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Anna had a long chat about the real truth about being a mom to 3 kids.. sometimes you have to give things up to make other things work better.


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Short History of SACCONEJOLYs

In 2008 Anna was uploading beauty videos to youtube on her own channel and Jonathan was helping her behind the scenes.

In late 2009 Jonathan set up this channel because he wanted to do his own youtube videos. What started out as a week experiment to film his life everyday for 7 days in a row has now become SACCONEJOLYS

this channel was formally known as LeFloofTV but was later changed to SACCONEJOLYs

When Jonathan Joly married Anna Saccone they both decided that instead of Anna dropping her family name they would both take each others name and join them together.

They choose to use SACCONEJOLY rather then JOLYSACCONE simply because it sounded better.

Jonathan and Anna Saccone Joly have three children, Emilia Saccone Joly, Eduardo Saccone Joly and Alessia Saccone Joly. they also have six maltese dogs, Albi, Sina, Theo, Bianca, Nivea and Nuvola.

They moved from Ireland to the UK in 2014.


Lincoln's I'm getting loose the teeth we're heading to school and we are one last tooth today everyone unless – how many you got have you got them all bad at it God Michael you your foot catch em amelia is going to a teddy bears picnic today as well we who is coming to eduardo school I knew you bring me now and Amelia and I'm not sure if he's gonna go I think he won't be able to run around and they were an adventure game because I'm always gonna be worth it remember he's injured let him go get my seat alright let's go friends she's very excited to show I caught her this morning trying to bring her teach into school because as you know it if – fate didn't take her teeth last night because the media wants to keep it for one more day I also think she Barry these guys what happened to Christmas I am Santa Claus filling into her room she's quite terrified alright are we ready guys what do you say we'll run the school run what do you say what is it are you ready for this you ready for a blast-off school look at that little princess oh you're soaking if you don't yourself you need a baby who's that who's that who's that baby little baby hello Laver new baby you are so cute you know that you were so adorable I love this baby grow on you so hi hi Alessi and I are going to go on a walk I think I'm gonna try and do some exercise tonight because I have not been working out with Lucy and some people have asked actually because they probably noticed like they haven't seen her at all it's because she's in France she's not actually I want to say she's on holiday but she's really not she's working and but she's in France at the moment and she I was gonna like stop with her anyway for the meantime because it's been hard like trying to find the time to work out and when she comes like I mean don't get me wrong I love it like I love the feeling of afterwards but when she comes over it's usually during alessia's nap time and when I work out with Lucy I like don't get anything else done for the day and because it just takes it takes up like that hour basically it doesn't actually the workout itself doesn't take an hour but like I have to get dedicate an hour to it and then I'm kind of like not ready for the day I'm not um you know like I do it at nine o'clock so it's quite for me before that would have been early but for me right now that's quite late and I don't want to ask her to come any earlier because she lives in London and it's like I'm just not gonna do that to her um but I just feel like at the moment I could probably do better just doing it by it by myself just like four-minute routines and stuff like that or whenever I can which I haven't been doing because I just don't have the time right now which I know is a stupid excuse but I'm just like kind of overwhelmed with the three of them and like going back to school was so busy there's just so many things to remember and it's times to now like it's a full-time job like being a full-time mom is a full-time job in itself let alone if you're trying to work on top of that which I've just kind of given up on working like right now I'm doing little bits here and there but I haven't been doing videos I just can't like I can't until maybe if we sort out some kind of childcare in the future I don't know but at the moment I just can't really do it it's just not really possible because I'm like full-time working like working looking after her then there's tons of stuff that you wouldn't even imagine like I mean my school wasn't like this I'm not like it wasn't as I don't want to say intense but like there's just so much to remember and like dates to remember things to remember like PE kits swimming costumes and this that and the other like on different days and a million Eduardo obviously two different people in two different classes so there's loads of stuff to remember for both of them and also her and I just feel a little bit like overwhelmed right now like it's fine but if I try and put work on top of it it's just gonna my is gonna explode so then the workouts was just something extra and I was like okay I need like something's got to give like my main priority is being a mum by everything else can come after that and honestly I don't really care as much about like