Tiger Mom Releases Her Child's INSANE Daily Schedule

Tiger Mom Releases Her Child's INSANE Daily Schedule

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Check out this INSANE schedule for a child schedule from a Chinese Tiger Mom.

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Original Article:

hey guys what's up this is double check show its Dan his mic guys we're back as you guys can obviously tell that we posted a video about bubble tea and a lot of guys I hate what you guys being while we're back now so yeah we went on a hiatus Rick yeah Roshan yeah well I went to Asia yeah that's that's the biggest thing I went to Asia so you guys didn't see yeah go to my strictly dumpling channel go to my blog see what I did in Asia all that fun stuff so I'm back and people and I was just doing stuff you were here doing stuff um so anyway let's get back to some of them yes interesting topics that we wanted to bring up in one of them in this video we want to talk about Tiger Moths Tiger moms who know this is not me a female tiger no although my mom is a tiger mom she was born in the year of the tiger okay that's what I would over me right but she's not a tiger mom right which is what we're talking about right here you guys don't know who that is Tiger mom is a term that's been popularized by I guess of Asian American writer wrote a book she wrote a book name is aimy Jewish published she published a book and basically Tiger moms are really really really really strict Chinese Tiger moms Eagle dads yeah and not only they strict but a lot of people think that they are a borderline child abuse yeah how strict they all right but for Chinese people there's a lot of them are like that's kind of long yeah I grew up with Tiger moms Eagle dads I mean what about you yeah my mom was pretty much tiger mom you will consider a tiger because my mom but my mom wasn't like extraneous on me in terms of study some kind of truth more about like physical stuff too she was like you got do your shego exercises you gotta like wear weight at the age of my 10 an age of six I was doing it five snakes yeah she every morning before school get up to your she boring she said I was never able to sleep past like certain time ever that's insane you were six years old and your mom woke you up to do Chico and guys yeah she did that's the that's insane that's but I woke up like at eight yeah because your mom is like westernized and she's like nice to you see ya welcome to the Asian world man so you kinda you relate to this I can't relate to that kid because that's more insane that's more insane than waking you up at 6 o'clock to do Qi go yeah cuz this is this is crazy alright so what we're talking about guys is uh there's an article and the epic times basically a tiger mom posted her child's schedule online schedule and the reason she did that is she basically wanted to show people that yet this is how I raise my kid yeah and you guys should do the same thing because it works yeah and he's off you know he's obviously doing he's not falling asleep from the lack of sleep that he's getting he's getting it great so you guys should use this negative so let's go over the schedule a bit here okay first of all this guy's this kid's name is Sean P so a little pee are you serious these name is show lookit is this she'll pee har okay oh yes that's what that's what she rule right shall be hard yo saucy girl so ha a weekly schedule for sopia record through it all that's a minor too bad Nate bad word I shall feel our is kind of like really bad it's like it's like a little fart for me oh alright anyways anyway this kid is 9 years old her the the schedule spans 16 hours which that's kind of all and it's it's every day of the week right Monday through Sunday so it changes a little bit yeah but basically every day he's got a schedule you know like he has six days scheduled or one day off now this is every single day so wake up 5:00 a.m. an hour earlier than you when you were six or seven early 5 a.m. is when I used to wake up you know for what I was taking like military science class in college 6 o'clock it's really good who won is like ancient literally works yeah so basically he's like mister reciting ancient Chinese poetry or writing at 6:00 a.m. in the morning yeah for one hour this kid is nine and this is before school right he's not even in school yet okay so it goes to school right so sha sha sha so Monday through Friday Cesco go to school like that obviously what it is and I'm within Chinese schools at the age of nine is insane yeah begin was already pretty tough it's already tough so uh so let's look at the weekend on on the day before that so on the weekend right right after his ancient literally literary study yeah piano practice on Saturday oh right right I'll do the extracurriculars yeah yeah you know practice and then wait see which is like a Chinese go go right with the black yeah yeah yeah black on white pebbles is yep so basically learn how to play like chess or whatever yeah in the type on go practice which is kind of cool yeah Chinese calligraphy no physical right well on Sundays Chinese Chinese calligraphy right um oh shoot patient no that is something math some math training and and there's some Latin dancing anyway I'm got to love it so we're at the so Sunday uh-huh in the app afternoon oh you got you got this math training yeah gasps swim class okay so physical activity so that all that ends at 4:30 1630 yeah so then 1900s so that's so that seven o'clock seven o'clock so I don't know what he's doing between 4:30 and 7 maybe dinner around there okay so seven o'clock yeah every single day of the week this is where it really made a lot of people angry angry and adaptable so people on social Chinese social media is really angry at this mom yeah and especially about this because right he does this every day from 7:00 to 7:30 watches Chinese state-run propaganda any right and guess what that half an hour that's the kids only break of the day so not only are you doing 15 and a half hours of rigorous work you are then subject you're then like oh you can go take a break little Mikey but you have to watch Chinese proggy propaganda and it's not just I'm saying like this is propagating like medicines on chop in China are saying you're making this kid watch propaganda news right and your brainwashing this kid let's finish up his schedule so on weekdays when he comes from from you know was going after his you know daily brain washing whatever uh he has to go to English training okay from that's good he's learning to speak English I did yeah i think i think this is what eight o'clock and then aha he get basically he he does not stop learning until ten p.m. non-stop learning right so he gets home does homework whatever learns more then he goes to bed at eleven well after his english training says here he has to finish his chats enjoy yet so