UPDATE : * EMOTIONAL* Advice , Whats up with moms❤️ and much more !

UPDATE : * EMOTIONAL* Advice , Whats up with moms❤️ and much more !

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Welcome Back Beautiful Souls ❤️..
I promised y’all I would back with my videos so HERE I AM . I just wanted to say it does get EMOTIONAL so hold back the tears. Ahah .
FOREAL on the Advice help a girl out because we are learning and growing and GLOWING together babes .

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hi my love's welcome back to my channel so today's video is going to be an update video of how everything is going my relationship from Moms for moms to me and what just what is next I actually put on face today I love fun you're gonna know how to do eyebrows and so please don't come for me on my box cuz I don't know how to do them but I will be learning I've been watching a lot of videos I'm gonna try one air just gonna give it a whirl okay everybody's always like you can't you know you can do a face but you know you're always gonna have eyebrows which is true I wish I knew how to do it but I know but anyway say this like I said this videos gonna just be update video and let's get into it okay so I'm gonna start off with also inspecting by seer I need advice and you know if you could help me or I could help you like I need to say let's get into that so for instance if anybody else does this like let me know because I'm still like learning on this so you know how when you get into relationship and this is like something I'm still working on to this day like the interrelationship ant like your old from your old relationships you learn things like those are lessons that you learn from that you know like this relationship I'm not gonna I'm not gonna feel like this or I'm not gonna be fixed I'm gonna take this different and such as such so um one thing for me that I got you that I've just came accustomed to now like I used to and I'm all I've learned I'm learning is a this relationship it's a lot of communication and that's a lot of meat opening up towards my towards my other person and stuff like this are like curtains day i previous relationships nobody asked me of course you got a what's wrong with you like you know I'm saying but nobody just asked me like ebony like what's wrong so you know really supreme I'm in now or whatever um it goes like you know he asked like what's wrong with me you know at first it was so hard for me to even explain that codes online you know I'm sound like nobody ever asked that so you know learning like open up like be you and just show it like so I've learned to open up more and I learned to be like this is what's wrong with me and this is not done and then I learned to speak up more so but one of my biggest is one of my blogs in a relationship I have to say is I shut down I shut it down to where like if something is hitting me pounding me like so much is going on I shut down this one like I could I just don't know how to handle it all and I'm still like you know I'm sad getting used to like having somebody that actually cares to be like what's wrong with you you know I was gonna say I wasn't too used to it and then I got used to it you know since I was lying um so for instance said certain things like with my mom like if something happened I could vent some but it is something like was really going on like I didn't know how to explain it like I just kept it in I would cry I would like break down how to break down crowd I would be like I don't know like what to do I don't know to you so that was that's something I just take in and I'd be like you know I'm a saint and I'm a relax like literally would tell myself like we're gonna we're gonna take the same and we're gonna figure out where we're gonna do so but in a relationship you have somebody there to help you like you know Stan I learned and I'm like oh my gosh like you can't shut down but I should um pretty much like obviously my shut down is like I just need a moment like I just need a moment to everything like let me figure out like how to take it you know since I I take it I'm taking it off sit there and you know my car I'm a car cause it's hot still with mom so I'm crying I'm gonna feel like you're never saying but it could go left if you don't tell the other person like what's wrong with you so what's obvious I like you know got some Teicher going my relationship and I pray on it and I build on it you know so crying God doesn't mess up our relationship because like I'm really like sometimes I don't know what she like yeah I can talk to them you know talk to him but I'd be like what do I do like you know say I gotta be like I really took the moments I breathe like taking it for myself but like if y'all have like like what enology like when you have a moment where you don't know what to do or like you just feel like shut shutting down like what do you do like because I'm not gonna say like you know like that first I was doing pretty I was bad at it all and then all the sudden like I learned like open up top you know I'm saying just just do it I'm in prison yeah I'm pretty good and uh and but that's mom's like I don't like dodges huh like dealing with what she has to do with and stuff is so much not just like me like if I'm not here I'm like I break out like if she goes like to hop that hospital or something like that like I'd be like like really like she called me I was really and Sarah having like she called and uh her voice was all shaking stuff like this so I know something like you know Sam so you be knowing like something up but she always doesn't want to freak me out – she'll tell me everything or like she need try to hold it in stuff like there's like no I don't know tell me tell me tell me tell me that's mean like let me know but a lot of times I'm happy spent on me because your girl can take so much thought my mom I don't want to know anything so but yeah I just want to say like that's something I'm wearing our relationship like – you know stop shutting down as hard you touch my hair I don't know what to do with it like to not shut down and just to be more open I guess you can say but all right so maybe y'all have like some advice on area like holla holla you're all handling like you're really snips are previously