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okay this video is on how I found out I was pregnant and for anybody out there who made you go do the same thing I did the week of Christmas the day after the 26 and I was feeling very sick and I was having a lot of nausea and a lot of headaches and I just couldn't really you know do anything at all but just later and it continued to the 31st of December the 31st of December I was like mom you know what I can't take it no more any that's the hospital something is seriously wrong with me I can't eat I can't drink anything I can't get up without like being nauseous without getting dizzy it was a it was crazy I wasn't eating for days straight like my stomach wouldn't keep any fluid down so I was like mom we need to go to the hospital I can't take it anymore she was like okay get ready I'll take you to the hospital I was like okay so I got up and I got ready and we were on the way to the hospital closest to here which I've never been to that hospital it's a urgent care the one I always went to was all the way down where I used to live so the hospital I went to I wasn't really it was unknown to me so you know I was like okay but I've I didn't really care what hospital I just wanted to get to her so we hopped in the car and on the way there and I was just thinking in my house stomach virus is something like something is seriously wrong with me pregnancy and everyone's in my head at all like at all that that was the last thing on earth I would have thought of but we were driving there and we got there and we went up to the front – the little unemployment texting and the woman asked for my name and your mind sharing saw that I gave it to her and she told us to have the steam and we waited for like we waited a long time we wouldn't like almost two hours in that waiting room and they finally calmed me in nothing just yes like and she called me back she was like I was with my mom she came with me and she was like I need you to do this urine test and give it to me and you know and then head back out to the waiting anyway I took the pizzas and I gave it to her and we wait another hour and a half and they finally called me and me and my mom went in the room we were in the room and he's haven't we had a seat and she was in there she was like I need more urine from their daughter it wasn't enough I'm sorry too for us to test it so I need her to pee and my mom was like they're playing too much because we always already in there for almost three hours and they weren't like being fast enough I was like mom I'll take another one I was fine so I left through my mom was waiting in there and then she took me to another room and I was so confused like so you're pregnant and I was like I'm pregnant like me and laugh because that's the way that I cope with thing that just laughs and why smell like and how was the sight you gotta be joking I'm not pregnant can you do another test and she was like meeting – and you're definitely pregnant I was like my life is over like not because I was pregnant but because my mom was gonna kill me and my both of my parents and I immediately thought of my sister because she told me before I left that that's what they were gonna do and they were gonna tell me I was pregnant and I were gonna take me out of the room with my mom doing – another one tell me that I was like girl and that's exactly what happened she's like do you want me to tell your mom or do you want to tell your mom or do you I'm gonna be there when you tell your mom and I was like please so I went into the other room she was following me she wouldn't I went into the other one with my mom and dad and I sat down next to her but when I was going to say next to her I have lady I think she kind of felt it because like my face was just like but it was just like that and I was I was walking to the seat next to her and I didn't look down and I saw as I said no of it to like she was sitting right here I like the way that looks like this in a nurse she knocked on the door like two seconds after I came in and she came and she was like okay so she's pregnant she's pregnant she looked at me I felt that she looked at me like I could feel is not a good feeling I just felt like I let her down like you just it was not and she started tearing up here's some Kleenex but if you wanna you know have any options you know after that mean hey aren't you two just here just in our own little world it's just caught up in the fact that I was painting and so we've left and I soon as we got the hospital you know we went to the father's house and we knocked on the door and let them know what was going on and to meet up later so we can talk about it as you know together cuz if that wasn't there at the time here to interview Africa for for what but he had an interview and so we were gonna wait for him to get back so we went to my house and we went home I ate a bowl of cereal and I sat down waiting like just waiting for him to knock I just sat down the got the wallet down and my mom went upstairs I heard a dog I know it was there I didn't really like my sister but I think to the door and she told me and I was like okay so we all sat down and we just you know talked about it and yeah after they left I was just chilling I was you know just thinking about what had happened like it was a big day for me like it was a very life-changing day for me and my mom she was like – like it was like two hours later and she was like grab your stuff we're going to the other hospital that we usually go to before we moved because that's the hospital I've been going to since I was very small so she was I'm gonna go over there it's better service you know and I do way more things on you over here at this hospital the first one that I went to they didn't do nothing about my nausea we just did a pregnancy test like come on I don't like they must want me to talk because I need to eat so we went to the other hospital the hospital that I would go through my hometown hospital and we waited for like 30 minutes and they called me back and they told me you do a pee test we're gonna call me back for the blood test and so I did the pizzas and I went back out to my family it was just me and my mom at the time and then we got away in our bed during that hour my father came he worked near the hospital so he met us at the hospital he also thought was like sick from no stomach virus or something and my brother I had telling him before I left the house to go to this hospital so he knew it was one on than my dad I had no idea and Lewis is all waiting for them to call me back and my mom was talking to my dad and I did to see his face and I can just know I was like he knows I didn't get to tell him but okay he knows that's the that's the the biggest I wanted to get over with my father knowing they called me back and we went into the small room and she was like I need to take your blood okay that's fine but I hate needles but I hate me over depression and I was also not like nauseous she took out the needle you know and she put the needle in me and I said when she hit that as soon as she put the needle in me I do I don't know what happened like as soon as she put that in and she gave me a bag and I was just throwing up while she was taking my blood I was just like don't move like there's a needle in your arm so you have to throw up looking straight like I like it was so ambiguous like it was funny too but at the time I was feeling so sick that was even laughing you're naughty and they are there was like okay when you bring it to another room cuz you're naughty is bad somebody came over to me with our IV it goes in your arm like right here and it had a home like we're coming from a bag clear liquid and the liquid was like we store in my home the guy he will cheer me to he brought me over to a room in the back like in the hospital in actual hospital he wheeled me to the back and they put me in a bed and they would just I just waited a few hours use the actual doctor Tyrion who looks like her guarantors for being pregnant came back negative but the blood test definitely shows that she's pregnant and just it was like when he said that again it was when they can't tell me I was pregnant I was it was just like and you know it was it just felt so like I wasn't used to hearing that even of course I wasn't my dad was in there with me my mom was in there my brother was in the enemy my brother is older than me and after that the doctor left and my my brother and my dad had to get home to go to seek who's already it was like 2:00 in the morning and they really were tired my mom stayed with me and they they went home they were very tired and me and my mom just waited finally they came in and they rolled me out of that room and took me to the section of maternity and they did the ultrasound and I was laying down and she was just you know rubbing on my brother with the thing to see how far along I was and she was six weeks or five days and I was like it's like yeah because I was looking at the screen no sons and the baby was on that I it made me tear like I was just saying wow that's like my mom was also teaming but from the beginning from from Vienna she was always very supportive both of my parents are but especially my mom they're both very supportive and after that she walked me back into the room she they gave me the discharge papers and I was getting ready to go and we went home after that after that the nausea went away like a day I thought um that was pregnant my family know when I came home because my my dad my father had told them my sister knew too because she knew before all of us actually like she knew yeah my five minutes but I'm in my sixth I'm twenty three weeks and four days I'm going to be twenty four weeks on Wednesday thanks for watching my video please subscribe if you haven't down below Instagram will be in the description box below and my snapchat

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