Top 5 STRICTEST PARENTS Caught On Camera! (Strict & CRAZY Moms & Dads, TV Show)

Top 5 STRICTEST PARENTS Caught On Camera! (Strict & CRAZY Moms & Dads, TV Show)

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Top 5 STRICTEST PARENTS Caught On Camera! (Strict & CRAZY Moms & Dads, TV Show)
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hey everyone assist rancor here and in today's video we'll be going through the top five strictest parents ever some real strict parents that basically give their kids prostate exams every six minutes because they're so anally retentive about having everything be perfect some real annoying cunts you're gonna love it before it is for you if you guys haven't already make sure you like on it maybe you'll have magical good luck or some shit like that I don't know I'm just trying to get likes also comment down below and tell me the most strict thing that your parents have ever done in your entire life how many stories and have already make sure to subscribe to the channel follow me on Twitter link down inscription but let's go give me this dial five which is actually a top six and number six I went off with a really mild one at least compared to the other ones in this list so these parents aren't nearly as strict as the other ones but this is off a TV show called the world's strictest parents where teens go and you know live under another parents roof for a week and kind of experience what it's like to have really strict parents and this clip is those strict parents explaining their ground rules and house rules to these kids that just showed up we get up there's a choice to be done sweeping vacuuming cleaning toilets if you fight it it could go on all day there's consequences to choices that you make consequences include foul language will get you ten push-ups consequences for the tobacco use the alcohol use and the drug use we have a little thing called boot camp and it can range anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes once you're five you get some real crazy invasions of privacy this is another one off that TV show and this one is kind of the same type of thing it's these parents setting ground rules for these kids come into their house except this one during the ground rules they actually took away these kids cell phones because apparently they don't they don't believe in cell phones there and after they took the cell phones and confiscated them or whatever they actually started reading all the texts and actually read them in front of these kids so just a complete and total invasion of privacy obviously besides the fact that these parents think they're fuckin Robocop or some shit like that it's just kind of weird if you don't have any privacy whatsoever at all it just creates really sneaky children who are gonna rebel and do crazy shit we're gonna hang onto your cell phones just because it's a distraction I have a big like privacy issue like I'm very private both certain things okay the way I look at it is if you're trying to keep something from me that's not good there is no privacy from your parents your names are you reading our text messages yeah we're gonna check your text messages why cuz that kind of gives us a little bit better picture of kind of what you normally do I didn't before this is one of my favorite clips on this entire list is another one off a TV show pretty much all of Marty's assumed but basically this kid he's outside working with his family doing a bunch of physical labor that kind of shit out son you know it's hot outside he's moving hay bales and he wants to go inside and get a drink because you know apparently some people like this kid don't want to get dehydrated and have heatstroke or some shit but I guess his family didn't understand that and they've apparently also have no understanding of well water bottles are either so he goes inside even when they're telling him not to to get a drink real quick comes back out and starts working again and they kind of like a lose it on him also I'm not gonna give any context on this but the daughter pisses me off what I think everybody the group here saying is it's incredibly selfish number three so I'm gonna clip off his Supernanny the tone is ridiculous his dad he's a police officer and apparently he was having some fighter issue with his daughter and basically told her either you can come back inside and follow my rules or you can leave and she just left so she ended up running away from home and what he knew was that because he was a police officer if you're underage and you run away in this specific state it's illegal so you can be arrested for it so he sent one of his officer buddies to go pick her up he brought her back to the house and then the dad gave her an ultimatum again either you come back inside and follow the rules are you going to jail well she ended up going to jail so he basically arrested his own daughter make up your mind right now you're gonna quit if you are pack your trash and get out because the whole different side of me now we're gonna get in the car or I'm gonna get in the car okay here's your first lesson Oklahoma law enforcement dear you don't care okay figure out station hold himself so she can cool off wouldn't you've got some really power trippin parents that think their home is essentially a military school instead of an actual home they have all their kids including these two kids that were coming on the TV show call them sir and ma'am and all that kind of stuff which is one thing I mean but she also the wife calls her husband mr. Brown whenever referring to him I just think that's weird as all holy hell just saying but one of the girls didn't follow the sir or ma'am rule and these parents flipped out they got super pissed off and made her like do a punishment or something like they punished her by making her you know shovel a bunch of snow because of it it was important for me for Shauna to say yes ma'am because that is one of our roles but she had a defiance and her and we were going to break it down doing okay mm-hmm what's that yes yes yes sir right yep and if Ellen wants tartness would you offer some strict parents that control the internet that their kids use and banned swearing now that doesn't seem super crazy when you first hear about it you know you know kids use the Internet but you don't want them watching super crazy shit like Trent Cray videos you don't want your kids swearing like insanely crazy either but these parents the level which they enforce these rules and how they set it in this clip I just think it's ridiculous and it was also really really funny because basically these parents kids would never be able to watch one of my videos it's like holy hell I dropped way too many quote/unquote f-bombs through them one thing that we we don't tolerate in the least is any kind of profanity no f-bombs you know SH you know a whole the nuclear bomb or profanity for us is to take the Lord's name in vain Heather you know insist that an age where she would probably faint if she heard you know that in our house those are the cliffs that I've reached what do you hope you guys did enjoy it if you did leave a like on this video if we can braid 10,000 likes it'll be insanely awesome we appreciate that I'll make sure to comment down below and tell me which one of these clips is your fail each one of these strict parents was the strictest one which one of these parents çf the most which parent would you like to have the least let me know if you have any crazy stories of your own parents doing some strict shit or maybe one of your friends parents I'm your life is like how many stories down in the comment section below I feel ready make sure to subscribe to my channel also follow me on Twitter I'm gonna leave a link to that down in the description also make sure you go and check out my video from yesterday it was about the top it actually wasn't a list it was about the dumbest hate comments on my videos so me responding to some hate comments making fun of them that kind of shit so if you want to see that I'll leave a link to that down in description as well as a link to the part 1 of this this is actually a part 2 what did this list like a year ago or something like that before so if you want to check out part 1 see pretty much the same exact thing with different parents being super strict go check it out put in ways that's it for this one guys hope you enjoyed thanks for watching I see you later though shebang bitches

32 thoughts on “Top 5 STRICTEST PARENTS Caught On Camera! (Strict & CRAZY Moms & Dads, TV Show)

  1. My dad always told me I can treat you like shit all I want but you will give me "fucking respect" you're a kid you do as your told not what's right

  2. I have a friend who said her dad would make her hold a plank for 2min, have straight A's (in an advanced school) and he made her play volleyball everyday, I always felt bad for her

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