Teens Play Would You Rather: Social Media

Teens Play Would You Rather: Social Media

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Teens play the hardest would you rather yet: social media edition

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hi I'm Victoria Elizabeth and I'm 15 years old ha I'm Reggie I'm 20 hi my name is gift and I'm 16 today we are going to be playing a would you rather quiz social media edition so the first question is would you rather post an Instagram photo that gets no likes or have the person you're so tweeting like the tweet it's basically tweeting about some body without mentioning your name or adding I would go for the second one I guess the second because if you post a picture like it's no likes everybody sees it you know like what if you sub see one person that's the only person a miss comment I feel like I don't even know what so tweeting is yeah I mean anyway the next one is would you rather be tagged in an unflattering picture or accidentally like someone's photo from a year ago oh the first one for sure I've done both both happen to me and I would rather be tagged in an unflattering picture because what when someone figures out no but you're like stalking there is I'd rather I'd rather next thing like a fix from a year ago yeah that was a bad picture I just don't want that I don't like that anywhere because I know people are gonna see it and I know my friends have spams and I'll post it they'll expose me so I'm thinking accidentally like someone's photo from a year ago plus I can explain to them I'll be like I can't do that would you rather get facebook game invites constantly or have it relatives comment embarrassing things on pictures I would go for have relatives comment embarrassing things on pictures because all they're gonna say is like look you're doing this like or something like that you know being your supporter anyway but like Facebook game invites what's the Facebook game advice it's like they have games on Facebook where you can like okay me yeah but like I hate their notifications anyway so I would just not want it to happen it's just like getting a spam of notifications of games you're not gonna go oh yeah yeah would you rather always have read receipts turned on or have to manually sign into an app every single time already yeah they're mostly turned on I probably tell you if I'm not gonna reply for a long time yeah and yes sign in I don't even know my Instagram password and that's a lot every time you just test your home button you got a sign all the way back in type in your password it's a lot of house would you rather have your parents scroll through your profile I have your crest grow through your private messages have my parents quotes both in my profile you say cuz I don't post anything too inappropriate could I like to have a good vision of myself yeah I would go for parents I mean she won't even she'll be like come on these are nice pictures you know yeah both of them are fine for me because like DMS are like boring would you rather be soft blocked or unfollowed wait what was beyond follows I don't follow I don't want to deal with that DOMA yeah I don't really care about followers anyway I just say yeah actually I rather be soft block because if you don't follow me I'm gonna follow you back anyway so if you soft block me just gonna follow yourself so it makes it easier I'll go for be soft block them because he explained it would you rather be followed by a celebrity you quite like or have your favorite celebrity replied to one of your tweets before me because that means they action the exact people yeah people know then you'll get to know the people that they know right if they follow you can actually meet the person so I guess you had applying to its we yeah maybe something else of you actually exactly replying to a tweet that's gonna like no one's gonna see for another like two months and then like be followed like I can actually message them and they'll receive it yeah and quite what it says quite like I'd like so you you're like chill with them like you yeah yeah so I'll be good so I pretty follow me and vetting this watching us would you rather give up Twitter or Instagram give up Twitter because I own I barely know how it works I've just created an account like probably like a year ago I didn't use it like six months yeah and then when I got on there I just read tweets and stuff you can read on Instagram though yeah you can't give up this degree yeah oh really I like Twitter you interact a lot more people because of pretreat sand you exactly see a lot of funny stuff huh yeah it's more community based on Twitter and then Instagram is more here's what I'm doing with my life like look at it so I would go with Twitter because like all I can see where mr. Graham has everything Twitter has just less community based but yeah I'd go with give up Twitter I have a lot of the same opinions as other people based on social media I feel like a lot of people especially kind of relate to these questions I feel like this was like good test to see how people thinking but I also like to learn some new vocabulary that I never knew existed so that was fun

38 thoughts on “Teens Play Would You Rather: Social Media

  1. First one: Australia just removes likes on others pictures so we can only see how many people liked our insta posts but not anyone elses. It started yesterday and its fricking amazing.

  2. Reggie probably had a birthday at some point between when he signed on to do this and when they actually filmed it. So we can probably lay off the whole age thing now.

  3. Idk but I think a Teen is like not older than 19. And thats just I think for America because In Germany you are a legal Adult at 18 so with 19 or 20 you are a young adult and not a teen. So idk kinda weird for me but I mean If you consider that at some places you are a legal adult at 21 this makes sense

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