The Mom With 40-Inch Legs! Plus, Chinese Blogger Makes A Crazy Offer

The Mom With 40-Inch Legs! Plus, Chinese Blogger Makes A Crazy Offer

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Ia Ostergen is a Swedish mother of two who has become well known for her very long legs. Also, a Chinese blogger gets visits to her hotel, and Katy Perry has misadventure.

all right everybody you're looking at 34 year-old Swedish mother of two eeeh oestrogen miss oestrogen has become Instagram famous because of her long long legs she's five foot ten but has an inseam of 40 inches now to give you an idea of how unusual that ratio is I'm 511 with a 31 inch inseam which means that I'm an inch taller but her legs are 9 inches longer than mine that would be pretty strange kind of gives you a whole new meaning to the phrase I'd like her to wrap her legs around me anyway miss oestrogen says that she was teased even bullied when she was growing up but that now she embraces her unusual look and it appears many others do as well as she has a hundred and fifty thousand Instagram followers now just so you know miss oestrogen doesn't have the longest legs in the world those belong to a Russian girl by the name of Katarina licinia whose inseam is 52 point 4 inches long but in all fairness Miss Lucy Nia is 6 foot 9 just got one question for you guys who wants to climb aboard that I said because I just okay you're wearing them myself but you know I could do it because swimsuit should not dig into your thighs now recently a 19 year old Chinese blogger by the name of Miss we was staying in a hotel in southern China on vacation when she posted on social media Weibo which is their version of Facebook she posted that any guy who came to her hotel room would get free sex as she posted the name of the hotel and the hotel room now for some reason she was surprised when 3,000 horny Chinese dudes showed up at her hotel wanting you know you know I guess she didn't understand the concept that the one-child policy in China that they had for many years has caused a serious male to female ratio deficit in that country there's just not enough women for the dudes so needless to say it backfired on her she had to check out of her hotel room by 10:00 p.m. and she was subsequently arrested because you just don't do things like that in China these panties well that's in that way there was at the valet Parkers and you're like oh my god and lastly Katy Perry has got herself in some hot water when she on the show American Idol kissed some 1900 boy without his consent the the lads name is Benjamin glaze a musician from Enid Oklahoma and he said he felt uncomfortable with getting that kiss from miss Perry because he wanted to save that moment for his first girlfriend things only got worse for the young aspiring musician because the judges rejected his bid to go on in the competition so Wow alright you guys think hello-oh down

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