my appear do you don't I mean like not my parents but like if I'm not as fit as I used to be and my three kids are happy and healthy and looked after that that's fine so I think I'm just gonna do it myself so I think we're gonna try and go for a walk now and then I need to pick up Eduardo I think Jonathan might do it today I'm not really sure and then I ate to bring Amelia for her vaccinations which she's a year late on only because she was born I mean so was it wired up but she was born in Ireland and then she didn't have any shots here they were all done in Ireland so she wasn't even she's on the system like she's registered with the doctor but we never got like a reminder just because she never had any shots here about her preschool booster which was supposed to be last year and then we got one for Eduardo and I was like oh oops ha is immediate to have this and then I asked them and they were like yeah she's supposed to have that so it's fine I can bring her in now we're a year like late but I don't think you're ever really too late but I really want her to have it because um apparently you have to have it to get into a university in the UK I don't you know I thought that's it the nurse said anyway we're out we're not super happy [Applause] okay then half an hour it's gonna be feeding time again but all in all I think we're okay do this okay les yeah I'm thinking maybe I should have done this for her first nap instead like so that she could see it sound like please don't go to sleep that would ruin everything it's not that time so maybe tomorrow we do it different if we do it tomorrow because supposed to be ready tomorrow so let's see right Who I am going to collect it white oh I hope I have crisis huh no I kind of can't remember that oh I did come over the last time I am brought him anywhere is that because one of the tweeted the vaccination that time because it's just been Jonathan Jonathan and I have been fighting for it and pickups and drop-offs like both of us want to do it is basically the problem which I guess is a good problem to have and it's having a problem is it just very involved parents I think and Jonathan enjoys being an involved dad and I will like being an involved mom but I've got less yeah most of the time so it just works it that he doesn't most of the drop-offs and pickups okay yeah but I like doing the school run and like I miss it and stuff but then he misses it when he's not doing it so it's you know you knew his participation meeting it's really not a problem is that anyway so I'm off to collect Eduardo there's been a change of plan with Amelia's vaccinations because she's got a teddy bears picnic today and they didn't want her to miss it at school and I don't think she should miss it either so I had to reschedule so yeah just collecting Eduardo today how was school Eduardo oh he wants me to look at Winnie the Pooh okay what's he doing in there huh he doing in there how was school Eduardo was it all right he's busy I think it went well he was happy to see me oh you can't do that when I'm driving no okay it's dangerous well because I have to keep my eyes on the road that's the rules because it's dangerous if I don't you could have a crash okay big owie okay sure go home to Daddy and Alessia with your sister say wakey wakey eggs and Bakey say love you less yeah go and talk to dad mommy that's you I know dad oh no that's me and my uncle actually yeah yeah and the other other frame well you heard that lazy-eyed about your eyes and where's your look at this right he's wearing a fillet and I am wearing lazy lei and we are a bunch of G leis I don't make him here turn right you mean look at those twins or the GLA bunch a bunch eg lace what can we put this in the boot is it because everyone had a scooter yesterday you didn't but jessica's mommy gave you her but it mean it's not bringing hers because you're not waste a post to scoot in school yeah so come on hop in yeah now look what happens scooters yeah exactly exactly we'll put it somewhere really really safe we're on a walk on an adventure we are an adventure wardo you and me what this is not an adventure why can't this be an adventure it looks like an adventure it's not an adventure we're all the work they're doing hmm what might look nice when it's done who's doing it the man's doing it yeah like he's got a real own toilet numbers in toilet in the garden it's a good idea could be on to something there you're tired got anywhere Terry you oh boy two little mermaids swimming in the sea one little mermaid can't you see she's a little mermaid he's a little mummy you guys look so cute in your matching it does actually you're right oh your goodness is like so oh yeah that's not a real ID pop even though Mediate decent like a little your mermaid I don't think mommy's my shoes guys oh did you go to Ursula oh you have to do the song huh your voice is my angel huh now you've got legs and you can go with Sebastian to the Seas is me Prince Eric hey are you some sort of hybrid between Little Mermaid and Cinderella happy birthday Amelia I hope you have a wonderful day they're always happy birthday to you know when she's out here she's lectionary like her head he made a happy birthday video and everybody should i me neither me neither huh she can't hear us no you can say thank you though she she can hear you here right here oh well thank you [Applause]

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