that's like his homework from home what what is that well could just be homework it just says chatting so it could be just homework but it could also be what else we assign one yeah but I don't know really random today asleep sat you love it oh and look the the mom I guess she drew a cute little picture of a kid it makes it all better yeah like like now you can go to sleep Elsa Saturday through that time you got loud and dancing which to me is hilarious cuz that's just like sticks out like a thorn sore thumb kids learning Latin dancing finish homework and then Sunday calligraphy oh it says he's also preparing for the International mathematical Elizabeth what the math training I guess is for does it work to some degree yes um and with the VIS right well how are you looking at this if you're looking at this if this was like a thousand years ago right then yes normal because that's what people did sure sure sure I mean I thought I think a thousand years ago though I'm sure people learn all the time and the whole day with Jack but I think that um it's it's so different from now cuz this is like somebody like this like forcing you pushing you like she's not she's basically like force feeding this kid all this stuff I mean for what for his future I do think that that's that's what people are saying right also is that is this for the kid or is it for the mom right so what do you think well I think first of all obviously every parents want the best for the kid and they want to you know install the best idea also they want the kids to be in the best position to succeed right but I do feel especially with Asian parents there's a lot of it worries about I can go bragh now if I have solutely because the tiger moms and eagle desert notorious for that for showing off their kids as well I know it's deeply rooted in Eastern culture where like it's everyone's got safe face and I have a lot of pride in whatever but you know what this is why also a lot of Asian kids grow up one um the upbringing is very stressful and two they have a bad relationship with a parent their relationship with the parents are usually one out of respect and fear and not out of like I love my parents right that's what's causing all this is these kind of crazy thing absolutely you were gonna say messed up we're not going to treat our kids like this no we're we're it ends here but people who are older our parents like treated us kind of like that and they expected us to grow up a certain way and like them but it doesn't work any what there needs to be a balance needs to be a balance in life and I really do feel like what Chinese parents were maybe a lot of Asian parents in general you're gonna realize later is that you gonna watch a movie gonna be like that you know the Asian has going to sit through Washington will be watching like fuller house or whatever is on they're gonna be like well I wish I had that kind of relationship with my kids I sentimental moment maybe they do like later on with her kids are gone they're like that you think you got it what if I'll tell you what even why I say that you know why I that but cuz I Met Your dad watch this fuller house up my dad doesn't watch for how I only washes who's the boss okay uh because I feel like my parents want that with me right now Oh like like a more open communication Oh God better relationship right so your dad was like watching like an episode of llegado I don't know what I was doing but I do feel like he's you know he's definitely like he wants that he wants to be like Mike he wants to be like what's the talk yes like yeah he was have open communication both my parents came yeah but you know I'm a little messed up because I kind of grew up that environment where my parents are over straight and I don't have that relationship with my parents it's awkward to me so I can't go and say I love you and I can't do a assume that the sentimental bridge like part of it's different yeah it's not it doesn't doesn't work and I'll tell you this right now Asian parents you're gonna want that a lot more than bragging to your you know hello auntie so I agree Harvard I told you I I didn't get I think when those parents are like 40 45 50 there's these gonna like they want to see that all the stuff they put into the kid come to fruition yeah then I think when they're 55 60 65 I think then they're like man I just want to hang out with you know talk with my mom is my kid I don't want them to just like oh send me money any money he's successful grade right I'm happy but because that's what happens we don't have that guy relations those those kids that's how they show affection it's like here I'm just gonna send you some money because I don't know how to do it any other way so I totally agree with you and you're the example of that yeah it's not just us we're in our thirties but I know there's a lot of kids in there like teens or whatever they're still going through that right now and totally their parents are they just came from China and they're forcing that upon them we know those we know those kids we are around a lot of Chinese people all the time of varying ages so we see this stuff happens and it kind of breaks your heart a little bit you know like obviously I obviously I'm not saying every parent should be like my parent who are basically like hippies cuz I don't think that was good but I think that they should be more like my Western friends parents who they were somewhat strict but they were also like they knew when to back off yeah and they have a really good relationship yeah I think it's I think that's good look I mean it's really cool we got to see this schedule be good I never saw something like this before well guys let us know what you think about this and also for future news stories um we're not going to talk too much news stories on double chin anymore that's right I'm still gonna do discussion or so what's so good discussions every now and then but we're going to move the news portion of our videos to the double chin News Channel that's right I've just started so you guys can check that out in the description box because a lot of people like I mean it's too many channels look but we wanted a channel all we deal with news because it's a lot of news every day and we don't want to bombard you guys with all sorts of news items every single day so go over there if you're interested in news items and our perspectives on them hopefully you'll find that channel interesting yeah and luckily if you go there right now what you should there's already a bunch of videos yeah so you don't have to wait like oh man so go check it out guys alright guys thanks so much watching later yeah like 5 a.m. what's a military science they like take your military stuff at you due to military training try to recruit you for the military income and I've never I've never took a class like that yeah you will fail if you did

