Video Shows Cops Ripping Baby Out Of Brooklyn Mom's Arms | NBC News

Video Shows Cops Ripping Baby Out Of Brooklyn Mom's Arms | NBC News

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An eyewitness video shows NYPD officers trying to rip a baby out of a mother’s arms at a social services office in Brooklyn, New York. The eyewitness said that the mother was asked to leave when she sat down on the floor because all of the chairs were full.
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Video Shows Cops Ripping Baby Out Of Brooklyn Mom’s Arms | NBC News

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25 thoughts on “Video Shows Cops Ripping Baby Out Of Brooklyn Mom's Arms | NBC News

  1. I hate black police women-them whores were so bullied and unattractive-man looking asf coming up so they went out and became police officers to get revenge on innocent people who had nothing to do with that🙏!!!

  2. It makes sense that morons would come to the aid of a criminal not following lawful orders and then claiming the police were "ripping" the baby from her arms and not just removing her grip.

  3. The worst part were most of these cops were women, who naturally should have a maternal instinct but the one who looked like she was playing tug with a 100lb doberman should be fired and charged. Glad the mother got a settlement but I cant deny the fact that her holding onto the kid also contributed to the incident..

  4. From what I have read, the mother was breast feeding her baby, she sat on the floor so she and the baby was safe. She was there waiting to speak to an official about her child welfare pay at social services department. Typical, if that's how social services treat people, not very social then is it? They also do this stuff in the UK as well. I think the way the police handled it was disgraceful, no wonder that poor woman won an out of court cash settlement!! She should have been paid much more. That poor baby could have died from shock being separated from his mother for the 1st time in his one year of life, spending a whole night without his mum!!

  5. No. This “mom” put her baby in a dangerous situation. Come on. As a mother I’m not going to have this happen to my baby. Just hand the baby over! What were the cops supposed to do? Wait hours upon hours upon hours for her to hand over the baby?

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