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hey everyone it's Alexis from Sims VIP I
hope you're all doing well so welcome to another Sims 4 news bit video now before
I begin I've on you just wanna let you guys know that I've put some towels
around my microphone this time so hopefully it doesn't sound as equity as
the last video I am actually traveling and the place I'm at is not really good
for recording with that said today we're catching up on the latest news from the
sims 4 so let's jump in first up let's catch up with the sims Mobile so the
trick-or-treat Halloween event is available for a limited time giving
players 10 days to complete the necessary steps that will reward them
with the final Mystics table reward this event also grants candy corn for
completing every day and event related tasks and is the required currency to
purchase the various new halloween create a sim and build and buy items to
check out a step-by-step guide on completing this quest head over to sims
VIP calm next up let's check out what's coming with the next game patch I know
we've all been waiting for this and the time has come so with all the new
information released from the sims 4 get famous Sims camp event last week many of
the attendees gave us information regarding the upcoming November game
patch let's go ahead and recap on all the goodies that are coming to our game
soon first is terrain manipulation now the sims team already confirmed this
feature some time ago but we now have some additional info bits from attendees
some of what is mentioned is that Sims will be able to go uphill if the terrain
isn't too steep and after having some hands-on time with the actual tools they
have stated that the tools are pretty easy to use next is the style influencer
career this is yet another feature that they announced some time ago and this
new career will allow sims to work from home or head off into a rabbit hole next
is a revamped game tutorial so polish fansite Dotson confirm that the sims 4
will be receiving a brand new game tutorial that includes a narrator who
dives deep into the features of the game now this option can be turned off at any
time and it will greet you at the start of your new game next are some minor UI
changes so polish fan site dot sim once again confirmed that the game patch is
going to bring some changes to the UI so for example aspirations and create-a-sim
will now be square instead of circular and the magnifying glass that appears
when you're zooming out in the has been replaced with a car icon now
it's been confirmed that they're not working on cars but it's kind of hard to
believe that they're not when they add all these little hints in the game next
up is the ability for Simms to label themselves a self-employed this one
really made me happy so popular Sims youtuber Vic's Ella confirmed in her
overview video that the patch is going to add the ability for sims to register
a custom career also known as self-employment now the way this works
is Sims will select the new register with Ministry of Labor interaction on
their cell phone and then they can fill in the blanks on this pop-up that
appears there's no specific skills or actions that are tied to these careers
but it does allow your sims to freelance and not be labeled as unemployed next is
the world selection menu that we talked about in the last video so push fan site
dot sim confirm that the world selector menu is getting a much needed upgrade as
well the world icons are gonna be decreased in size and a while for a
better overview of the worlds and last but not least something new now dot sim
has also indicated that the Sims team will be adding another new feature to
the game with the patch but we're not gonna know what that is until Maxis
reveals it during the next Maxis monthly livestream on November 6
now speaking of this secret something during the first official get famous
livestream last week sim gurus went into live mode and quickly closed out a
challenge pop-up similar to those that are seen in the past with Jasmine
Holliday now it's unknown what this challenge is gonna bring to the game but
we do know that it's at least 40 days long and it's called the quote
positivity challenge now it's unclear whether this is what that special
something dot sim was talking about so we'll just have to wait and see when
this thing is gonna end up in the game now last but not least since Sims News
is an update to the ball pit that was released last year with the sims 4
toddler stuff so when the sims 4 Tyler stuff was released one of the biggest
issues for many players was the visual appearance of the functional ball pit
now just a few weeks after it was released Maxis released the game patch
to address the flat texture and improve the appearance now during the get famous
Sims camp event in London 10 days ago popular Sims youtuber the sim Supply
joined sim guru Graham in a real life ball pit to discuss the real story
behind the sims for toddler stuffs ball pit scandal now during the interview sim
gurugram states that the original plan for the jungle gym was for it to be a
fully modular jungle gym now this created an issue down the road before
release where the entire model needed to be reconstructed in order to be released
as functional so what happened is in the end the texture of the ball pit suffered
but they did eventually fix it now over on Twitter for the first time Simcoe
Graham gave us a look at the original toddler jungle gym that he mentioned
during the interview you can see that it originally was intended to look like
three different pieces but was actually one single object he stated that the
tunnel piece was envisioned more for venues than home Lots but that was
another aspect of the original version that they felt was important to adjust
as you can see this issue caused the item to be reconstructed in order to
ship without causing issues for players so we never did get the original plan
for the jungle gym but at least sim guru granth took the time to share some
background on what happened with that ball pit he then concluded on Twitter
with a few tweets stating the following as I touched on in the interview we had
some ambitious goals for this path as we work through technical implementation
challenges work between various disciplines was getting out of sync
resulting in an object that didn't really behave the way you'd expect you
in a sin looking back I learned important lessons that made me a
stronger producer moving for chiefly making a difficult decision that burdens
the team but is ultimately necessary for our players doesn't absolve us if that
results in quality control slipping elsewhere ultimately I am happy that we
were able to patch it quickly to get everyone more balls and quite proud of
the team for rallying around the requested changes to make something even
better so at least we were able to get the real story behind what happened with
the awful texture of this ball pit be sure to go and check out the sim
supplies interview with sim gurugram over on his channel and that wraps up
today's news big video be sure to leave me a comment down below and let me know
your thoughts as usual everything I've mentioned in this video is linked in the
description below head over to Sims VIP comm for the latest news on the sins as
always I hope you all enjoyed this video and we will talk soon bye guys


  1. There's so much space in the world menu now, what if the surprise is create a world? Even if it's various empty neighborhoods, similar to the custom neighborhoods in Sims 2. That would be awesome!

  2. I’ve watched a few videos on the new patch and I reckon the new secret feature is something to do with challenges or something like that, yeah a bit disappointing I mean I was expecting something like new worlds or whatever but I recently watched another video ( can’t remember who) about the patch and the dude showed a tweet from a fan complaining about the sims and that every game she/he played was the same and every day is the same, like you get up, eat breakfast, go to work, get home, got to bed blah Blah then repeat and one of the sims gurus replied with “oh just wait” so the new feature could be something to do with that positivity challenge, players could continue to get these big challenges every few weeks or something and maybe there are rewards to like new items? Nobody know and it is kind of a game changer because It would change the way you play every day if you wanted to. Who knows….

  3. I can't wait for the terrain tools although I think they should give a rough date on when we will be getting the update
    Why was the ball pit mentioned when they sorted out the problems?

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