Top 5 STRICTEST PARENTS On Camera! (Most Strict & Crazy Moms & Dads, TV Show)

Top 5 STRICTEST PARENTS On Camera! (Most Strict & Crazy Moms & Dads, TV Show)

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Top 5 STRICTEST PARENTS On Camera! (Most Strict & Crazy Moms & Dads, TV Show)
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they have one to seastrand crave here and in today's video when it begun sat the top five most strict parents ever and all these clips are off of a TV show called the world's strictest parents since on this TV show they have really strict parents and then they have these kids that are complete and total delinquents come into these parents houses and the parents try to fix them and sometimes these parents their strictness it even shocks me but before we get in this video if you guys know somebody with strict parents I'm actually be like in this video and tell me down in the comment section below if you guys have strict parents or not and if you do then tell me all about it and all all the stuff that you hate and if you haven't already make sure to subscribe to the channel cuz that would really help out but let's what I'm getting this top five number five spot these two teenagers are staying with the right family for a little while to get taught a lesson and they got there everybody got acquainted and then the dad gave them a little tour of the place and meanwhile the mom was up and searching their luggage so going through all their stuff and checking to see if there was anything bad in there the kids did not know this but then after this happened they sat down and talked to each other and we're going over House Rules and that's the part that I'm gonna show you got everything I was definitely searched my own kids things cellphone charger we wouldn't want kids particularly coming from a troubled home into our home potentially bringing something that is dangerous to ourselves especially our kids as a parent we really like to know the answers to questions before we ant ask them also and so this gives us an opportunity to know some of those answers cell phone charger and we wanted to know that before we ask them so what if they said yeah then we know that they're honest if they said no then we know that they're not being honest with us so the things that we expect are that you do things that are morally good and ethical when the Wright family started talking about their rules their tone definitely got deeper and meaner you guys are not old enough to drink you're not old enough to smoke I'm old enough to smoke okay all right do you smoke yeah okay we're gonna ask that you're not smoke we asked for honesty no lying hard to swallow in SAT yeah yeah we say yes ma'am or yes sir yes sir very good thanks I'll remind you we explained to them that a way of answering an adult with the yes ma'am or no ma'am or yes sir no sir we're hunter for every one of these clips is kind of the same situation it's a family with strict parents and then two kids come in so this time we've got a boy and a girl in the kids area and this boy he's kind of a dick I'll be honest and he gets into a bit of a fight or an argument with the mom nothing physical or anything like that but as this is all happening the girl the other teenager is just kind of sitting there doing a work and stuff like that and not really causing that much of a problem but the dad sees that this is going on that the boys causing issues and disrespecting the mom and he comes over acts all tough and shit like that and basically punishes both of them for the girl tries to explain things that you know she wasn't involved and she ends up getting like the worst punishment because apparently she was quote-unquote talking back when she usually is trying to explain things rules are still rules whether I'm here or not I've been doing this are you gonna back talk Jake no look at me go do the slosh pipe Wow really the back talk was getting to a point where things were getting a little bit out of control one time around above your head Wow that's to lose the attitude excuse me it had me concerned by the tone which the teens were talking to my wife so I kind of hustled over there to see if she needed some help oh I hear is your attitude when I'm walking out the barn are you kidding me that's not flying at my house do you understand me yes sir you owe her an apology sorry sorry thank you oh my gosh easy with the attitude I'm not having the talk Tyler I was working you know trying to say something for you going back talking no because you want okay Josh Fite this doesn't work the Fox type is stupid and does shit I'm not doing any of it you're doing forward now you can do the slosh pipe you're doing four you're doing four that's five howdy number three some people have some different opinions on this one but this girl she was staying with his family obviously and the dad at dinner kind of insulted her parents and she wasn't okay with that I mean there was kind of an argument going on and that kind of tipped things over she really escalated and some stuff happened but I gotta say the dad and this one is something about him just comes off as abusive to me he just gives off that vibe but I don't know why and I do also have to say that the daughter and this family annoys the living shit out of me like she is she needs to shut her mouth she just seems extremely sheltered and really cringey and you know with parenting you can't have super strict people like this in my opinion and you also can't have super non-strict people you got to be right in the middle cuz if you're on either one of those polar opposites it's just not gonna work well there's a word for you oh it's called a egocentric it's a psychological work really hard you shall selfishness that's awesome it was quite a shock