The best job ever? Being a mom. Take a look.

The best job ever?  Being a mom. Take a look.

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Joan Lunden and friends believe being a mom is the greatest job. Watch as they share heart-felt messages to moms everywhere and reveal their favorite keepsakes. See what else we’re doing to celebrate moms at

you know I travel this country these days speaking and every time I'm introduced it's never the five presidents that I covered or the royal weddings the host of Good Morning America for almost two decades now a correspond in the today's show but when they get to and she's the mother of seven children with two sets of twins it's the audience is up for grabs everyone was like awful no matter how hard a job you find in life I think being a mom is the hardest job it's tough being a mom it's a lot of work but it's the best kind of work in the world being a mother is my only true purpose this incredible insane amount of love your heart just expands everything I do is for my children they're my inspiration I am an oversharer of love so I'm like would you like some orange juice I love you how is homework today I love you I really have a problem I know I know I have a problem and with that I think comes a lot of fear there's so much riding on it am I being too strict am I not doing enough how do I not mess this up I think we all have those boxes and boxes of photos and little things made out of popsicle stick she gets her B's and DS mixed up so it says you're the desk this drawing for me embodies the completion of our family from our baby it's so interesting to see how your children perceived you his 10 favorite things about spending time with me were the most basic I love you because you play video games with me she writes me these little full of notes and she'll just stick them around the house when your kids are telling you it it means the world my mom is the lovingness mom in the world I will always keep this because she made this for me I didn't know what it's supposed to be my life really took off the day I became a mother and it just keeps getting better and I have my kids to think for that and that is incredible having that love for each other and just knowing that in the end of the day this is the best thing that I gave the world as it these five little kids I keep wanting to say this to new moms you are enough you get so crazy when you're like the breastfeeding in the schedule and that this than that I also think there's a good point to just tuning out a lot of advice and trusting yourself dear mom dear mom the advice that I would have for you is to not sweat the small stuff take it one day at a time because so quickly it changes and they change things go so fast with kids live in every moment the way to remember those moments keep track of it write it down because you forget it trust your instinct go with your gut make sure that you carve out time for yourself these are not always gonna go well as long as you're loving your kids as long as your you have a happy home you're doing things right buckle up and enjoy the ride because you're in for the ride of your life

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  1. Wonderful video but moms out there, we still ned lots of improvements in this country to make sure moms have childcare and other important family good living in order to be a great mom. Many moms need to go back to work and the balance of work and motherhood is still in need of major improvements. Postpartum needs for moms also need improvements. Living outside the city often neglect mom's of newborns. There is no support! Hospitals need to do a better job! Every and each mom should have several at home visits by trained nurses and help available if needed.

  2. Absolutely love that video! I over use "I love you" too, I save their crafts, report cards, etc. They grow way to fast! My youngest will be 5 next month. Being a mother is my purpose. I have no clue what I'll do when they grow up and leave me. (Although my youngest one said he's never moving out) 💖😭

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