The Real Reason Savannah Left Dance Moms Season 8

The Real Reason Savannah Left Dance Moms Season 8

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Find Out Why Savannah And Erin Left Dance Moms So Suddenly
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“Dance Moms” is all about the drama, there’s just no denying it. Sure, it helps bring exposure to some of the best dancers in America, but there’s so much more to the show than meets the eye. Season 8 of “Dance Moms” has been more unpredictable than any other season. Fans just don’t know what to expect when it comes to the ever-changing dance crew. And now, it seems like things are more up in the air than ever before.

Everything began when Brady Farrar was sent home for being a better dancer than everyone else. Then, things got heated when Abby announced that Elliana and her mother Yolanda were rejoining the ALDC’s elite group of dancers. And, to top it all off, Erin and her daughter Savannah ran off in the middle of the night, leaving the ALDC behind. Why did Erin and Savannah leave? Are they coming back? Find out all this and more in this video from TheThings.

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24 thoughts on “The Real Reason Savannah Left Dance Moms Season 8

  1. I had read somewhere that Ellie had to wait a few weeks to start because she had a title with another studio and couldn't compete with aldc until after a certain date. Savannah and Erin were only filling in for them until they were able to switch things over and the show would make it look dramatic in some way for ratings but in reality it was always meant to be the switch

  2. I’m pretty sure Abby recognizes Savannah’s abilities. Abby seemed pretty nice to Savannah. The only reason as to why she never really had the spot light was probably cuz the producers wanted to make her seem like she’s not that important. Cuz she left the team part way through the show

  3. Your right savannah came in wa there 7 episodes than elli left episode 11 than Paris came in Episode 11-16 berklegih was in for little savvannah didn’t come back so they were replaceing savvanah erin actually was planning on leaving but spiced things up and none of them won the auditions so it was this replace stuff

  4. Is Savannah going to come back and I can see way Abby bought Brady because the girls showed Abby they can win with out Brady and I'm glad Abby bought back Brady because Presley had a crush on him and she got to be with her crush again and I don't think Brady and Hannah should be ship Brady and Presley should be ship

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