shook like how did y'all like handle shut down mommies like if you felt like it was just so much like a Nanaji expressed it to someone like what did you do like did you take a moment or did you just be like look this is so sad like why you know Sam so that's dot like that's my relationship like my it might not fight cause we might but that's just like that in my relationship to mama so everybody has been very sweet everybody's been so sweet so kind like you know I get messages saying like I'm praying for you and that's not I'm so happy thank you so much all that means so much um gee I can tell y'all like for instance who might fail about this story except and I kept for myself as a mom like I said she doesn't like tell me like what's wrong like this mash is like sighs it in there so when I was out I was out looking at stuff or whatever and she puts me in text I she's left me what am i doing I'm like nothing like when she took me dancing and she's like um can you take me someplace someplace because usually and she wants to go somewhere she adds a tan line I'm here one more I can actually go to Walmart you know I'm saying say I'm like okay mom Danny's up I knew in my heart something was up so I am racing to get home literally racing to get home ec know me I'm a driver I I am a driver I can't drive but it takes bites um she will use um here she's just lying down she was laying down on the couch when I came in I was like I wasn't what's wrong so she got she gets her she's just so she's like you go to the hospital no yeah I'm eager Thomas because my shoulders hurting my jaw she has a import a chemo import place in her shoulder so I'm like okay yeah I was yeah I'm alright tears or like right here like she sounds somewhat hostile like this series but she's just telling me her shoulders hurting so I'm going with shoulder pain the whole time like penny for shoulder pain we're in the car talking to her and I'm playing like the gospel song comes on and I'm like mom did my song right here and it was she just heard laughing and she's talking to me but I could feel my tears coming in and she I was like okay so bit off spill she talks in and I was like oh okay you know we're fine we'll go back there this is one truth tonight doctor says you know what's wrong so she said I'm having shoulder pain but I was one on it's just like having shoulder pain then she's like and I'm having chest pain oh you didn't you didn't tell me this so I'm sitting outside not that plane I'm on my own I was like you not tell me had chest pain instead of doctors talking to her and it was like you know pain she was explaining like what paying like it was a burning feeling and I was like all right I'm like hey anytime I get so and she's just like talking to a thing right with her tonight so breathe in heavy I was like oh like didn't tell me this sounds like I'm sitting there like trying not to cry like find by my tears I'm like you know oh my god I said to me run on text I'm looking at it and I just crying like oh my gosh Lee my mom and I feel like coming in back I'm like my mom like like you tell me that say she's like you know I don't want to worry you I'm like do you want to work right hey honey tail me late okay so we're there and we didn't she didn't tell my daughters because she's like I want to freak them out or anything like that so it's just nice to audition I got to be drunk I have to be strong one person I'm the wrong person baby I'm well we're getting there and I you know after all that and I'm like we're there for so long like waiting to party like that's not just a test because they don't really get often cancer patients like you know so I went down for oh my god like it was bugging me that I was in it and like they were like I don't know like I don't know what you know I don't know I was like I don't know like but they know their job so he knows that it sounds like so you know we 31 yeah so I chill out and I'm like okay relax doctor comes in Ganges and then she's playing paint some more and the tears fog Noli family look she tells me she tells me that um you know I'm crying and I'm like I'm apologizing like I'm sorry I'm crying crying I'm sorry as she was like there's no need there's a need to be sorry that's what she tells me if there's anything she told me there's no need to be sorry right you know it's okay but she was like you'll have to cry like she's telling me you don't have to cry and I'm like it's usually I was just apologizing she was like no she's like what I need from you right like you know just to pray for me and I was like I can do that you know so send in there and I have to do the blood work to do blood work this and that and then it comes out to be I'm a mom has a heard like a book lot where the art I play it is sad I'm like what o'clock you know do you know that's very best so serious I suppose serious sounds like kind of chill from relax okay I cry I cry she you know she's seen exactly I have to be the strong one so I was like oh I'm still crying like really thinking to myself like I'm not crying I'm crying okay cry rather cry now uh they told me my mom told me you know it was almost ten something my dad gets off at ten so she tells me about that column I guess I'd call him boom oh why I tell you like tears falling like my mom says just shoulder pain and they're doing tags and stuff like this he's like okay I'm on my way okay outside of the hospital I got a husband like Carly I know people think you're mean sound like her and she was are so when stuff like that happens what stuff like that happens like I go to Christopher I text him even though at the time even at the time he was at work and you know work on it if you know like I said bickering and I was like but that's my person like I'm gonna be that's who I'm gonna go to sir like pause like I don't know how like at that moment can do it you know I'd be but you know it is like I could have did it where I was talking with like about the shutdown but this time I'm here like I'm here with her like and I don't know what to do yeah I was gonna say I kind of blame me like I kind of see like it was two different things like when I'm away from her and sometimes I don't know what jeez come on be born with her I don't have my person and I'm like like a nurse a lot whoa pants Mo's