Stugotz Calls Boston Restaurant for Mother's Day Reservation – May 11, 2018

Stugotz Calls Boston Restaurant for Mother's Day Reservation - May 11, 2018

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Dan LeBatard Show – Stugotz Calls Boston Restaurant for Mother’s Day Reservation – May 11, 2018

all right if you're not familiar for the uninitiated the way that Stu gots works it's in the shadows it's covered in slime it's a scam on angle and agenda around every corner he is exceptional at getting what he wants through any means necessary thank you so what he does every year and it's cringe-worthy but it's also funny it is it is the rare thing around here that is consistently funny even as it's super cringe-worthy because this is not really an exaggeration this is house to gods does things like this this restaurant reservation is in Boston and he wants something from Mother's Day and what is the reputation of this restaurant Mike oh it's a very sterling reputation unfortunately we can't name the restaurant the restaurant and the people that we've spoken to on this call they've all been redacted all the names to protect the innocent when we do these we go for the most difficult restaurant in that city to get into it for Mother's Day this is the most difficult restaurant to get into in that city but this started by me telling you I do this all the time like I said I told you one time I drop your name to get a reservation off you knowing yeah it's all and then you said you wanted to hear it on air that's right so turn it into profit so here it is and that's not a joke what Mike is saying there is we've had to eliminate some things here because the restaurant didn't want portions of this on air but know that it's real know that Stu gots did it today before the show and know that Stu gots is undefeated Neville oh good morning this is how can I help you hey how are you good and yourself I'm doing good big win last night for the Sox huh yeah yeah big weekend coming up I know what the Celtics – yeah a Mother's Day yeah yeah so I I have I have to ask you a big favor okay mm-hmm your restaurant is my absolute favorite restaurant period end of discussion okay so here's the deal I went to school in Worcester Massachusetts you like Worcester at all no I never been well don't go because I am telling you right now now it is it's what I call the armpit of America okay okay so anyway here's the deal I planned the perfect Mother's Day my wife who was from lincoln-sudbury she is a huge Celtics fan so I got tickets for us to go to the Seas game on Sunday Game one Eastern Conference Finals the Celtics they're gonna win that series right LeBrons a bum yeah yeah he's about same you know what you are right because everyone think the Cavs are gonna win but if someone pokes LeBron in the eye and then that's it that changes the entire series and then the Celtics win in five right all righty so here's what I need if you can help me out so I have tickets to the Celtics game my wife is very excited we're going we're sitting second row which is very exciting but I was supposed to making Mother's Day reservation at your restaurant and I failed to do so and I love your restaurant I really do the last time I was there I was there with Rob Nikki bitch do you know Nick kovitch no you know Nick Gavin she's a legendary linebacker for the Patriots special teams guys are you looking for sir well I'm looking for eight people and around 12:30 primetime baby hold on one minute okay let me tell you something though okay hold on before you go either she's not no Rob ninka bitch what is another ninka bitches the only opening we have around that time is we could try to get you in the ballroom and that would be at the 11:30 seating yeah that's gonna be that's a bit tricky though so the ballroom so 11:30 in the ballroom is that reserved yet maybe maybe maybe this will help matters that I hate doing this but I'm gonna I gotta do it I am Clark University's all-time leading scorer in La Crosse I hold every record I mean I graduated 20 years ago and I still have I still have all the records every one of them I am topping points number one in goals number one in this is points per game I'm a legend up there it's Mother's Day thousand reservation I do understand that but I'm hoping you can help me out like I'll do anything I'll do anything I'm serious I'll do anything let me try this okay we don't have a 12:30 seating oh you don't even have one why not because we don't set so one of the seedings comedy seedings the seedings one in 130 and right now they're completely sold out we do have an opening at 11:30 in the ballroom yeah but I need this to flow right into the C's game so the way listen there's no easy way for me to do this and maybe you'll need to talk to a manager or the owner whatever you need to do okay why don't you talk to the manager thinking hey how are you good how are you think I'm hoping you get out me out I'm doing well thank you it's an angel he is a sweetheart let me tell you got a great employee there okay okay so you're looking for a brunch correct yeah here's the deal okay so I didn't want to tell this but I gotta tell you okay I host one of the biggest radio and TV shows in America in fact it's the biggest it's on ESPN my name is Stu gots I do the show with Dan lab it's hard we have the biggest show on TV and on radio and I am willing if you guys can help me out here I need a table for eight primetime if you can help me out here I am willing to promote your restaurant like crazy I just need to get this table or else I don't even know I don't even know what else the one else might be you know the end of my marriage okay so you're interested you wanted to come at 12:30 if you could do it I mean weren't sanely popular in Boston we are insanely popular can Callaghan they love us the Shaughnessy's love us Bob Ryan is my boy okay so I can do I can do 12:30 unless you want to come unless you want to come earlier we I could fit you in no it's well 30 is part that's primetime maybe 12 30 is perfect it flows right into the C's game are you going to salt this game by the way no I'll be here and you will Bledsoe he's made himself the entire story hi you seen this where Drew Bledsoe has become the entire story it's about the Celtics not about blood so right has he been to the restaurant before Bloods oh no not that I'm aware what about scary Terry okay how about Rose here okay so listen here's the deal yeah if we could do 8:00 at 12:30 that's perfect and as long as you guys are okay with this so I'm when Youkilis comes he's the Greek god of walks he just likes to walk around the restaurant and he hands out single roses to all the moms at the restaurant are you cool with it that's why they call him the Greek god of walks he likes to walk around restaurants he hand out roses um I mean I don't I don't see a problem with that I would have to just double-check I mean I don't know why that would be an issue we I mean we hand out roses well what a nice Asha to have Yuki in the mouth oh right he'll take your roses I could do that for you that's what I'm saying and trot Nick that's why they call drop by the way he trots around the restaurant and he just hands out roses so I'll have Yuki walk around and I'll hop Nixon trot around and they'll both be handin and then that roses to all the moms that's perfect oh that's so great Brady by the way this is gonna happen there Brady I like talking sports that's why I do for a living what do you think about Brady you don't like them I said yeah are you from that area listen this is our secret you don't like Tom Brady I know you're busy you're busy you're busy I'm gonna confirm your reservation now I'm assuming you're gonna be here yes I just need a phone number to put on file yeah no problem I am the Torres Lee great at commitment but let me let me get you this this phone number here I want to give you the right number it is 954 TR o ok t y AZ I mixed rotten e as they're my two favorite Boston athletes ever that's how I do it alright so we're gonna be there 12:30 we're really looking forward to it again I got engaged there this means the world to me so this is this is unbelievable and my wife is very excited I'm assuming it's you know I'm bringing all these people and it's calm all right so listen anyway thank you so much we appreciate it I'll see you 12:30 okay all right you were the Fallas thing in the history of food the guy trotting around there that roses wall sounds like a fantastic that's why

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