Single Girl’s Mom Judges Her In The Sims 4 | Mother’s Day Special

Single Girl’s Mom Judges Her In The Sims 4 | Mother’s Day Special

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Kelsey is back to play the Sims 4 and continues the very long, and very popular 100-baby challenge with part 19! It’s the Mother’s Day Special where Kelsey invited her mother Tammy to help give advice on raising the children.

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hey I almost wore that shirt here but you're not a mom I don't know if mother Sims comes fair enough I haven't birth to child I feel like that's probably a different experience was I painful hi everybody I'm Kelsey I'm single and today I'm not alone I brought with me my mom for Mother's Day happy Mother's Day mommy thank you thank you thank you for being here today we're gonna be playing the 100 video challenge once more the challenge in the sims 4 where you have one matriarch not me and she is going to have 100 children all with different parents there's a lot of rules for the challenge so if you're interested in those rules the link will be below this time I think we have to get Chelsey pregnant again get more kids at the house same old song and dance but totally different cuz now we have an alien so how we're also rocking some new teas soo-ah the Mother's Day live or The Sims baby challenge is out this is essentially the gift I'm giving my mom for Mother's I get to keep this sweet but there's a ton of different merch to go check them out we all design them we're all really excited about them I have some of that money that was the best day would you send me your photo in the not Chelsea Chelsea I forgot where I put that I would have brought it with me alright so let's go back into the impeach Ishmael household where the impeach Akane's the joke is that I named her Chelsea peach Ishmael which is the knockoff brand if there was like a Chanel like she's the channel now she's her own woman you know okay alright so repeat Rashmi household Chelsea looks a little bit tense and upset she's currently not pregnant which is a problem we got a Theo staring at his mom's bed oh my what you like it sure it's interesting already with that such a choice I love my children address themselves apparently to their own detriment and then over here we've got little bran using the using the potty like a champ so his body looks like an alien guys it's fun but you haven't seen all the detail you have not she's watched all the show though I have she likes to keep up to date on her grandchildren it's my Saturday routine no or daughters having an accident on the floor you are too old for this willow clean it up and then go go clean yourself up whoo Chelsea really needs to go why don't you go and don't let yourself like your child did please use the restroom Chelsea she's had a lot of accidents on the show it could be from having too many children yes yes it's a thing motherhood sucks yeah you're not gonna whatever be a mother is that why people don't talk about it because they don't want people to know and not wanna become grandchildren she needs some more fun you know what's fun Chelsea going out let's travel its what time is it it's 10:30 p.m. that's not too late to go out let's go see hope for you she has something it's not for me relay for you it is well Chelsea isn't you know like a big candle right that looks like a candle you'd buy for me anthropology and I let's go to the nightclub well I don't think you normally go to a nightclub to meet like someone you want a real relationship with but I guess she's not really looking for something long-term no velvet yeah I'll go to the blue velvet mom there's only women at the blue velvet right now is it ladies night you just have a lot of female friends who's that oh who's that what's up who's up it's a boy come back collied have we met Khalid before we've never met Khalid flirty introduction oh boy this is a new boy too who's hit he's in the guild of gamers into it flirty introduction to all the men all the eligible men okay so she's really hitting it off with these men here there's a lot of ghosts here which I don't love we're not meeting the guy that I downloaded that I thought was really cute he's not here yet let's but we gotta say hi to oh is he leaving Cooper come back and say hi to your mother Cooper Cooper don't you walk away from me how ungrateful if you saw me out of the bar and I walked away from you mom what would you do and I like didn't even say anything well I doubt that you'd want to be at the same bar with me so I can see why this is his twin brother he's like mom's here look at him he's thinking about it this is a very cute this is Flynn I think Flynn is the cuter of the twins oh I love how she like went out on the town and ran to her children it's just talking to him instead of talking to these boys at the bar she could be flirting but instead she's bonding with her son Oh cute Chelsea's