THANKFUL FOR GOOD FRIENDS! πŸ™ | Day in the life of a working mom

THANKFUL FOR GOOD FRIENDS! πŸ™ | Day in the life of a working mom

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Hey guys! Today’s video is a two day vlog. I show you some things I cleaned up, new decor for the house and I share about how thankful I am for youtube and amazing friends!

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Hi & Welcome to my channel! My name is Kristy and I’m a stay at home mom of 2 toddler girls. My channel is focused on cleaning, motherhood and lifestyle as well as a bit of beauty! If you want to see any specific videos please let me know, I would be more than happy to film them for you!

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hey guys welcome back to my channel I'm starting the vlog a little bit late today it's like 1 o'clock the girls are doing for a nap time this morning we went over to a lady's house and I picked up something from her which I'm gonna show you guys in a second and we went over to my girlfriend's house and the girls got to play with their little friends so now that they're down I figured I'd take this time to go out to the garage and to clean up the thing I got as well as a you know our fridge that we got rid of and I want to clean that up so we can sell it as well so I'm going to go out with some of these method whites and let them both down but let me show you what it picked up today so this is what I got today it's an old window off of a old farmhouse which is kind of cool you guys can see it's like really worn it needs to be cleaned really badly it's dirty but yeah it's pretty cool I think I'm gonna hang a wreath in the center of it that's kind of the plan I think it'll be it for the basement but I'm not entirely sure it's a good size so yeah I'm really excited to clean this up and then put it probably in the basement for decor but I'm gonna find a place upstairs I'll probably use it right away but I thought it was really cool designs you need to get away it's time we make a change oh you know if you always have me baby I will always stay with you so put your trust in me will work yeah a lot better you can see all these little specks it's just underneath on the towel there it's looking really good I think I might leave it in the garage for a couple of days so cuz I saw some little bugs just in case I don't want them in my house so I might leave these out for a couple of days now I'm gonna move on to the fridge this is how dirty it was disgusting this is our fridge if you guys remember so I just want to give it a little clean I think the freezer part is good except for the doors so cross it molded I guess and so you don't close it and then I just want to clean out this bridge part so what I want to sell it to somebody having it be dirty so I'm gonna go ahead and clean this now I want you to myself we can stay in hotels just off the edge only good times ahead so I'll have me put a smile on your face so fridge is nice and clean cleaned it all out and it's ready for its new owners I won't miss this I really don't like having a side by side fridge but you guys know that alright so I'm about to fill this like drink disbursing thing with my laundry soap I saw here Henderson do this and look so cute so I'm gonna go ahead and fill it up I filled it up pretty good like it looks nice cute this might be our lingerie church and if you're curious it's really good smells amazing yeah house is my second so beautiful out here you guys finally feels like summer doesn't it I know that's where the bugs lived Oh hon this water table across love it I can't play with the water table without horses just a couple of hours later the girls are just having a quick bath and shower that's gonna be another bad time because it's 7 o'clock now so we're a little behind schedule but went over to my in-laws house since I dote on their porch and it was really nice so it's all good I'm gonna show you guys what I am wearing today because it's my first like Sunbury outfit so let me just turn the camera around and show you this is what I'm wearing today just a plain t-shirt and then these shorts that I got from Hollister which are super comfy they're just stretchy and you can tie them up I got a small probably should have got an extra small because her a little bit big but they're really comfy so I'm okay with it and yeah I'm just really liking it it's just nice to be wearing like cool summer clothes and it's like 30 degrees today so it is so so nice outside I'm not looking forward to work tomorrow because I literally have nothing nice to wear because all my summer work stuff like is in a box somewhere don't even know where it is and I haven't bought anything new for summer or anything like that like work-wise so I'll end up just on jeans tomorrow and like a summery shirt because I have a lot of those but I love the weekend because I can just kind of wear whatever I want hey guys so I totally forgot to end the vlog last night I don't know he's got a caught up with all the things I need to do before work today and then I stopped only along with Holly so flex I would call in sick today I probably should because I'm exhausted but anyway computer door for home tomorrow so I come and I headed and see if I can take it today or not so I think I'm gonna go to work anyway but yeah I figured I'll just gonna need the vlog into today a little bit I applaud chef Mike anything you guys when I get home honestly but yeah so see you guys tonight hey guys it's much later today I went to work this morning like I told you I was up all night with Holly so I went to work this morning I was there for about three and a half hours until I just couldn't even stay awake anymore so I decided to go home I went to work and like I got some feedback on one of the projects I submitted and there's just lots of changes so I did that this morning and then just after that I felt exhausted defeated and it was just like not a great day I've started getting like really hot and I don't know obviously I was just tired so I decided to come home I had to stop at the grocery store on the way home because I was going to be doing that either way so I did that came home napped for a couple of hours which is really nice the girls were still over my in-laws so I had a little nap and then got up and went and got them and you know we had a really good night my day wasn't that great but christiana from flip side of the Moon gave me a call she's so sweet and we talked on the phone for a little bit she just turned my day around it's just funny how like somebody's and another personality can just take you out of the funk that you're feeling I don't know I'm just so thankful for the internet and meeting people because I honestly feel like I've known her forever it feels like we're super close good friends they've known each other forever and I just I'm so thankful for YouTube for bringing us together interest the Internet in general like I've met so many of my friends just through like Facebook and stuff so anyway I'm just really thankful for her friendship and she was just so sweet so yeah we talked for a little bit and then I just got the girls ready for bed and yeah we had a pretty good night which is good I don't know I've been lately I've just been kind of like exhausted obviously so haven't been the best version of myself I feel like I'm impatient with the kids and I don't know what happened this weekend but I saw so many glimpses of my former self when I was be and not stressed out and I was just happy to be home this afternoon and get some time to myself to like feel better so that I could have a good night with the girls because I'm just sick of crappy nights and bad moods coming mostly for me so I was happy to have like I don't know the day to be here and then an easier transition into the evening and stuff so it was really nice tomorrow I'm working from home which is awesome and yeah so I'm just wait for my husband to get home he went for a little side-by-side ride with his dad because they got a side-by-side not very long ago so that's what he's up to but when he gets home I'm gonna think we're just gonna like unwind and watch a movie or something I'm gonna have a shower maybe do a face mask and just kind of relax because I feel like I need that I'm working from home tomorrow it's just so good I can sleep in until like 6:00 6:30 and it'll be a lot better so though I think I'm gonna go ahead and end the vlog here I'm sorry I didn't have much footage from today but it was kind of a blah day I slept when I was here and I was working so I've just been busy so I didn't really think to pick up the camera and I just remembered now that I didn't finish out the vlog from this morning so just want to update you guys on some life events and all of that but yeah I hope you enjoyed the video thank you so much for watching I hope it wasn't too boring hope it was kind of fun and watching me do all the stuff in the garage yesterday but yeah thank you so much for watching and we'll see you next time bye guys see ya I can't read the science you need to get away it's time we make a change oh you know

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