Telugu Pregnancy tips to conceive faster with fertility super food.

Telugu Pregnancy tips to conceive faster with fertility super food.

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In this video, I am sharing about fertility superfood,
It is very popular in naturopath, it helps to ovulation as well as it improves the egg quality for fertilization, and it makes the hormones balance.
it contains 4 ingredients
Pumpkin seed
sunflower seed
sesame seeds
this fertility superfood actually helps to promote ovulation.
when a period starts from the first day of the cycle to 14 days of cycle start taking
1 tbsp -Flaxseed (powder)
1 tbsp- pumpkin seeds (powder)
Both food item contains phytoestrogen, omega 3, zinc which helps to promote ovulation as well as it improves the egg quality.
the second half of menstrual cycle day 15-28 start taking
1 tbsp- sunflower seed
1 tbsp- sesame seed
Both ingredients are rich in minerals, vitamin E and Zinc, which helps to increase the progesterone level in the body naturally, it helps to grow the endometrium and nourishes it,
For those who are not planning for pregnancy, it helps to make the periods regularly.
So every lady can take it not only it promote ovulation, regularise periods, but it contains fiber, omega 3, vitamin E and other important nutrients which is very essential to maintain a healthy body.

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  1. Hi mam thanks for sharing information I m suffering hypothyroidism since 2012 first baby pregnancy .again I'm conciev but 3 times abortion s iyaye .now I'm planning conceive pls share hypothyroidism health tips. Flaxseed s thyroid patients thisukovacha.thankyou mam

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