The Pregnant Man

The Pregnant Man

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Tom and Scott Moore have been happily married for three years. Born as Jessica and Laura, but now living as gay men, they met at the local Lesbian, Gay Bi Transgender group and fell in love.

Unlike most gay couples, Tom and Scott have the means to have a baby naturally, since Scott has working female reproductive organs. Biologically, falling pregnant is no different for him – he just needs a sperm donor.

Happily married with two sons Tom adopted from a previous partner, Tom and Scott are about to expand their unique family situation and have a baby.

Being a transgender parent has it’s difficulties but giving birth to and raising a child as a trans-man is a step above. How will Scott cope with the massive physical and emotional challenges?


Clip from Dad’s Having A Baby, 2011. Content licensed from Firecracker Films. For any enquiries, please contact us at [email protected]

Tom and Scot Moore had been married for three years despite appearances they were both born as girls growing up I was a hundred percent girl my mom had me wear my hair down it was down past my ways you know she tried really hard you know a little Strawberry Shortcake everything but in the inside I always knew that I was different I was always kind of the awkward kid when I was a lot younger I didn't really even pay attention to gender or you know whether I was playing with little boys or little girls I just kind of thought of everybody as humans Jessica and probably when I hit puberty was when I realized something was really wrong Jessica and Laura each came from traditional families then Jessica became Scott and Laura became Tom Scott and Tom who are now gay men even though they used to be confused women met at the local lesbian gay bi transgender group and fell in love Scott never had a full sex change but Tom did so in the eyes of the law Scott who used to be Jessica was still a woman but Tom who used to be Laura was now a man which meant Scott and Tom could get married Tom already had two adopted sons Greg and Logan so they were now a family along with two dogs two cats a turtle and a pufferfish Tom adopted Greg and Logan after a relationship with their mother a troubled transsexual with severe psychosis tragically in 2009 she took her own life after such a traumatic experience Tom couldn't bear to see that are taken into care they were gonna tear them apart they were gonna put Greg in a an adult-like facility Greg would never get any help and he would just rot and then he would never see Logan again and I knew ultimately that that was the worst possible solution for them the Moores were blissfully happy as a family of four but like most married couples Scott and Tom still wanted to try for a baby unlike most male gay couples they had the means to do so what's going on there baby's going on in there at first when he suggested having a baby and me carrying it I didn't even think about it I automatically just said no no way and that's because I always just told myself I can't have kids get out but as we started talking about it more it became a really quick decision and I was ready to do it baby miles was born on the 9th of March 2010 weighing 8 pounds and 5 ounces look at him oh he's camera-shy the dead baby how do you feel how are you daddy good huh who's this little one this is my son look say hi miles say hi I'm the contentious baby in the universe whoa that's my shot I I really do think that I was lucky to be able to carry miles I think for the longest time my body and being transgendered was such a negative thing for me and made me so uncomfortable and even though the process of being pregnant and giving birth isn't the most comfortable thing it made me appreciate what I have more and realize that even though it's not the ideal of what I would like to be that it's still beautiful and has made me a lot more happier with who I am you

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  1. WOW..So many negative comments posted below… To Scott and Tom… Congratulations on having Miles..I hope you have a happy and fufilling life as a family. I tip my hat to you for making this video and having the courage on the message you successfully delivered here. Love is love and there is no taking that away! 🙂

  2. The title says pregnant man which is false because that's impossible, try to grow up and stick to the truth that this is a pregnant woman that has tried to make herself look like a man which is perfectly fine just don't expect normal people to believe that it's a pregnant man

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