tired she's like I'm going to lay on this bench now if you guys watched in control with Kelsey this is the same very bench that Ned went to go sleep sleep on after he got rejected by his ladylove that's a throwback a little plaque on it says Ned's bench I think we're gonna travel and try to meet the really cute guy that I downloaded okay Corbin is Corbin the what I was thinking ever was it one of these boys let's go meet Corbin he looks attractive let's meet all the guys let's flirting introduction nathan lockhart flirty introduction and oh we already know him alright chance well we're meeting your roommates and we're gonna flirt with them in front of you are you cool with it alright I think you should really get to know do a little bit of flirting with this fine young lad but this guy is also a fine young lad look at his shoes but this guy is ready to flirt oh he just went inside Wow I came all the way over to your house and you guys just bailed that's rude yo that's rude that's cold-hearted Chelsea's running to a bench you know I think this means that she should maybe go home I think she's ready for bed so we're gonna put her to bed and hang out with Dorian and the other kids what about let's focus on Brande Brande needs a lot of Oh brands just already a quick learner which is suspicious maybe he will turn out like Brandon he looks like he's already a little bit too adult like he's like I know I need to be working on communication cuz it's my second lowest skill look at Chelsea is such a good she's almost level 10 charisma she's just a boss is this the mama she was sleeping she's sleeping it off oh poor thing yeah I feel her pain you do you need more sleep yes luckily she has some teens to help her around the house it's just kind of like I don't know I have an older sister and she would help her around the house sometimes right she helped a lot she was the little mom look at her painting this is spooky that's kind of a spooky one you got some inner feelings there Ellie that you want to share with the family that's great though why don't you sell to the collector oh she could be a famous artists she made $100 off that I'm so proud of you that's pretty good do another one you don't have anything better to do the mother is asleep and the children are awake at 4:00 a.m. how does this work yeah I mean I see what you mean here yeah he got into the toilet so we need to pair at him calmly tell him not to splash in the toilet Chelsea you got to wake up and parent your child oh she made her bed good job she did she's like me I make my bed every day my mom taught me that I did she said please do not splash my alien child and he's mad at her oh we're out of food okay you know what time it is mom Salameh can't I'm delegate ah forget it a garden salad for the family meanwhile Ellie still paintin up a storm over here she's on painting number two that one that was good I wonder if Chelsea could go on a date to a spa so it's both Mother's Day and a date I guess we could just take her alone though like I normally take her out with a purpose like she's got to go on a family vacation other day treat Mother's Day Kate dies mom what do you think I brought you a Mother's Day treat you did you probably a necklace no I brought you something else you brought me something else yes I did it here it is I thought you might need a little parenting help oh my goodness mom you stop we interrupt your this regularly scheduled programming wine because no great story started with us the tiny humans stole my sanity now this is me you're straight I've got my brother's day ban shopping you really did oh my gosh have you got me Mother's Day card yes they're unopened so you can send them back to me oh my god maybe Chelsea should write something like this oh she could write a parenting Chuck what's in there they're chocolates do you know I must have lost those okay I bought chocolates for us oh good do you like that your dad dad your dad's idea me to get you a gift thank you oh my god so dad's idea to get for your fake children I guess okay okay look at Chelsea she's like a pro chef now because she's made so many Gardens yeah she's good at chopping I'm not that good as you know I'm an adult my mom gets worried if I handle knives I do bran is very tired so he should go to bed after his garden salad he's going in his taught his diaper hah we're having trouble with potty training you should be good at it by now yeah I really should we need to invite over a special friend boys over boys here embrace him oh all I was calling stop everything all I was calling she's in the middle he wait she was not feeling him oh my god he's so embarrassed himself she was like too fast that is so awkward no no no no no no no no no no no no no no Chelsea get out get out Chelsea I've never seen Chelsea deny a man before but like he was feeling flirty and you ruined it Chelsea what are you thinking she's like I was thinking about all of well your