SoLatina – Real Latinas, Real Moms, Real Support, Real Advice (#1)

SoLatina - Real Latinas, Real Moms, Real Support, Real Advice (#1)

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SoLatina is an online community for single Latino mothers…where all Latinas are welcome!

Our mission is to give single Latino mothers a place to come together and discuss things that specifically affect them as both moms and Latinas.

A SoLatina mother embodies strength, confidence, optimism and hard work. She doesn’t let anything get in the way of accomplishing her goals.​SoLatinaGroup​SoLatinaGroup

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you my name is Rebecca my name is a nice my name is Elena my name is Yvette and my daughter might even check out so latina happened for single mothers and the team is everywhere no other websites have done with so latina is doing it's very informative not only do you have other people there to talk to who can listen to you and give you different points of advice but you also have the lawyer you also have the pediatrician so if you have any questions you can get a professional point of view as well well I think it's great for single moms to have a resource to go to and be able to connect with other mothers going through the same thing that they are I'm sure a lot of them don't know each other but it just seems like everybody is friends and it's just very positive I can inspiration my favorite part about saw that Dina is that you can comment about anything any problems that you have in and just be two teen moms just like you and they can give you feedback of any information hardest thing about being a single mother is juggling the daily things like a job if you're going to school you need to find a babysitter you need to do this you need to do that it's just hard when you don't have helped but apparently we all pull through lo que me hace orgullosa de ser una madre es que tengo mi hijo y esta despertando me todo los dia sabes que él está bien que lo puedo hacer sola y no necesito la joya de nadia basically know that you're not the only single parent single mother there are other single mothers and they're going through the same struggles that you may be going through or worse i would suggest for other people to check out um so latina and become a member because I think it's a great idea I've never heard of anybody else even come up with an idea like that and a I would do it so why would I yo SE que eso latina y representa para la madre soltera y toda la la tienes el mundo

8 thoughts on “SoLatina – Real Latinas, Real Moms, Real Support, Real Advice (#1)

  1. Dumb feminist bitches thats what the powers that be want latinas to be, single mothers without a father figure in the house. Just look at what they did to the black race, over 70% of all black woman give birth to basterd children.

  2. I agree with white power, people needs to stop celebrating these individuals. There is nothing worth celebrating about a child without a proper family network to support the child. The most ironic thing I find is how they claim they raise these thug spawns by themselves, however, most of these cupcakes use WIC, and get check from the gov.

  3. I love SoLatina It gives insite on being a single mom and raising children without no one's help. To have someone who can relate to you on so many levels. I also love that they give us some light on some of the single mothers who can't handle the single life as a parent. I love all the ladies who are able to be open and share their experiences with us. I commend those who fight the fight and still find the time to be still the woman we all want to be in the end of it all. Keep up the great work.

  4. @animegirl5250 no, I don't think so, on the FB page I have seen ppl who aren't Latinas. But i think that it helps if you are. This is because most of the opinions and things you get feed back about are culturally tied to being a Latina. Like parenting things and help with tough times that mothers deal with. We identify with each others as Latina mothers and our advice is based on how we were raised and how our culture is. 🙂

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