Student Mums Part II || Coping Tips || Studying Abroad

Student Mums Part II || Coping Tips || Studying Abroad

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Video recorded in 2018.

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well so you need to know your situation is Wow well girls I mean this this is really resonate with me because I'm like back I'm so disorganized you know what I realized is I can't multitask you know it's like if I'm too mean I'm exciting when one part the other one is suffering so but it's been it's been really good really change I've had the support to to just do what I need to do and they just mind their own business but the struggle has been for me as well missing out on social events you know like yeah like a be any babies talk about you know discipline have me a life planned and men that's one thing I'm struggling it and I know that that's really the truth that's how you can to succeed you know what else you feel you've had to to give up for this dream to come true for you to be able to piss you just and easy yeah it's it's really hard to kind of lose other other things but then you you just have to tell yourself that this is for a short period and then I am behaving it's a it's something if it is just for a short period and then I hit the whole life yeah so then you also include your family as well in your chain of starting you just talk to your family and let them know what they what you need because if you don't say today what no like it for myself I introduced the dacoits to the kitchen they were cooking I wasn't planning my meals they were cooking a day roster for them to say today's so that's always cooking today so and so who's doing dishes even my husband was on the roster where's this one between you you know when I wish I'm here how long do they hold it the boys in their twenties and then the other one was so it helped that they you know doing that sort of AIDS and they could be able to to help yeah yeah but back home as I said that only one was one year old my husband did most of the things as it is right now he still almost ironing in everything doing some things and even now super so you you know you and your husband are both studying how are you guys doing this but I can tell you one thing that I'll mention about being organized like III find in tatters well I found it because you are coming off here no more to to and that is always hot but I think with me when I what I found help to us I like what's precious sakes I know what I want get to it because I've taken so long to get there I don't want to take in an orca so I've got this goal and my son is still young history so my aim is I want to get this done in out of the way so that by the time he's a little bit older and he needs me the most empty so that's that's what drives us and pushes us to be studying at the same time with my husband to like know we need to get it done and then we can keep going but yeah it helps when we get home from work because oh yeah get home from work we know what needs to be done around the house my son knows that he has to go to sleep at this time we play from this end to this side so I think it's all about keeping your eyes on the pole yeah this is what I want to get I'll have to sacrifice a lot of things to get there and it's important and this is one thing that but you can never lose your education is the one thing that will always be yours you know you can never yeah yeah Wow goodness and it's amazing but when your life is actually planned you can actually complain in time for play plenty of time for the business or puzzle of social media planning your social media your life your life for wow that's incredible how important would you say help is and how who has been helping you who have you had in your corner to help I think I really have to give props to my family my sister their house why me you know I'm alone with the boys so it's it's been them all the time with my studies I actually have to take like a week in a semester to be on campus so my compass is in boundary I have to go there I can't commute every day that's too expensive and that's too time-consuming so when I have that coming up my sister their husband looks after my voice so it's been very very important for me to keep that relationship really really good for me it's been the encouragement that swooshed me my sister is also been studying so we've been are bouncing off each other sounding off each other you know ideas and and all that when we do our sign maybe should look at us she has a computer here I have my notes up here and at one point my brother know what study me as well so he was the one who sacrificed a lot he said you stop so be so he stopped is so it's like now we have this war drug like you were saying that we have to do it and luckily for me my sister finished but I'm the one still going so it's important to give that support network that really pushes you it accepts you in understand what your dream is so it's really good no matter how about you I've always told you that support system is so what will our study or studying there are moments when I would just give up out of my husband that study is not for me once you continue from where and then he would literally go to the University and enroll you tell me I'm doing this this semester I tell you when I put an assignment and then I'm just from base reading I want to sleep you just pull off the beddings you need to finish that assignment yeah so I always tell in but this degree it's not mine alone it's fun yeah that's really good that's really good um ladies how important is it to pray confident is prayer when you I mean I as Christians we know Christians here how important would you say it is prayer to pull you through having this home very so important to me so buy donuts I feel as though it's it should be in the blood it keeps me going without prayer I'm nothing I pray I used to pray for my studies I pray for my family to pray for assignments prayer should really be part of you prayer is power and power Express think as for me I think I can say I'm where I am because I went through a lot of challenges but I feel like Korea's feeling just carrying me in his hands and I've reached to this day just as many said prayer is it opened doors when you think you have not the strength to do anything with prayer you find you can do anything yeah and I found that many times when I wanted to give up during this course prayer you took me through yeah at one point I felt like I'm just like floating my mind like you know what you never hit it what do you feel like your mind is literally hot like like temperature hot you know it won't feel like too much information you know this you need that you need you didn't I mean I dropped one you need I like that there is no way I'll make it if I take if I keep going with these four units I'm not make it so I took the three you need they were still quite challenging but you know I just prayed about everything as well I prayed about everything you know I used to tell you my prayer request you know and honestly God God has really you know taking me through he's taken you ladies through and it's true with God there's nothing is too small nothing is too petty you know each and everything God cares about and God wants us to get this because this is what we wanted for ourselves and got one face for us as well you

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