Undercover Asia: Philippines' children of the cybersex dens | Full episode

Undercover Asia: Philippines' children of the cybersex dens | Full episode

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Paedophiles worldwide hunting for children to perform sex shows on webcams are homing in on the Philippines. It is the top targeted country, where children as young as three months old are being abused for money.

In this documentary, the team follows the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), an agency of the Philippine government responsible for cases that affect the nation.

32 thoughts on “Undercover Asia: Philippines' children of the cybersex dens | Full episode

  1. Absolutely heartbreaking. I pray for these innocent children all around the earth. That women who kept denying any involvement just made me sick while she was holding her baby…i kept thinking….she will be doing this terrible thing to that little baby one day if she hasn't already. Thank God these children were rescued! This world is disgusting!

  2. I hope President Duterte includes the death penalty on convicted paedophiles as well, this crime is hideous , especially the ones with snuff movies which entails the murder and rape of kids on camera for profit,

  3. Child abuse is unacceptable! But calling every child-abuser a paedophile is also unacceptable!

    Paedophilia is not – unlike abusing children – a crime; in deed it is a sexuall preference!

    And that sexual preference means "pre-puberty"! Paedophilia means over the thumb 2 to 10 years of age.

    Above that age it is called "Lolita-effect", and that's Hebephilia (minors who are already in the puberty).

    Quote: "Hebephilia s the erotic and sexual preference for pubescent boys and / or girls between the ages of 11 and 16 years. Accurate age limitation is difficult because of the different physical and psychological onset of puberty on a case-by-case basis."

    In many countries you'll find underage prostitutes. Their customers are men – and even women – who are attracted by "lolitas". They are NOT paedophiles!

    And by the way not every paedophile turns into a child-abuser. – Or is every gun-owner automatically a murder?

    The stupid judgementality of the uninformed people give these paedophiles and hebephiles a totaly wrong stigma and image, instead of giving help to them to avoid the worst case.

    Paedophiles and Hebephiles have to hide themselves. And therefore we cannot offer help and psychlogical therapies. That doesn't make it better; we are just creating ticking bombs.

    People who abuse children should be correctly called Child-abuser, but not Paedophiles nore Hebephiles, because that are just preferences and do not lead automatically to crime or child abuse. The majority of these people can control and handle that preference.

    It is time to stop wrong informations and false propaganda. For being able to find solutions for a problem, first we should define the problem correctly.

    Child-abuser need to face the law, and paedophiles and hebephiles need our help!

  4. Glad to see they are trying to protect the children, even the poorer countries are actually working hard when we fail them. @15 minute mark where the little girl is crying over that ladies shoulder is heart breaking. She has been terribly abused, scared and her sobs tear at your heart.

  5. These people need more help, help to change their lives, real jobs, real homes, right now there is no reason for me to believe another cybersex den will not just pop up in another place. Th Prada and places like you that help in anyway you can.

  6. The face of cruelty to children… I can't imagine a 6month old indulged into this kind of abuse. A wake up call for all the parents and families… the reason most foreigners seen us like trash it's because of this act.

  7. I understand how poor some of the people in the Philippines are as I spent 8 years off and on there as I was in a relationship. But I can't understand why people, from which ever country who do not have the means of supporting a child, have kids! I know it's a Catholic country, I too was raised Catholic, but common sense surely should enter into the picture in some way, shape, or form!

  8. This horrific depraved behaviour will never be eradicated in any way shape or form because the population just keeps increasing and children continue to be sexually abused. And most likely this abhorrent exploitation will continue in even greater numbers! Because it is commonly believed that kids who have been sexually abused will, in turn, become sexual abusers! So how to solve it?

  9. So Homeland Security INITIATES a cybersex scam using children as bait. Despicable. With all the sophisticated instrumentation they have, there have to be other alternatives. I agree with a lot of other posters: execution as swiftly as possible. And what's with the idiot inspector who "feels for the perpetrators, because they just want to support their families?" There are dirt poor people, who would NEVER allow that to happen to their children – let alone do it themselves.

  10. God bless these poor children great job to the under covers for rescuing the little children that was involved my heart breaks for the children that have been exploited all for money I hate what this world has become it’s so sad I don’t feel sorry for any of these people your own damn children you are truly fucked up people sympathy you want us to feel bad for you I hope they put you under the jail all of you

  11. (41:39) Delusional…they're "working" for their children? (no their children are working for them) They don't want their children's lives destroyed because THEY'RE imprisoned. WHAT??? Their children(their commodity) lives were destroyed because they were free.
    Who wants to spend money keeping them alive forever? (they're going to receive 3 meals a day, medical care) Just make it a death penalty issue and be done with these women. I'm sure they were trafficked as well, which does Not issue them a pass…they are more aware of the damage. Once you're an adult and chose to participate…well, they made their choice, so enough said, be done with them(.)

  12. (28:13) 14 years old, abused by her own father since age 11. So where is this diseased rhinoceros piss of a human being?… Is he dead yet? Why doesn't someone advertise his name and address on the internet? I think that would garner millions of hits…and hopefully births the one that removes him from the face of the Earth. Why don't we have an open hunting season? Free shots at this F*ck with no possibility of prosecution. I'll sign up for THAT Safari.
    God help me, I feel HATE deep down. It feels like my soul is melting…ANGER unequaled.

    This World is Terminally ill.
    I have an idea where to dispose of all the confiscated nuclear devises…up the Annis of all these sick, worthless MF'ers. Although that would be a quick death, they need to die slowly and savor the pain they so obviously enjoy. Let them enjoy the pain themselves over a 2 or 3 day period. Then plant nuclear device. Vaporize the demonic pieces of shit.

  14. I feel for the agents who work these sick crimes. What have they seen? How do they sleep?
    How is it that I've known nothing of this? I live in the US where information is freely obtainable. Or so I thought. I feel so deluded…and Violently physically sick!!!
    Please tell me what I can do to help? I wouldn't know where to begin, but I WILL BEGIN.

  15. After reading a lot of these replies… I'm still left with one question unanswered…. Did ANYBODY catch the person(s) that were at the head of this ring/network?? They were obviously smart enough to let that lady (aka Den Mother) take the fall, while they left very little trace of themselves…but the streets talk… If Law Enforcement really wanted to tackle that project (as massive as it may be), that's who they who be hunting down. That's also who we should be focused on as well as the ones paying for all of these things.


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