Tonya Harding’s Mom on Estranged Relationship With Her Daughter: ‘She Hates Me’

Tonya Harding’s Mom on Estranged Relationship With Her Daughter: ‘She Hates Me’

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Sandy Golden is speaking out for the first time in more than two decades about her estranged relationship with her famous daughter, Tonya Harding. She says they haven’t spoken or seen each other since 2002. Their tumultuous relationship is being thrust back into the national spotlight in the highly anticipated movie “I, Tonya.” Golden admits being tough but says she was never abusive. She says she worked three jobs to pay for Tonya’s training and even sewed her costumes by hand.

it's Olympic ice skater Tonya Harding still the only American woman to nail a triple axel in competition and this is Tonya like you've never seen her before personal childhood photos shared exclusively with Inside Edition by her mother this is when she first went on the ice she was sweet back then I didn't have any problems so she got up on her teens sandy golden is speaking out for the first time in more than two decades about her estranged relationship with her famous daughter she says they haven't spoken or seen each other since 2002 she hates me period I could never do anything right for her nothing their tumultuous relationship is being thrust back into the national spotlight and a highly anticipated movie I Tanya the film stars Margot Robbie as Tonya and allison janney as her mom is that me she doesn't even look like me it tells the dramatic story of Tanya's rise and fall to figure skating Fame and infamy including the troubled relationship with her mother which she told Oprah about in 2009 probably when I was about six seven is when it started she became very abusive beating me dragging me off the rink hitting me with hairbrush sandy golden admits being tough but she says she was never abusive I gave her one SWAT at a competition because she was this type of thing and I was trying to do her hair and they're calling for her on the ice sandy says she worked three jobs to pay for little Tanya's training and even sewed her costumes by hand like this one-of-a-kind pink sequined dress her goal she says is to help make Tanya's Olympic dreams come true she claims it was Tanya who wasn't always the easiest person to be around go away I wanted her to have what I couldn't Tonya was at the top of her game in 1994 and it all came crashing down the most notorious killer ever to rock the world of skating when we caught up with Tonya in 2012 she had settled down in Washington State with a husband and a young son a grandchild sandy has never met I'd love to be part of the family but I know she doesn't want this so I do not bother her and with the release of I Tonya the family drama will once again return to the headlines sandy says she wishes Tonya the best even if the feelings may not be mutual I thought I did everything I could for her and I really thought she'd loved me for it but she's didn't Tonya Harding denied any involvement in that attack on Nancy Kerrigan but she did plead guilty to hindering the investigation she was banned for life from the US Figure Skating Association itani hits theaters in December you

48 thoughts on “Tonya Harding’s Mom on Estranged Relationship With Her Daughter: ‘She Hates Me’

  1. Im in the UK and remember the incident with Nancy. I was around 9 at the time and thought Nancy was so pretty and Tonya was so evil. I forgot about it until I saw the film, did a little research after and my goodness, nowI feel for Tonya. She was abused by her mum (yes you worked v hard, but that doesn't stop you praising your daughter. If you felt that bad about her supposed lack of thanks you could have stopped funding her years before. You wanted the glory and money she would bring you), and partner and snubbed by the sports snobs, but she was good! She may have a hard manipulative side but I think many abuse victims do, as a defence mechanism. Now, as a grown up and a mum myself, I just want to give her a cuddle and tell her she's worth it.

  2. I hope they find Jesus and reconcile,clearly the woman abused her, but you can blatantly see that this lady DOES LOVE and miss her daughter ,you ONLY get ONE mother…wish the best for them both…

  3. I will never understand them taking away tonya’s passion for one over hearing and accusing her of doing the crime instantly, Nancy just needs to get over her self she was simply bland and boring. Tonyas story still upsets me to this day for a horrible narcissist parent and a nasty whiney opponent and skating being the only thing she had. Especially them trying to make her look like she had a perfect life and that’s the way it’s supposed to be. I hope one day they give her the medal she deserves

  4. What Tonya's mama needs is anger management, psychiatric treatment and guidance counseling or else child care services must take her away as part of this outrageous disputable problem.

  5. I feel sad for her mom. She worked hard for her daughter, she brought her to school, she did everything for her. I think that's how she showed her love. I feel so sorry for her. :'(
    Kind regards from Germany 🇩🇪

  6. Seen the movie recently, had to see what this monster looked like in RL.
    I actually remember when it all went down, hard copy would report on this story constantly. ahhhhh the 90s.

  7. She may have bin tpuph and abusive but it also cant be denied that she sacrificed a lot of time and money into helping Tonya succeed . Than there was Tonya hereself who was portreyed as having a strong fiery impulsive personality for a single mother to handle . Its a compicated dynamic and hard to know the full story .

  8. You all hating on her mom, sure she was abusive but she have been through 4 divorce and was addictive to drugs, but she work her ass OFF to send Tanya to skate. If it wasn’t for her caring about her daughter she would have never succeeded in her life. Her mother didn’t wanted her to be like her.

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