The Moms Are JEALOUS That Abby Is Nice To Brady | Dance Moms | Season 8, Episode 4

The Moms Are JEALOUS That Abby Is Nice To Brady | Dance Moms | Season 8, Episode 4

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Here is a clip from Season 8 Episode 4. Hope you enjoy!

47 thoughts on “The Moms Are JEALOUS That Abby Is Nice To Brady | Dance Moms | Season 8, Episode 4

  1. "Then maybe she would say, Abby enough of Brady's duet, let's work on the group"
    Stacey didn't even say anything about Lilliana's duet here, she is actually a team player, at least at this point.

  2. these moms are never happy they get mad if someone does something and are also mad if someone doesn’t do something…i don’t think they would say anything if their kid was the favourite either so they’re just being hypocritical

  3. Stacey know good and well she would be doing the same thing as Tricia had she been in the same position and it’s not like Brady had solo it was duet but they were only complaining to Tricia to say something when Ashley could’ve also done something

  4. What do you want her to do? Take her own kid out of the dance for other kids to shine? Oh sweety, there’s a tough road ahead of lily if others make it easy for her now. When she’s an adult she’s in for a rude awakening.

  5. abbey is a nice person because on the show she has to be stricked so that the pupils can learn from their mistakes therefore if she was dead nice to everyone then they wouldn’t take dance as serious and won’t learn from their mistakes . She just wants them to sucseed in dance like all the other dance pupils she’s taught like if I am right 🎀x

  6. okay why tf is stacey so mouthy now? last season with melissa, christi, jill, kelly, holly and the other moms she was never like this and she barely said a thing about anyone. now that she's on season 8, she is rude to everyone. i love lilly but i can't say the same about her mother anymore, i used to like stacey but she just changed…

  7. I'm starting to feel like a dance mom's return the way that they're doing it, was not a good idea. There's more drama than there is dancing and it's too reminiscent of what they wanted the old team to be. I thought this was going to be Abby's second chance at life and she'd treat it as such, but this is a new low. The old girls talked about the abuse that Abby put them through, and it just seems like she's more open with it now. The drama plus Abby's attitude is making this kind of hard to watch.

  8. I feel that Trisha is the new Melissa and Stacey the new Christi. The only thing is that, we used to stand up for Christi because she always had a reason to defend her kid or anyone’s kid, but Stacey is just being dramatic, she fights for things that do not make sense, it’s hard to look at her the way we did to Christi.,

  9. okay but what is Stacey's point in arguing? Like what does she want Tricia to say? What is coming out of her arguing with Tricia? Nothing will change like I don't get it

  10. Brady is clearly the favorite. That's not Brady or Tricia's fault. It's Abbys fault for being a teacher that has blatant favouritism. Tricia can acknowledge he's the favorite without taking away from the fact that he's incredibly talented.

  11. I think this is the producers fault. Like Stacy is a Psychiatrist and she probably took a break from being a doctor in order to do this show. It’s probably a main source of income for their family. I love Stacy and Lily, and I think that in the future, Trish is gonna be in the same position. Like Kira when Abby first loved her then she started to get mad all the time. Think about it.

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