Sunny Hostin's Advice to Working Moms!

Sunny Hostin's Advice to Working Moms!

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hey Sonny how're you good how you doing one of my faves yes favorite Valentine's Day memory with your husband my favorite memory is probably gonna be this Valentine's Day because he does himself every single Valentine's Day so I think the best is yet to come seriously it's gonna get better babe replace the vacation Puerto Rico of course favorite person you've interviewed on the view see that's a tough one because I've been able to interview a favorite like Joe Biden and I've also been able to interview JLo I've interviewed a Miran and I've also interviewed Kim Kardashian I've interviewed Hillary Clinton and then I've interviewed you know Morgan Freeman so it's really hard to pick a favorite because there are so many fabulous people that come on the viewer favorite meal to cook for your family arroz con gandules and Bernie favorite piece of advice to give to working moms okay as a working mom my favorite piece of advice would be quality time not quantity as working moms we kind of beat ourselves up oh I want to be here I want to be there I want to be there what your kids I think remember are the times that are quality that you spend with them so it's about quality time and bottom line is the kids are going to be all right mom as long as you love them favorite guilty pleasure bourbon ha ha or maybe rosacea okay one of the two I had so much fun playing faves on Wendy show calm make sure you tune into the view every single day check your local listings for time and Chao

19 thoughts on “Sunny Hostin's Advice to Working Moms!

  1. best advice is to make sure the man does half the work, and if single mom, make him take the kids exactly half the time. IF hes a deadbeat, dont let him see them at all. Real talk!

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