Trans criminality. Mumsnet Transphobia Debunked.

Trans criminality. Mumsnet Transphobia Debunked.

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A breakdown of the false narrative against the trans community and how mumsnet pushes this propaganda.

Statistics from 2016 state that trans men in prison, outnumber trans women.

“There were 70 prisoners currently living in, or presenting in, a gender different
to their sex assigned at birth and who have had a case conference (as
defined by PSI 07/2011). Of these, 52 reported their gender as male, 14 reported their gender as female and 4 did not state their gender.”

Please read Cristan Williams’ excellent interview with the author of ‘the swedish study’

Also ..

hi I think most people know by now that most net feminist birds is nothing more than a breeding ground for transphobia it's a microcosm of all the anti-transgender propaganda you're likely to come across today so I'm going to do a few videos about their favorite themes and the most favorite is the idea that a transgender woman displays the same criminality as a cisgender male so we're going to look at a study label to misquote the Swedish study and a freedom of information requested by fair play for women to the prisons of authority that in their interpretation seems to suggest that half of all time Center inmates are sexual offenders so let's have a look what the data actually says you so we'll start with the Swedish study now the Swedish study isn't actually a study in trans criminality a lot of the trans folks like to push it that way but it was never isolated in that context which has allowed them to make non sequitur leaps and jumps with the statistics that's why and I've I propaganda points they like to push it was actually studying morbidity mortality and criminality post surgery or post treatments now the main takeaway from the study was that you can alleviate tender dysphoria in a transgender person but that doesn't take away the pressures and possible anxiety and depression that can result from living in a system of society that likes to discriminate against transgender people so simply treating the gender dysphoria whilst overwhelmingly will make it better it won't eradicate all the problems the transgender community faces so it was first twisted to say that treatments doesn't effect or bring down trans suicide ideation by in failing that the treatment doesn't work because transgender people can still be open some more depression and anxiety now the second way it's being twisted and by places like Mumsnet and the tapes about an hour Misun twists Musante Masson twists is that transgender women have the same risks as cisgender males so as possible sexual offending and raping now some people go even further with their claims that until 1989 transgender women had increased crime rates compared to cisgender males and post 1989 they had the same pattern of criminality as cisgender males so although they acknowledge the improvement as shown in the study around 1989 they've gone way out with their assumptions had no point as this study suggested that transgender women are convicted for the same type of crimes a cisgender now Trant advocate if debunked this thirty on two occasions I'll leave the links in the description below is what the author actually said about some of the misrepresentations after study it says the individual in the image which we face to a screengrab in the interview who is making claims about trans criminality specifically white lately hood is misrepresenting this to decide things to study as a whole covers the periods between 1973 and 2003 if one divides the cohort into two groups one observed after the last group differences and mortality suicide attempts and crime disappear this means that for the 1989 to 2003 group we did not find a male pattern of criminality now obviously the tips having a bit of trouble understanding this had no point as this study suggested that transgender women are convicted for the same type of crimes a cisgender males to continue Isis the criminality metric itself we were measuring and comparing the total number of convictions not conviction type we were not saying that system the males are convicted of crimes associated with marginalization and poverty we didn't control for that we were certainly not saying that we found trans women we're a reef risk while we were saying that with the 1973 to 1980 a cohort group and the cisgender male group both experienced similar rates of convictions as I said that this pattern is not observed in the 1989 to 2003 cohort group had no point as this study suggested that transgender women are convicted for the same type of crimes as cisgender males what the study also says is the difference we have saved between the 1989 to 2003 cohort and the control group is that the trans cohort group accessed more mental health care which is appropriate given the level of ongoing discrimination the group faces what the data tells us is that things are getting much will be better and the issues we found affecting the 1973 to 1988 cohort group likely reflects a time when trans health and psychological care was less effective as social stigma was far worse now you might get a little bit of deja vu about now but I think it's really important to stress at no point does this study suggest that transgender women are convicted of the same types of crimes as cisgender males now that's what they put forward on Mumsnet but there's no difference between transgender women and cisgender males we literally have a study studying transgender women trying to send the men to using cisgender males as a metric it would have