31 thoughts on “Tiger Mom Releases Her Child's INSANE Daily Schedule

  1. I understand a parent/parents wanting their kid to do well in school but when the parent/parents starts demanding that their kid constantly study and keeps them from having a life that is a sure fire recipe for the kid committing suicide or killing their parents/parent.

  2. Kawasaki im giah so im a fan or asian people and Japanese people and Chinese people but im actually American and attain and peto riken but i speak Japanese and Chinese and Korean

  3. the problem with this is the kid never has time to discover himself and figure out who he is. He doesn't get opportunities for decision making and the choices aren't up to him. Poor kid doesn't stand a chance when he reaches adulthood. Also the sleep thing is just ridiculous.

  4. Ima white girl and my mom expects the best of me. She tells me to try my best and it's okay, she will definitely beat my ass if I get a D or F😂😂 she wants me to aim for As.

  5. My mom is now old and weak enough so I can return her all the tortures she did to me when I was a little and weak kid. However, now she wants to have a good relationship with me. But she gets only the reflection of her behavior. Ha-ha-ha! :)))

  6. On both sides, expectantly all Asian the child and the parents should learn the difference between parental expectations/goals for their children and actual reality. The moment you find out who is the one believing the fantasy, is the sign of the person/people who will tear the family apart. Yeah the adjustment of rules should be based on thought out reasoning. My culture is flawed and I've dedicated my whole life to fixing this particular issue so that every generation of my ethnicity does not have to go through bullshit like this.

  7. umm…

    the mom is gonna get this kid laid BIG TIME
    efficiencies in mathematics translates to finance and economics = he's gonna make money
    time management = he's gonna have exceptional discipline not to squander time
    dance = he's gonna have a leg up on some chode that cannot dance
    piano/music training = he's gonna get women's panties wet just from that
    strategy game, e.g. othello, chess, etc. = he'll have the principles of strategy ingrained so well, his success will come naturally
    physical training, e.g. swimming = will never drown, is doing a ZERO impact sport that works out 100% of his muscles with proper form, so he's gonna be shredded which will also get him hella laid

    the only thing missing is education on nutrition at a scientific level…

    this guy's mom is gonna be his BEST friend when he grows up

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