Toddler Toy Review: Fisher Price Smart Stages Tablet | African Mommy Blogger | Ad

Toddler Toy Review: Fisher Price Smart Stages Tablet | African Mommy Blogger | Ad

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Hi lovelies, it’s that time of year when we’re scrambling for gifts for our loved ones, especially the kiddies. I’m sharing my and Kai’s thoughts on the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Smart Tablet and if it’s a good idea to add it on your pressie list 😉

The Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Tablet is available from Toys R Us for R399. Suitable for ages 1 – 3:

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hi welcome back to my channel thanks for tuning in if you haven't already please subscribe to my channel for more mommy videos it's that time of year where we're going to be exchanging a lot of gift especially for kids so I wanted to share with you our first impressions of the fisher-price laughs and learnsmarts pages tablet I love it when toys have a bigger purpose so I'm encouraging you to think a little bit about the toys that you're going to be giving to some of your little ones I love books I love you know stacking blogs and that's a big reason why I really really love the fisher-price range of toys because most of them aren't just toys full-stop it's you know they're the toys and things that they actually learn with it so obviously the best way that children learn is through Play so combining the two makes so much sense if you're one of those people who's a little bit last-minute calm and you're not sure what to get your little one yet whether it's your child or a friend's child or knees a nephew a grandchild this is a great product to consider putting on your divide list so I was very excited to review this product because KY is so into my phone but right now any kind of sort of electronic device he's got his little hands on it so this is a great product if you have a fellow tech baby in your house so this tablet basically goes with your child meaning you can set the different levels using this lever here so level one is a bit more basic and then level 2 gets a little bit more challenging and ask the child to interact with a little bit more level 3 is a bit more interactive where it also asks the child to repeat certain things or do certain actions relating to the button that your son just pressed the songs function which is guys made rid of them all it helps to you know encourage them to dance and you know use their bodies to move it also teaches him cause and effect which encourages him to press different buttons and hear the different kinds of sounds that come out of the device so that's what we thought of the tablet it's a really really cute toy that he just couldn't get enough up to be honest and yeah I think it's a great option for those who are still trying to figure out what to get a child in their life for Christmas for New Year's or even just for birthday coming up it doesn't necessarily have to be something that's you know happening now in December if you like this video please give it a thumbs up let me know what you think in the comments boxes below and yeah share it with family shared with a friend if you know that someone is still if it's stuck on ideals and what to get you know a child this Christmas share this video might help them out with some ideas thanks so much for watching please subscribe to my channel if you haven't already for more Marvel videos I will see you in the next video and Happy Holidays are your right

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  1. I was discussing the twins xmas presents with the hubs. As soon as I saw this I was like this is how I'm going to save my iPad. Will need two of these for the twins, for the sake of peace,lol

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