Tesco Mum of the Year 2014 – Secret Tips For New Mums

Tesco Mum of the Year 2014 - Secret Tips For New Mums

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Here are a few tips for new mums from our celebrity mothers

the secret out our new mom and a facetime one was to get as much rest as possible when the babies sleep and sleep get enough sleep if you can possibly get enough sleep try and get enough sleep just just sleep whenever you can literally I've perfected the art of napping I can literally drop off for about 10 minutes at a time and then wake up again it's brilliant sleep as much as you can anytime anywhere to sleep and listen to your gut your instinct especially once you've had children your instinct is always right don't doubt yourself I don't think there are willing any tips to being a mum because I think every mom is an individual and every child is unique twist your on instinct you can be given as much advice as you can handle from families and friends with only you know peg as long as Sam long as you don't drop him and you feed them and you give them kisses they'll be fine when they're horrible don't take any notice particular when they're teenagers and their hormonal just ignore them and smile my top tip for a new mom would be you're in for a bumpy ride really and that you might think the first few years are going to be the most difficult the most challenging and you'll be the most tired just you wait until they're 16 it never stops happy Father's Day you

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