Unicorn Jazz Children's Book Review by Mom Blogger

Unicorn Jazz Children's Book Review by Mom Blogger

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Unicorn kid books and unicorn picture books are so popular today. Social emotional learning for kids in the classroom is encouraged by teachers, counselors and school librarians in elementary schools. Your child will enjoy learning about the importance of friendship, through Unicorn Jazz and Woof the Crow, being unique, the power of believing in others, with this fun & colorful unicorn kid book for little girls of all ages!

The children book “Unicorn Jazz” by Lisa Caprelli @unicornjazzbrand is such an empowering book, with a great story and beautiful illustrations this book has become an absolute favorite of my daughter in no time.
It tells the story of Jazz, a young unicorn who moves to a magical land and has trouble gaining acceptance by the other animals. She’s doesn’t look like them, and can’t do the things they do. This hurts her feelings and self-confidence until she meets a crow who lifts her spirits by telling her that her voice is beautiful and he can sacrifice anything to get a voice like hers . That motivates Jazz and when she goes to school the next day she proudly sings, the other animals praised her voice and included her.
This book covers very crucial topics like diversity, self-acceptance , and true friendship. It teaches children that a true friend will support you and accept you for who you are. It also teaches children to discover their own unique characteristics and embrace it. These topics are very important and play a vital role in child’s development.
There is beautiful song available in the book which Jazz keeps singing throughout. We watched the song on YouTube as well, my children absolutely love the song and keep dancing to it. I like their teacher curriculum and field trip guide too! Which I feel can be a valuable resource for teachers and parents equally.
I highly recommend this book to every child and can be a great too for their social emotional learning. .
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