been really simple to say yes they're the same exactly the same types of crimes exactly the same types of rates but it specifically does not say that at no point does it say transgender women and cisgender males commit the same crimes of course what the most net feminists boys or the white feminists boys don't like to talk about is a poverty cycle that starts off with a discriminated against minority which finds itself in poverty which is more likely to commit poverty related crime which raises the choir statistics which allows them to be manipulated so that that minority can be demonized as being more violence or sex offenders risk or Methodist etc etc which forces them into more poverty through discrimination and forces them to commit more poverty Blaine to cry it's a vicious cycle and you can see this across any demographic of oppressed minorities so we have a study that says one thing but it's not the thing that the taste and the demagogues wanted to say so they interpret it to say something entirely different so much so that the author of the study feels obliged to speak out and correct them when the author of the study does this and explains they are misrepresenting the study and don't understand them in a full-blown display of dunning-kruger they tell the author of the study she doesn't understand her own study this is not a good faith position they also suggest that maybe she's too emotive to deal with these this really is not a good faith position so that brings us up to the fair play for women's freedom of information request now they've published two data points today with UK prisons and transgender inmates and they're using these data points to construct a false narrative it's completely incomplete data so two data points they're pushing forward with 125 transgender inmates couldn't leave 60 of whom a saving time for sexual offences thus implying the half of all transgender people that ends up in prison do so for sexual offending but it's incomplete because egg we don't know how many times tender people go through prison in any time thing because they're not out that they may not all be out but secondly only transgender inmates that have a case conference which means the imprison for an extended period of time are counted in the statistics so to clarify if we apply the same rules to counting cisgender prisoners and we draw an arbitrary line that only cisgender prisoners that are in prison for over say four years half of them will be either sexual offenders or violent offenders you've discounted all the small and petty crimes and as we already discussed transgender people are most likely to be imprisoned for poverty-related petty crimes but if we only count the ones that in the long term we get a different picture and this is the false narrative down Fair Play for women and Tiff's amongst us and all these demagogues are trying to push forward now on the figure of 60 transgender inmates it's worth noting there's no data that suggests they are all transgender women pick up your transgender man they could be non-binary identifying his trans some do some thoughts we don't know we don't have that data really no 60 of them are transgender now it has been confirmed I believe that no one assigned female appeared in the male estate that's literally all it says don't have any more information than that so somehow that means that the all transgender women according to tariffs Melissa Lee doesn't say that at all there could be technically transgender men in female prisons for sexual offenses we was not seeked to be added to the mainland state so nobody is saying the transgender community doesn't have its fair share of file horrible people sexual offenders violent offenders or whatever else of course we do but it's only our share the same as the cisgender community same as any other demographic on walk of life the assist gender females have been found guilty of sexual offending against other women and girls there are if female prisons which do exist now I'm not preparing them to male prisons or cisgender males but there's nothing to compare transgender women – cisgender males either that doesn't hold water we don't have any data that backs that up so whilst there are cisgender females and cisgender males have been found guilty of committing sexual offenses and violent offenses there's no campaigns to keep them out of toilet rooms and changing rooms and other facilities cisgender sexual offenders don't get the same kinds of exposure that transgender sexual offenders thing it's not about safeguarding or protecting people it is literally only about demonizing a small minority that makes so people feel a bit heat so I think I could with most things that I wanted to say about these two pieces of anti-trans propaganda but they like to push on Mumsnet now I'm aware of invented some new chromatic alleles now I've invented way it's like seeked which I don't think exists but hopefully you'll find some use in this little video and counteracting some of the nonsense and debunking some of the myths that spread against the trans community hope so anyway

6 thoughts on “Trans criminality. Mumsnet Transphobia Debunked.

  1. This is brilliant. I also think that a lot of these women are a bit scared of losing their unearned privligies. The women mumsnet has representing them are very much upper middle class white women. Who probably aren't very capable of understanding what it's like to not come from a well off family and have a well off husband.

    I've had horrid abuse hurled at me by these women for pointing out the blatant lies their spreading.

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