children do come first okay they're in a casual conversation now why should talk about death maybe not what I would normally talk about when flirting but to be fair I'm not very successful it appears he did Wow wait he just wanted to get some fresh air you know why don't you view a little bit of chores over here Dorian Oh Chelsea needs a shower never mind don't do chores oh he just saw his mom naked I don't think he liked that I mean understandably so oh yeah he left well we that was awkward Chelsea now she's she's a little burnout it should successful she yeah she really needs to well we'll let her rest up and then we're gonna take her out to the spa while we have a little movie night watch super kids cortex catastrophe with the all the kids we'll watch it together so cute movie time family movie night we used to do those neat popcorn oh but they don't have popcorn you're right we don't have a popcorn machine I feel like maybe too much popcorn like I did as a kid Theo willow why are you ghost standing why is he crying they look like a walking dead they really do look quite spooky don't they okay they're wandering out the core they got hypnotized some year they got close to it's really creepy okay they're all sitting down now to watch the movie together what oh she's watching with the kids Oh cute Ellie's on the computer and Dorine sleeping that seems about right 40s what a wholesome family moment make sure to comment below if you're well if you're watching this episode with your mom today oh cool or your kids Oh daddy is wondering if you want to meet her someplace she wants to go to a museum is a dy do something for Mother's Day let's go be nice let's hug adi lovingly say thank you so much for inviting me out hanging out with family is what what uh he just disappeared I just bailed Chelsey's out of the house she can't she dressed up and Adi just disappears you know what Chelsea no we're not going to the museum that was Addie's idea she did she did sir on Mother's Day you know what we should have our favorite child our two favorite children we always ignore Brielle and I feel a little bad about it so maybe we should invite Brielle to and we're gonna go to the spa with our favorite children no Brielle the og3 Brielle does steal a lot which is why we don't really take her she steals things she's so cute it's easy to overlook her fault alright so we're here at perfect balanced spa and they're all excited to see Chelsea welcome mom Oh to the Super's la there's there's a meditation room with a nice waterfall and waterfalls on the wall and I go here oh she's maxed out her Christmas girl good job Chelsea so Chris Natick she's a smooth talker what should they do first mom she do do this here we go whoa good time for Chelsea look at her go where did Charlie and Brielle go Oh enjoy it's like olives you know having a nice drink and a chat with a guy they're not interested in yoga yeah I guess you don't want to do yoga with mom you want to do your own thing Brielle that's fine okay she's hanging with her sister that's pretty cute it's cute she's checking out the product she could swipe hahahahahaha meanwhile mom's having a great time I wish my down dog that same all those children she's very well stretched yeah really oh we could have done the instructor class well Chelsea it was just gonna practice on her own apparently she doesn't mean that what you should get is a massage after session what's your favorite I don't know hot stone maybe she could get a fertility I think that's if you're already pregnant oh is it yeah apparently you can get a massage and we'll put you into labor what okay I think she should get a stone massage why are you are you eating a salad where'd you even get a garden salad Chelsea oh look at that hot stone oh my gosh I'm very envious I want a hot stone massage whoa are you feeling good chels she's feeling fine she's feeling revived should they relax together they should all relax in the steam room together where did they go maybe the other kids went away but all I've stayed with her mom good kid Chelsea feels so relaxed and flirty and happy I don't think I've ever seen Chelsea this happy before she needed a spa day she really did they're in the same room quite a bit you know you could die from being in the steam room yes you can so that's a good a little dehydrated oh now she's walking Mary she's tired she's really tired look how happy she is I feel good about this I feel like I did something really nice for Chelsea and she did it alright we're back at the baby factory it looks like bran is real mad cuz he's real tired go to sleep bran she's looking real fat she's looking like she's taking really good care of herself he's got wider hips than when she started but we're not she's wearing an elf dress it's just her winter coat should we change it itself okay mom thinks that we need to change chels I mean she's she's a forma she's gotta wear what she's got she's got $100,000 in the