around the top and the decorations outside we love we're in a preferred room so we're close to the pool well you can't see it cause Housekeeping's here but that's what it looks like outside if you log off and we can see Pongo and Perdita from here you can see Pongo behind the car stairs so this is what it looks like and there's a couple drawers we're not going to fully unpack because we're only going to be here one night but here is the refrigerator with the same sizes they had to moderate some drawers some copies of the work great for shoes there's adjoining rooms so if you're with another party this is cute cute little shelf and a Mickey curtain I like that to divide hello and a husband edamame and we're still all in our northern clothes I'm wearing my sweater so here's we can like hang up some stuff just a little sink area and a little bathroom I just got real movie curtains so this is cute like I this is cute I want to go check out the rest the resort I mean the rooms are a little bit smaller but honestly this is a really cute room so in who I love this h2o stuff all right so we are going to change clothes and shoot some warmer weather clothes and go explore a little bit there's a cute little Dalmatian poster over here do you guys like the little decorations that acute yeah yeah yeah that is me kind of ties the whole room – yeah there is Arnold in over there and we are right here by the pool it was fun it's got sort of making noise these panties over there and then the main building where the food is where we're walking to go grab some lunches right over there pretty cool there's the pool and we're going to go see what they have to suit in here you there's a muppet okay the movies on the wall at school and then there's a real sign our case goes into six months to go down there in a shop and windows is a food court looks like a movie theaters I see a bunch of penny machines I don't have the pennies they're back at the room but this is good to know that they're here here is a majestic there's a hot italian sandwich chicken parmesan sandwich a meatball sub lyric has salads chocolate salad and it's fifty a month the sandwich is all the drinks in two years Roxy has American stuff burger chicken nugget Holly event for the kids and then there's Dirk's over here I'm going to avoid that area very good I got the taco salad for lunch which looks good and then the kids got grilled cheese and chicken decorated pants bringing over this meadow is real key and then you go get our soon suit sons but we're planning on going to check out Blizzard Beach actually but then Natalie saw this will not always decided that this is the best school ever so we come back and just end up going to the pole here tonight I think that they show movies they're actually so that might be really cool to come do tonight Natalie although it's probably gonna be cold so just like click first on the seaming here and so far the setup I actually really like this one in fact I will you know talk about it in my reviews afterwards the first impressions at one points because the elevators and the kids actually really like the Feeny but now obviously this the beds are smaller than the moderate we're losing and Natalie she's running to go to the dog area the kids love these characters though there were a good be yeah they love this TV thing I think they're just happy to be outside of the airplane – you want to run around and then there's like a little like smaller pool over there – the duck pond pool Wow yeah yeah there's daddy this is missus we're back at the hotel room we're going to change clothes real quick and cut some short sleeves I'm one but we're also going to put some swings we've done we're gonna head over to Blizzard Beach because our biggest this time our park hoppers and they have the water parks and more feature on them so we wanted to go check out blue the beach for a couple hours and check out the play areas because we're planning to come at a warmer time in the future and do like more water part trip so we thought that this would be a great opportunity to check it out see what you think ferns are awesome check on entitlements

44 thoughts on “WE'RE GOING TO WALT DISNEY WORLD!! (February 5, 2017) Disney SMMC | beingmommywithstyle

  1. Day have there backpack day åre all ready for disneyland day åre in the airplane looking out the window day åre
    getting close to the disneyland airport she been funny she look like she is sleeping the is funny she this not have her swimming suite on she can not go swimming in the pool

  2. Thanks so much for this video, i totally subscribed to your channel i love it! I'm planning a Disney trip for my family and i think February is a great time to visit. How was the weather and was it crowded?

  3. We live about 2 hours from Disney, and I feel like you guys go more than us! We went so much when Isabelle was little, that now we take our girls to Busch Gardens and Universal more. Universal doesn't have a ton of rides for my little kids, but they still have so much to see. Me and my oldest daughter are Harry Potter obsessed, and Everly and Calla love the Dr. Seuss rides. But we have to take our youngest to Disney! It wouldn't be fair to cheat her out of that experience!

  4. I know a lot of people already told you but yay… it is very cool watching your husband being more comfortable with the vlogging… cutest family!!! 🙂 hope you enjoyed your trip

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