to all of us to say the level of disrespect that Whitney showed to Paul but I've got you figured out all you're doing is digging yourself home with me we're just so shocked how much she was insulting him he just deserves more respect than that one things you need you probably remember about me cuz I'm not your daddy I know that's one thing you're not that's right oh yeah and I'm not I'm not as confused as your parents aren't my parents are confused no they're confused that's why you're here hey let me tell you stuff you tell you something you're not gonna do this home when you're out of control somebody's got to step up and get control to this is one where the dad actually forces these two kids to basically wade into this pond because he wanted to make sure that they weren't lying he wasn't gonna search their pockets or anything like that if they had phones or cigarettes that they were hiding he just wanted them to you know walk in there and make sure that if those cigarettes were in their pockets or something like that they'd get ruined and if they had a cellphone that they lied about not having in their pockets that would get ruined as well actually a bit of an interesting idea to be honest with you but it didn't work out too well because these kids completely outsmarted them with this one if you could go ahead and pick your bag up to set up here on the table pull out the pockets of the pants for me I was just kind of laughing inside because I knew they're never gonna find where I hid my cigarettes all right okay Fitz she kept pulling endless stuff I'm happy about your bags but I'm not so naive that other things possibly couldn't be hidden somewhere else so I'd like to ask you to basically step into my pond up to your waist mm-hmm I hid my cigarettes and a little pouch yeah I will go in the water happily that was around my neck and turned around in the back of me the waters that'll probably do it I'm guessing they say life's about choices I'm guessing you made a great choice I'm pretty happy with myself that I picked the perfect hiding spot for my cigarettes and finally number one spot this one's probably one the most controversial ones this one happened in like India or something like that so there's kind of a bit of a different culture shock because these kids say they weren't from India nice these parents they were so they expected different kinds of things but the girl for wonder who she is just look for the one that looks like Ronald McDonald at the dinner table okay she was told by the dad that basically she had to wear these Indian clothes from now on and that kind of stuff and she wasn't having it some things happened and things got escalated pretty quickly and actually there was some physical stuff that did happen in this one and it was probably definitely one of the craziest clips that I saw tomorrow he's more auspicious because my father passed away so we hold a small ceremony and it's just going to be towards my father then definitely I'm not going to tolerate anything which is against the religion okay and Shola you must see this dress and whether is long or short or loose or tight because I don't want to hear anything about it in the morning okay inside the Gurudwara you need to cover it's nice on her tell me I should listen to your choice or I should respect my father walk out of here you have to finish this argument right now or you walk out of the house from here you want me to take you out again you said fucking fucking vote void for you by you using this word what's your problem don't say fucking in my house those are the clips that I prestige video hope you guys did enjoy it if you did make sure you've liked in this video if we can break 10000 likes that'd be insanely awesome I really appreciate that also make sure to count down below and tell me which one of these clips was your favorite like which one of these parents was the most strict and all that kind of stuff let me know if you have any strict parents or you know somebody that does and tell me stories if you got any and if you haven't already make sure to subscribe to the channel cuz I would really help out if you guys want to see the video kind of similar to this one they should you go and check out my last video it's the top five worst people caught in the act so some bad parents some criminals and girlfriend's doing some really crazy nasty shit I think that you guys would like that one I'll leave a link to it down in the description if you guys want to go ahead and go check that one out but that's what i'ma share for this one guys I hope you enjoyed I'll see you later she'll bang bitches

24 thoughts on “Top 5 STRICTEST PARENTS On Camera! (Most Strict & Crazy Moms & Dads, TV Show)

  1. so i know that the reason these kids go to these other families is because their own parents werent strict enough or made mistakes but those families should never bring up their parents and insult them like that guy said to the girl wearing sunglasses.

  2. 21 year old man: I love you (to friend)

    Parents: You are not old enough to love!!

    21 year old man: II'm not in your household anymore so beat it!!

    Parents: Are you sassing me?

    21 year old man: yes I am I am F__ 21 years old

    Parents: We don't give a F___ you are coming back to our house FOREVER!!!!!


    me: Parents please don't be helicopter parents I'm begging you, and also my parents put qustodio on our phones and we are mad, me and my sisters phones so yeah

  3. kid: moves a muscle
    parents: WHAT DID U DO THATS IT UR GROUNDED FOR 9999999999999999999999999999 YEARS
    kid: bu-
    parents: HOW DARE YOU TALK BACK THATS IT UR GROUNDED GROUNDED GROUNDED FOR 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 ETERNITIES!!!

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