bank she saved herself dress alright mommy's gonna give our mom a makeover all right her winter clothes you wear this this looks like something you'd wear Oh what kind of pants you want that's good genes change good genes are good yeah you like this outfit better for Chelsea I do okay so school is starting in an hour for the kids which means that Chelsea needs to get her NEADS up and get her groove on Mother's Day treat for Chelsea new babies oh they're all going to school bye sweeties oh my gosh study so hard with your weird outfit maker choices have a good day at school you're gonna be an adult dog bones shirt little dapper boy he dressed up good job do all right now she's feeling great she's feeling she needs a little bit of fun which is perfect timing to invite over this time she's in a great mood so hopefully she won't like ignite up rebuked his romantic invite in Corbin Sherwood come on over Corbin she says hey Corbin you busy wanna get busy all she's hugging him she's like thanks for coming over Brighton is dead and then we're gonna go in hard with the flirt I think our kids are coming home soon so she better hurry up he's picking up what we're putting down though so it feels like it's a good moment they're both in great moods he's feeling flirty you should ask if he's single if not oops oh my gosh the kids are home from school okay so Dorian Elly has returned home with school we don't care creepy Lee standing out front yeah can we come in I have a good guy at least an A student with the O's and a student in Dorian's and a student Ginny is doing satisfactory work and Tristan sisters so we can age up Dorian le Tristan and Theo all right so we need to make a cake I think maybe we'll have Dorian make the cake chocolate cake cuz we do always do it the pizza schmate tradition chocolate cake is a Jewish man tradition they could have other sake but you always choose chocolate I do cuz I like chocolate cake here they go their first kiss meanwhile the kids are just walking through them oh wow brands just staring at everybody in the yeah I know Brandon's a bath okay we'll have Elliot wake up she's really tired but we'll have Elly wake up and give him a bath she looks real mad about it but mom is busy laying down some groundwork that guy looks mad he did mom with Tristan did not like seeing his mom kissing someone all right cool and then we're gonna put birthday candles on happy birthday Dorian okay here we go sweet Dorian aged up pick a number between 1 and 40 350 15 he's an art lover so our boy Dorian isn't in front of the animals someday he's gonna adopt a pet and he is an art lover don't you add some birthday candles let's have Tristan age up next he's having a garden salad but you know that garden salad can wait using H ok brother all right happy birthday Tristan so many aging ups to do Tristan aged up alright pick a number between 1 and 12 it's – its – so Tristan's athletic he wants to be a bodybuilder when he grows up pick a number between 1 and 41 it's 40 so he's a bro oh my gosh is this perfect so Tristan wants to be a bodybuilder and he's sporty and a bro that does that just write itself honest perfect boy Tristan is a boyish boy oh look at his long hair oh my god he looks like one of the Weasleys he looks like like Bill oh my gosh Chelsey's like so excited she's like my babies we keep talking with this guy though go go whoo whoo about that oh she's celebrating her child's birthday well this is more important okay all right Theo Theo each table pick a number one through 12 it's ten okay so it love pick a number one or two it's one so he wants to be a serial romantic kind of like his mom he doesn't want to be tied down he wants to date around did all the people good job Theo pick a number between 1 and 4 T 2 T 3 insider so he wants to be a serial romantic and he is alluring he's a perfectionist and wants to be a bit of an insider you know I think is like how did the guy that like really likes things the way he wants them he likes have a lot of friends we got here and then add some birthday candles oh we gotta have Ellie over here this little pompadour yeah he's got to hop adore hair do add some birthday candles here I'm birthing Kendall's before anyone eats it thank you okay now Ellie your turn blow out the candles Ellie whoo-hoo Ellie oh my gosh Eliade shop okay I'm gonna assume it's 42 I don't know pick a number between one and 42 it's 38 so she's outgoing so she wants to be a friend of the world she likes things neat she's a little jealous and she's she's outgoing that makes a lot of sense to you so there we go that's the impeach ishm a family aging up let's have her final moments Dorian's sleeping on the kids bed because he's really tired and Ellie is pretty miserable she's going outside wants to hang in the hot tub but her mom's already getting busy in the hot tub so Ellie maybe don't do that this is our final moments shocked face it's so pretty but oh my gosh we really just