The Pine-Sol Lady Opens Up About Being a Struggling Single Mom | Where Are They Now | OWN

The Pine-Sol Lady Opens Up About Being a Struggling Single Mom | Where Are They Now | OWN

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Prior to being the spokeswoman for Pine-Sol, Diane Amos struggled as a single mother. For more on #WhereAreTheyNow, visit

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The Pine-Sol Lady Opens Up About Being a Struggling Single Mom | Where Are They Now | OWN

Most of the time it was like
two or three jobs at one time. I was doing shows at
night and raising my son. I can remember a couple of
times where I was so tired, I was sitting out
front of my apartment. And I had so many
things to carry, I thought [EXHALES DEEPLY]. So I just took a little nap. And I'm sleeping there, and
he's in his car seat sleeping. And someone knocked on
my window and I woke up and it was a police officer. And he says to me,
he goes, are you OK? I said, I am. He says you know, what? It's just not safe
out here for you to be taking a nap
with your baby, so he carried all
my stuff upstairs. And every time I talk about
this I just get emotional. Because that was when I knew
that I had to keep going. I was in my mid 30s. And one of the writers on
the Pine-Sol commercials was a regular fan of mine. So he asked them
when they started, you know, I know we're going
to audition a lot of folks, but can you please
start with Diane Amos? It took a long, long time
for them to make a decision. You know, I'm a big woman, I'm
black, my teeth were gapped, I got all this going on. I mean, there's a lot of reasons
why a company might not hire me to be their spokesperson. Now don't they
look beautiful all lined up together like this? There's been a little
bit of backlash. You know, I think a few
years into the campaign there were some articles
written about me perhaps being more of a Mammy type character
or some different things like that. But you know, that is a
commentary on systemic racism in our country. That's not about me. I'm a national spokesperson
for a national product. That's my life. I claim that.

45 thoughts on “The Pine-Sol Lady Opens Up About Being a Struggling Single Mom | Where Are They Now | OWN

  1. Diane Amos went to Washington High School in San Francisco, CA. She was a wonderful actress and comedienne who had a one-woman show she performed in San Francisco back in the '90s. I remember Diane from Washington High School and it was great seeing her as Pine-Sol Lady. Pine-Sol needs to keep her around to appear at least periodically.

  2. She's a bigger woman, heavily melanated talking about cleaning products. I remember those mammy comments. But hey…now folks love to use her in their white tears meme's so…I guess they've decided to "forgive" her for taking a well paying job.

    I loved her voice in those commercials. She reminded me of Aunts in my family. Like the one where the man woke up out of a coma in the hospital because someone cleaned his room with PineSol. There are always real people behind these situations and people are so quick to shun the real person for a perceived slight.

  3. she's a mammy archetype period. black woman in the comments are selling our women short by praising this grown woman on being "well spoken" etc.

    she's not the problem however. it's western media

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