like at that moment sort of outside and he's our work so I was like okay you you're out stop crying like dry out my tears I go back in there and I was like guys are sweet or whatever I tell ya we were in the hospital all night I was up all night babe I to make it shorter they never give her a blood thinner she was fun she was fun but pain why but still hurting but they gave her some medicine for that they're putting her on blood thinners for the blood clot that was there and then she's on me with her doctor next day but we were all this medicine I was like all this medicine like you know how I think I cannot take this but uh she she's better she's a lot better now um I text like I like I said in my last video about like he only get one mom and me you gotta cherish it cherish every moment with your mom or your dad like who I really cherish it because you do not wanna like that and he'd be gone so so yeah I want to see also I thought I'd like a beer also my lungs my a my a baby girl take it hey be nice be not all you wanted back you only get one mom in this world and gotta take advantage of it you guys hate so much Jimmy energetic so uh another thing was I was I when I was having with my mommy you know my relationship I was kind as parents my mom in my mom my mom was looking him she stared at me she sat on me and she's very I hope be I was coming on for you and she said I hope you didn't think I was coming out here to watch you cry I said huh oh my god why I did that you know you wanted to car to you didn't she with her me with the serious-looking I posted this on my snapchat the other day shows that if I can wake up every day with cancer I know that you can't get up every day with this beautiful soul of yours and keep living life and she told me don't lose who you are and don't lose you when she said that either they really woke me up because it was like I'm kind okay you know it's not like I'm crying but this woman the strong woman is waking up every day it was something that could take her yeah that's how I and she is living it she's going to work she's face she still stays active she is losing like part of the team I think she is losing weight and you know that kind of freaks me about that actually like slimming down but you know it's okay it's just a lot and but if she can wake up every day like this is hey anybody look if you're going through something you just have to think of somebody else like going through something probably worse than what you're going through so if she's going up every day and it's like I'm gonna work I'm gonna go do this there I'm going out I know I think it up I'm gonna do the same thing and not how to eat complaints so who they're like and she can do that we can uh she just you know she reminds me every day that she loves me you know I remind her every day do I love her cousin but and other day I got me but I know she got me better never had to be sometimes I'm telling you for sure oh that was emotional dry them tears because she's good and we're gonna be good like I always say um and another thing is like if I'm texting him you know or you send me something stop and I say need heart there's meaning behind the blue hearts royal blue actually I believe aids stands for when cancer awareness I keep that ovarian but it's : being a third going now he does some exciting news because we all need be trying to more so let's burn maybe okay so update three my life oh thanks now it sounds the size staff and they're good you're my mom to me and you live life okay so living why I took this next sad and I'm gonna get a student apartment okay say at this Guana they have time to student apartment that you know students right now my stuff like this so I'm gonna do it I need a student apartment with four month three of my first steps of support for my friend three my friends I can and we're gonna do this apartment thing and I'm super excited I'm super excited about it and my mom said she believes in Me I just gotta believe in myself Amy so we're gonna do that and dice excited for me cuz that's gonna be a video gonna be so nice in there and I cannot wait to share that with y'all um another thing and I'm back with another video and ain't been ain't been for my soap y'all she started because I'm proud of me it is not been three months okay usually now be stacking ice video was maybe a week old baby it has to be a week and this is the new one and then our plan on having another video then side we're not I can't we're not gonna be crying no more like I'd be saying another kind of war um it's gonna be my hair looks so flat it's gonna be happy oh yeah oh yeah but I will keep updated with my mom because y'all are y'all front of my life so yeah I'm gonna keep on doing with moms and updated with that video but I send me towards the end of August gonna move in but between I got I will make more videos I made my videos free guys has a lot I've got like I'm telling I are really sweet are really sweet then we're gonna work our brows I don't work on these eyebrows um I actually want to do a bath and Bodyworks ECM I'm so much I keep buying more so I see like I said last video why not why not I need on top of this video I mean I've offered a video if you have any questions any questions you can son and I'm it in subscribers make sure you subscribe to this channel subscribe like and comment please make sure you subscribe ok and like I see at the beginning of Europe for that long mess maybe on that understand what the situation was just give me some advice you can give me advice help me learn please because I pray I pray on my relationship I pray on my mom pray my mom every single day and y'all should pray to Brian I love y'all think y'all for watching and always remember that's end of every video and at the end of the day you be your own kind of beautiful [Applause]

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  1. For one I love you !! Advice on the relationship: In the mist of the moment it might be hard to just express what your feeling at the moment because emotions really can get the best of us !! Just take a breath if you don’t know let your person know like “listen babe I just don’t know how to express it at the time I just need you to be here !!”

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