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Last weekend I had the pleasure of sharing a HUGE house courtesy of Kate and Toms in the Cotswolds with a bunch of other parenting vloggers and it was AWESOME! we had late nights and lay ins as well as a three course meal cooked for us!!
Thank you to Sj for organising the event and for Kate and Toms for hosting us

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I'm so excited so I am off on a weekend away with some of my favorite blogger vlog e Instagram mum friends and I could not be more excited so we are going somewhere called Muslim mana which is somewhere in the courts words it doesn't look like it's too far I think it's about an hour and 10 from where I live I'm taking my friend Jess my friend Laura and way for an SJ in the car with me say yesterday that I'm taking actually arranged this weekend she was gifted a lovely house from Kate and Tom's so the place we're staying is a Kate and Tom's a place if you've not heard of them before I will pop a little link to them below so you can kind of see what it's all about with a yes called Marsden Manor and it looks insane it's got 10 bedrooms it looks like the kind of place where you could just get lost in it looks so relaxing there's baths we've all got these plans that we're gonna do like you know yoga and have bubble baths and like really relaxed and I think people even take your books and things and yeah I can kind of see it turning out a little bit differently and we just don't stop talking but it would just be so exciting to be somewhere without children with like-minded people people that do YouTube and do Instagram and know exactly what it's all about I think coven of us have got some brand photos to take I know I've got a couple so that would be really good have like people that know the business and not rely on self time or all the time or my insta husband who isn't that great lesson it's a shame that it can it be like a bigger group of people because obviously that I like got hundreds of like parents and bloggers and stuff that I speak to and like follow online and stuff but obviously I think it would be a bit much to try to arrange for that many people but I think there's about 16 17 of us or something like that and yeah all really lovely cows so I'm gonna stop waffling on because I need to do my hair and get in the car and make a move I hope you enjoy watching this got a feeling it's gonna be like little random Snicket's so sorry if it's not a very put-together kind of log but you know me I'm a bit of a row of log kind of cow pies just look at our little home for the weekend while I say little it's pretty massive I am sharing a room with my we are so excited it's so like childish but we keep just like running around and doing like there's no kids and it's delightful but let me just show you around our room but also SJ who's hosting the weekend has brought us these cute pajamas we've all got matching ones and she's also brought us little headbands as well which it's just so organized it's something that I would just never do myself look how cute this is like ignore allure suitcases and things these beds look like heaven look how tall I mean yes so Hannah and I are actual geeks but connected by the brain we've both bought a little captain with us which yes it's so geeky but it's gonna pay off every month insane our rooms gonna smell amazing so we've just had breakfast and we are going to brave it in the outside ball but it's actually covered by this huge bubble thing let me show you it's so strange and this bubble is like a big hair dryer so you have to jump in when you unzip it so I don't even actually gonna get in okay try so like this seems like a really good idea but now I don't think it is so it is 5:00 to 1:00 in the afternoon and we have just gotten out of of dramas which bills how does it feel very good it's very good very good yeah what do you think about brexit then Katie ah it has like mid-afternoon and we've I only just really kind of all got up and dressed trying to organize like 15 people is probably quite hard but we've just and we're just going a little walk of the grounds which switchy fancy fancy odd okay we are in a couple of activities and the first one is yoga which I'm going to be so up being Katie and steel bar [Laughter] which I can oh yeah this morning kind of lost our voices but it is 25 past ten and would we ever get to do that normally so sad that we're leaving ministry on like the last day I'm about to leave but I thought I'd just show you the grounds quickly before we go because it's just so good it's been like the best place to get photos so I feel like I haven't really got any people who seem to have like really nice ones and I just didn't just Nick at this view uninterrupted so lovely


  1. Ah so much fun! I wish I'd vlogged now too – the yoga makes me laugh so much; we look so good sped up! Thanks so much coming and being your lovely self as always xxxx

  2. New subscriber here! I discovered you through Katie Ellison and the flossing queen herself, Kerry Whelpdale! Your honesty is very refreshing. I laughed a few times in this. It looks like you had a great time. Hope you have a beautiful week.

  3. Lovely vlog 😊. The swimsuit you wore is very flattering, what make is it please? I think having one like that would make my flabby mum hips feel alot better 🤣

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