Taco Turnover, Mom's cooking for you, River Jumper

Taco Turnover, Mom's cooking for you, River Jumper

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River Jumper

Had a good day with my mom, my mom is so awesome when I come home to visit my mom cooks. She loves to cook and she is the best. I hope you make this dish (Taco Turnover it is so good. Thank you mom for sharing your recipe with the world for all to love and enjoy.
Here is the recipe:
One stick of Butter
Soft taco shells
Two pounds of ground turkey
McCormick’s Chili white chicken spices
One can of Chicken broth
Mild cheddar
Mexican for cheese
Mozzarella cheese
Well that all eat and I hope you love it.
Thank you for watching my video, God bless
River Jumper Out……………
PS. Love you Mom.

hey this river jumper coming at you hey today we're gonna make taco turnovers my mom has given a woman our secrets all right for all y'all so you better fill space so let me tell you what this taco turnovers is my favorite thing that she could it's absolutely great so anyway we're gonna make taco turnovers today so ready yes all right let's make some type of tire numbers all right your mom lets tell us what you're doing well I take these taco shells and I use half fabric so I cut up and strips more like black I've done because then we apply to their incurred in my stuff and I'm telling you guys okay so you buy so you basically took your you cooked your ground turkey right okay how many how much ground turkey did you use two pounds of ground turkey and then you you cooked it up and cooked you put strained peppers and onions in it right and then you put a took and put your seasoning mix in right okay when she cooks your ground turkey she also adds one Kenyan chicken broth which one you got there which that's your mild cheddar [Applause] mozzarella mozzarella okay with melted butter your melted while ago [Applause] in this house because I used a the 20 of her makeup courage is black hair the copy is the keister okay more liars [Applause] they live a lot of cheese cheese cheese more cheese let's say you try to get away tear this gate the last mozzarella mozzarella [Applause] [Applause] take her so you say yeah I'd like you guys to wear it when my mom always been awesome good their lives she's good ever every day would come off the school it's time your setup or you better be around I think what even neighborhood kids it's Iran our tight spot a bit nickname on so we out come round and round said he created exciting a 360-degree back don't many okay don't let it rain I'm putting into 350 until it starts boiling bubbling what all right so it's Peyton all right that's it that's it oh it's gonna be good you just took it out of the oven and as you can see and it was it was boy bowling around the edges so that's what it looks like when it's done and too bad you can't taste it because let me tell you what if you get addicted to this stuff pretty bad I'm telling you it's awesome all right dad speaking Perry into the top he'll turn over and that's what it looks like when it's done oh wait oh wait ooh yeah downtown mamas one thank you for showing us how to make your taco turnover everybody I just tell you what I hope you enjoyed this I hope you get to make some taco turnover my mom is so precious she always mine exit space when I come home I feel like I'm luckiest guy in the world and hey guys I just want to tell you god bless you thank you and like I say I hope you enjoyed the video every jumper out

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