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Come with me on my journey to get pregnant with my surrogacy baby! I get the embryo transfer through IVF. Wish me luck everyone. We also find out if Alex will need knee surgery again.
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what's wrong why are you crying what happened he has to have another surgery no he does that let's forget the things we can't change the tears and the shape so much to get me four hearts before and now we'll make it somehow but you good morning keep it crazy family today is transfer day I have been waiting for this day for months and months that I cannot believe it is finally here last night I was able to go to dinner with the intended parents who I'm doing this serious a journey for and they gave me this sweet box look how cute it is and it says the earth last in flowers this is so cute and then my aunt Rose the sweetest note it says the crystalline Aaron oh yeah and they put you are the best crystal and Aaron big day tomorrow we wanted to get you and your family a few things so you can relax and we got stuff for the kids as well because we wanted to oh and then look at this box like Phil the snacks and goodies and things for aura and they bought Aurora like a really cute look how cute this outfit is you jumping look how cute oh my gosh is like means so much to me this is so sweet and it's really gonna keep Aurora chill and good all day so I'm really excited about this thank you guys so much we are leaving the hotel right now I'm like nervous but excited and I'm just like I'm having all these emotions but I could be pregnant in a few hours guys so fingers crossed that everything goes really well yeah those of you later after the transfer it takes nine days to before she'll know for sure she's pregnant before we can do the pregnancy test and everything so alright let's go so we are gonna try to film as much of the procedure as we possibly can however the intended parents are gonna be in the room for the transfer so which is so exciting I'm so glad that they're able to make it and able to be a part of all of this like I just I love that however they do not want to be filmed as of right now they said they they still don't quite feel comfortable but maybe in the future so we'll have to see about that but we will try to get as much filming as we can without getting them in it but we are so excited and you're gonna feel me moving the table up we're gonna be coming in right to left click that inner cat that that's gonna slide right through the catheter that you see there bottom valve and then heading towards like 9:30 10:00 the transfer is all done it was really fast it's so cool how like the technology behind it for sure and now I'm on bed rest for the next 24 hours so this is where we're gonna be chillin right here in bed so we're actually gonna be binge watching stranger things on Netflix we're like on season 3 episode 2 so we have a few more episodes to go and then maybe play some cards and just do different stuff just relaxing and inside and enjoying our day for those of you that are new to our channel alex is our sports player freshman year he hurt his knee and ended up having to have surgery earlier this year he had the surgery and now I'm gonna be picking him up and taking him to the doctor to get his knee checked up now football season starts in about two weeks and he hasn't been cleared to do physical sports or activities run jump things like that yet from the knee doctor so we're going and we're hoping that he really gets cleared because he wants to play football so bad it is this favorite thing to do everyone okay hey hon you feeling good any problems okay so other than the snap crackle pop cocaine no not really how does it feel now compared to before surgery it feels normal like in W like I feel like this one okay parents of a girl are you just beautiful before the surgery wasn't really coming it was like constantly in pain no matter what I do okay I could walk for like a little bit and if I spent this er doing then I caused pain okay pull that back this one go ahead and straighten it out father you okay down the other way does that hurt yeah everything looks me everything looks pretty good very good you know you authorized him to do sports we are let's get into the therapist first okay okay but you can start practicing and everything yeah just like let's just start like you just made his day alright so we just got out of the knee doctor and Alex got cleared for sports I'm so happy I've waited so long literally I was so sad when I got surgery because I thought does it take forever but we're scared he wouldn't be healed in time for the new next football yeah I was I was like terrified he said like you have to have surgery I was like I want to play football though like what's that gonna do but crystals really worried we're going to go into the hotel room and I think we should prank her you have to have another surgery so you got to act like you're gonna cry or something like that I don't know if I can do it cuz I'm just so happy about it I know you gotta try the hard tool yeah that's right I got it'll be really funny I think yeah all right let's do this let's do it what's wrong why are you coming [Laughter] [Laughter] did you think he was actually crying I can't I'm like super happy because I got cleared I was like I can't cry on command so how am I gonna feel okay so we made it back to st. John and the first stop we have to make is to our Sally's house I can give her the bracelet I got hurt and then the little unicorn from big you know the best part I didn't tell her I was coming you didn't tell her your cubby Oh she'll be a surprise yeah can't just walk in here announce it's me um so happy things people wouldn't see you and then I've got you this yeah meaning um everything I'd give her a hat I mean um so this has your name obviously two reasons first of all I was rushing and kind of like pressure so I just chose the first name that came to mind and it's hers and then second of all when I think of your name I think of like beauty kindness smart strength courage and just everything so imperfection so when you look at it I want you to think the same thank you


  1. Such a beautiful family, always making me cry (of happiness) because your filled with love and kindness… ☀️❤️

    And just a short story!
    I was sick this whole week, but on Wednesday I went to school, (I'm in 10th grade) and in our Life Orientation class in 3rd period a girl got an asthma attack, and then got a seizure (and from watching your vlogs, Crystal put up a purple banner and I screenshoted it and I studied it, because I want to become a doctor… so I knew exactly what to do) no one else knew what to do kids stared and screamed because the seizure was quite big, and I was the only one who ran to her and turned he on her side and the teacher just went on with the class and tried to calm down the kids… So I just called 2 people to sit behind her back and keep her on her side.. And moved away the desks so that she was safe… And put a random kids school bag underneath her head… And then just rubbed her back so that she can calm down… When she came by I quickly ran to the office to get our medic teacher… And he took it from there…

    I am so grateful that you share information and advice about seizure and how to help because if I didn't know what to do no one would've helped, because even the teacher didn't know what to do and him and the students were so scared and shocked that all of them froze… 🎄☀️💛Thanks!! ❤️

  2. Alex how dare you! That's so mean! Regardless seeing the "mom" in Crystal come out is just the sweetest thing ever. When you sat up to comfort him and were gonna cry to that shows true momship if thats even a word Haha. Aurora was adorable trying to hug Alex it was so sweet. That's so awesome that you are willing to endure pregnancy for someone who can't. Obviously I've never been pregnant but I know through watching others it's not pleasant, sickness, back pain, labor oof. It's amazing that you would do that. I'm glad Alex and Aaron were just pranking you, NOT COOL THO but love you guys, glad for good news!

  3. awh alex i'm sorry😕 it's going to be okay. you've got a family who'll get you through it!

    aurora was so sweet to alex when he was crying. she's such a sweet little sister

  4. Raising those kiddos right!!!🤗I’m sure it’s more exhausting than any of us could ever know, but you sure are great parents crystal & aaron, to raise and nurture that many sweet kiddos!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your journey! I cannot have my own biological children, so you being a surrogate means so much to me! Crystal you are so selfless! I wish nothing but love and happiness for you, your family, and the intended family!❤️😘🇨🇦

  6. Aurora reaction 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 sooooooooooooo cute oh my god 😂😭
    I love Alex girlfriend she's sooo nice & cute her smile beautiful

  7. The love Aurora has for Alex is amazing it shows how much of a loving caring family you all are I laugh with you guys and cry with you all you are truly amazing love from Tasmania Australia 💞💞💞

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