Twins Advice For Moms – D'Lynda Kaplan

Twins Advice For Moms - D'Lynda Kaplan

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D’Lynda Kaplan, mother, shares her top advice for mothers of twins

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my advice to new moms of twins is first of all to get help I think you really need help whether it's a housekeeper a neighbor or your mother-in-law because it is hard to do it to have these two new babies all by yourself that's my first thing the second thing is to take a lot of pictures because you don't remember I know people say that but you know it's very easy to miss your kids alive and not taking any pictures because you're so busy so what we did is once a week every Wednesday was our picture day in the morning that way you don't forget and you get to see them as they grow because you don't remember and the third thing is to take them out one at a time I didn't take my twins out together so if they did a baby class only signed one up for one thing I didn't pay for two I just switched and then I got one-on-one time with the babies it wasn't a stressful don't feel like you have to have both amount the same time and they have the exact same experiences because it just doesn't work out well and remember that you know this too shall pass

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