The Try Guys Thank Their Moms • Motherhood: Part 5

The Try Guys Thank Their Moms • Motherhood: Part 5

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After a week of trying to experience the trials of motherhood, The Try Guys call their moms to say “thank you.” The final installment in a special five-part series exploring motherhood.

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The Try Guys:
Eugene Lee Yang:
Keith Habersberger:
Zach Kornfeld
Ned Fulmer

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(upbeat ukulele music) (Skype calling sound) – Yeah, hello! – There's a giant hand on the screen. – Oh hey, Mom, can you
make yourself landscape? There we go! – You're on camera now. – OK, you are filming now, right? – [Eugene] Yes, you look very beautiful. – Oh, thank you. I don't think so. – So how are you? We never
really FaceTime, you and I. – [Zach] We talk on the
phone a bunch, but we never, I never think to FaceTime you,
it's nice to like, see you. – [Keith] So we're all
Skyping with our mothers to talk about motherhood. – [Zach] We've been
shooting this big series of videos exploring parenthood. – How are you finding it? – [Ned] How am I finding it? (laughs) – Well, I, uhm… – I learned a lot about what you had to go through three times. – Like, I knew that being
a parent was really hard, but it's so fucking hard. – Some of the things that we've done: we started with wearing
fake pregnancy bellies. – [Eugene] There's something
called "labor pain simulation." – Then we got to play with a baby, which was the cutest baby in the world. – So we also, you know,
remember when we had those robot babies in school? – [Keith's mom] (laughs) Yes! – [Keith] We had to have
those robot babies again. (Keith's mom laughs) – So I was wondering what, you know, what your pregnancy was like,
what having me was like. – Pregnancy with you was tough. – No, it wasn't difficult. – You know, you didn't kick me. – You used to run in place. – Oh, OK! – I gave birth in the
summer, and I was, you get very hot at the end.
– [Zach] Ugh! And I also got very fat. – So I made you fat and sweaty? – You did indeed. – The doctor told me
your heartbeat is faster, so everybody, including
doctor, thought you were girl. – Oh! (laughs) You thought
I was a very silent girl? – Yes, yes. – At one point, I had to,
I had to have bedrest, so you and I watched a
lot of old "I Love Lucy"s. – Oh! – You liked like feeling when I kicked? – Totally. – It wasn't like, "What is
this monster inside of me?" – I loved it 'cause it made it real. – Right. Yeah, we didn't
have a real thing, we just had a little pouch with baby goo. – What was it like when you delivered me? – I mean, was that the most painful thing you've ever experienced? – It was awful, I was screaming. I think the whole hospital
must have heard me. – Well, down the hall, there
were these women screaming! – (laughs nervously) Oh no! – Some pain, but you know,
you know, I love kids. – And at one point,
your heart rate dropped. And, it wasn't scary, but I guess, something was going on
that they said to me, "OK", and you know, it
was far enough along, they said, "Alright, we
gotta get him out now." – In your case, I had
you in fifteen minutes. (Keith laughs wildly) I went from 5 to 10 in fifteen minutes in little bitty ol' Smith County Hospital. – [Eugene] You know, I'd
never held a baby before. – Oh, you never? – No! – I had my first experience
changing a diaper. – You remember the first
diaper you ever changed? – Oh, yeah! It was – I
didn't tell them about it. – You made mittens! – Yeah, I made like, paper towel mittens so I wouldn't get poop on my hands, 'cause I was like twelve. – Did I poop a lot? – Every baby poops a lot. – How was I like when I was a little baby? Was I crying a lot? – Oh no, you didn't cry. – You liked music, so we
played this tape dad had called "Trumpet a Go-Go." – You were a good baby, you always made everybody smile and
laugh! You were just like now. – Sounds like me. – Well 'ama', it's Mother's Day. – Oh, yes! – So, I wanted to call you
and say that I love you. – You know, I tell you I love you a lot, I hope I do. I hope you know
it, I think you know it. – All of these things
that we've done have been, like, simulations, right? They
haven't been the real thing. – Is there anything else
that you experienced during motherhood that was significant? – Like what? – (laughs) I don't know,
I'm not a mom! I don't know. – We did this whole thing
to just try and like see if we could understand what
it's like to be a parent, what it's like to be a mother, and what I realize is,
I mean, I'll never know. – Through this process, I've been able to imagine the bigger
picture a little bit. – Don't let the Try Guys'
Mother's Day videos scare you. Whatever you go through,
it's well worth it, and it's awesome to be a
mother and look at these kids! Look what I raised. I'm so lucky. – Raising kids is a real joy. It's joyful and it's [inaudible]. I believe that. – Parenting is full-time,
24 hours, all the time. – And I'm always, always
happy to be your mother. – Thank you. (soft sobs) – Are you really crying?! – Yeah, I don't know. I love you so much. – I love you too, sweetie. – You're like the best
person in the entire world, you're so important to me. – Thanks for giving birth to me. – OK, thank you, you're welcome. – Happy Mother's Day on
Sunday! I'll call you though. – Thank you so much for
talking to me, I love you. – Oh! You're welcome! – Well, happy Mother's Day, momma. It's a really amazing thing
and I feel like I have a deeper understanding of it
and a greater perspective. I love you very much. – I love you too! – Thanks for being my mom. – OK, talk to you then, bye-bye! – Bye! – How do we get out of this now? (laughter) – [Keith's mom] Bye!
– Bye. That was classic.

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  1. My mom shes alive but shes so far from me,its been like 14 years with out her,and now I'm17 I miss her so much,I dont know how she looks like! But still miss her and love her so much, :(. Sorry for my bad English💔🙏

    Just I want to say if you're living with you parents you are soo lucky, 💕

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