Tips for Mums going back to Study | Study Life

Tips for Mums going back to Study | Study Life

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Hi Lovelies! Today I’m sharing some tips that have helped me in the transition to studying again with two young kids. I hope you find this helpful 🙂 ♡

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I love Lee's welcome back to my channel today I thought I would do a little video sharing my tips on going back to study as a mum for those of you who are new to my channel welcome my name is Dominica and I have a two and a three and a half year old son called Jacob and an almost two year old daughter Pasha and ever since Jacob was obviously my first child ever since he was born I've tried to study or done some units of a course because I haven't worked so I was doing a program in psychology and that's a long-term goal of mine to complete but this year I decided to change courses because I am a registered nurse and I recently went back to work and then a few of my friends completed the child health nurse course and they really enjoyed it and I thought you know what I'm gonna do that because in the short term although it doesn't really feel like short term can it is still gonna take me a year and a half but in the short term it'll get me quicker into another career path then what psychology would because that's more a long-term goals so yeah this semester I am studying my kind of first unit of the Child Health News course and I thought I would share with you some tips about going back well going to study when you do have kids so the first thing I wanted to mention was obviously well done for even thinking about going back to study or actually being in the midst of studying I think that's amazing it is so difficult studying with kids because it is so unpredictable sometimes everything goes right and everything goes smoothly and sometimes it doesn't so well done for pursuing it yeah I think you're awesome so some of my tips are to be really realistic with your course and with your expectations of getting it done I think when you look at a course you really have to look at what your home life is like what your kids are up to how much support you have whether they're in daycare school kindiy and what times you could really realistically study so I think not setting yourself up for failure is a really important point because you might have this great idea that you're gonna study for you know four hours a night and it turns out after your whole day with the kids that you're exhausted and all you want to do is go to bed so studying at night may have worked for you when you are in high school or before you have kids but it might not necessarily work for you now so I think it's really important to look at your life now and go okay am I more a morning person now and I'm or an afternoon person can I only do study when the kids are not around so that would be my first tip to just be really realistic about the study that you're going to be doing and how many units are taking on and the course to really look at it and go how does that fit in with my life at the moment so then my second tip would be once you have looked at that you've chosen your course you're starting it usually you get a study guide or a study outline of what your term or your semester is going to be like that usually tells you when your exams are due when you're on I mean when your assignments are due when your exams are and I think making a plan which I know some people don't like making a plan but I find when you have kids it's really important to make a plan and some of you might be going well you know having kids is really unpredictable so even if you make this plan it might all go out the window which is so true but I really think when you can see when your assignments to a Jew you can make a plan of when you're going to study and if that doesn't work a back-up plan when you're going to study and if that doesn't work having that cup plans so you know allocate times that you can study and then that way then at least you know okay I'm not gonna be able to study for these two or three hours or this half a day that I planned but to my next opportunities here and it's not the night before the assignments due or the night before the exam and that in a way kind of gives you little opportunities to to get some done but not to feel like all the pressure is going to be at the very end I know from my past experience of studying I'm definitely a person that leaves everything to the last minute so it's been a huge learning curve for me to actually plan when to study and actually do something up so it's been a big shift to actually not do that because I can't guarantee I'll have the time to do it the night before something is Jude which is probably not a good idea anyway but anyway so that is my second tip my next tip kind of goes hand-in-hand we're splitting up your time and having it allocated times to study or to do assignments and that is with your assignments or your general kind of study for an exam is to really break down all the I guess sections like if you have an assignment to really break down your assignment into pieces depending on what you're studying obviously but like in my case if I'm doing your report and it has an introduction a body different like questions that I might need to answer or case study topics and then obviously like you know the conclusion and it's or a discussion and a conclusion so when I have allocated study time I try and go okay this study session I'm gonna do the introduction or I'm going to focus on research or I'm going to answer one of the questions that I need to do in the body of my assignment so that way it kind of directs you to really use your study time you've got a goal you can just focus on that because I know it for myself and I look at a sign at an assignment and I can see that I've got so much to do I can get really overwhelmed so breaking it down or you you know when you're studying for something I found things like you know making flashcards also breaking down the topics that I'm doing at getting someone to quiz you on really helpful but such would I don't have any exams yet so I'm just enjoying the fact that I have assignments to do and that's it so yeah definitely breaking down all your earlier work on your assignments all your tasks definitely helps you be more productive within your I guess allocated study time that you have so the next tip I have is to communicate with your lecturer or your teacher and just if things are going wrong if the kids are sick if you're sick if you know your husband your partner has been sent away for work and things are just piling on top of you make sure you communicate with them because it's life and these things happen there are so many things that are out of your control and your lecturers tutors they don't want you to fail so obviously they know that life happens and they want you to pass they want you to do well what goes hand-in-hand with that is they don't want to find out the night before an assignment is due usually you would have at least worked on your assignment beforehand like not the night before and gone oh my gosh I can't finish it and I was gonna do it the whole thing the night before because then they might be a bit like oh well you didn't really use your time you know you've had four weeks to do it you haven't used your time work but if you know something's happened and you're thinking I've got a week left I've got a few things to do I'm most likely gonna make it but if things continue to happen and I can't make it then you know if you just communicate with them and let them know that things aren't going too well then you can get an extension and then you have a little bit more time to get things done and you don't have to stress as much so definitely communicate with them because the two-way street they don't know what's happening in your life and so they can't help you unless you talk to that man and yeah like I said they don't want you to fail so if you just communique with them and let them know what's happening then that'll definitely help you out because like I've said and we all know motherhood and Parenthood is really unpredictable so they are all my tips I hope you found this helpful if you're interested in more kind of study related videos I'd love to do more because this is my life right now so thank you so much for watching if you're new here don't forget to subscribe and I always picked you in my next video bye

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  1. Hi, you said you are a RN, what made you want to change career paths? Do you not like being a nurse? I ask because i am currently going to school for RN and have kids and that's why i am watching your video. Thanks in advance for the video tips

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