upset her look at this she's going now I'm leaving for sure so now we've got our new teen boys our Twitter our changer twins our teens now more kids okay this is exhausting yeah it's a lot to do every week yeah alright so Chelsea's feeling grand she's feeling fine let's try for a baby with Corbin quite a swimsuit our girl over here is like mom I don't want it around for this why not make some babies she's looking sick those yoga classes really really helps yeah make her lick fly she's got some cute hips she's whispering some nothings oh my oh my it's all too realistic looks like Vegas all right Chelsea make sure that you're you're with child before he heads out on Natalie said I think I heard you became friends with Corbin Sherwood he's pretty cool Natalie how do you know she's become a cougar he's too young he is I think a little younger than her oh no mom all right Chelsea let's find out are you eating for two she is Chelsea's expecting new addition to this household yeah buddy let's go tell him tell him the great news Myrtle Myrtle she is a fertile Myrtle I've never heard that before in my life nor have I said it but it feels right oh he's stealing one of our salads mister those are for my children okay that's not for you well he's hungry he's also really hot so I mean take a salad thanks Dale awful smelling the aroma of the vegetables I want to make sure everybody's doing their homework good job kids look at these two kids doing their homework together oh my gosh is he bonding with our teen son talking about sleeping he's like you can understand right you're tired too see I was like please don't do some painting you need a skill he also needs to sleep I think we might need to read or or gear yeah put that in the living room for now and put another bed in more kids more beds okay say bye shirtless man he left his clothes there yeah why shirtless man you will be missed mostly by me maybe Chelsea will do a special Mother's Day treat of Pancakes she's making some pancakes she's mixed into another okay oh yeah this is fresh Doc's mix no boxing's did you use box mix when I was growing up I did and then I found the recipe that I liked you probably got the scratch your sibling he's cut you off granted by the time I was like I did Josie's gonna go back to bed she made pancakes at midnight got a meal preps I'm okay at midnight okay he's mad he's sleepy okay bring him to bed before he has a temper tantrum go to bed okay everybody's in bed that's a lie he's not in bed he's very tense but he's doing his homework we're proud of you you're doing great willow just finished her homework like a good girl and now she's good at some pancakes oh she ain't got that 4 a.m. to get up if there's pancakes look at her go she's taking him to her bedroom she is she's gonna eat in bed with her brother look I got pancakes mad though he is still pretty tense but he's feeling better cuz he's goofing off with his younger sibling Oh apparently he made fun of her so Ginny and Willow both did their homework Theo's doing his homework Andres and Jones homework Carolyn did their homework we double check because that's motherhood you checked on my homework like you I did incessantly yeah you did aha I'm an artiste I'll get all the ladies with my art he says and all the men too ha ha Tristan's doing great work with his he's gonna almost to be level to play basketball with the net gettin really smelly though out here oh he's got to go to school oh he's gonna go to high school smelly alright bye kids go to school he's goin really smelly what's Chelsea up to she's eating her her pancakes a little sadly she's uncomfortable but she's feeling better now let's wait brand up brands gonna be a little angry this morning cuz he's grumpy and hungry it's like I need steak which are like brand when have you ever had steak Oh Chelsea's throwing up okay I think she's pretty good so that means that maybe she should write a new book or let's write a nonfiction on parenting on parenting yeah cuz she's a pro peer to motherhood Oh – I love that and ode to mother you're gonna get a dollar what I learned from 22 plus children who fall apart she's just been writing all day writing up a storm a book in one sitting honestly what a queen let's still do our publisher an ode to motherhood and inspired work very inspired grades are up willows a B student tristin still a B student genies a B student Theo's a B student all B's when I was like hey mom going in to do some homework okay so here we go here's the careers freelancer so she can get a career as a freelancer as a freelance writer that's quite fun so I think we're gonna try this this is a new update in the sims that's absolutely free so let's try that out I think that'd be quite fun for Chelsea to be a freelance writer welcome to the world of freelancing let's find her an agent let's select a gig okay old mystery this one pays $3,000 yo this is so much more money than she was making before or breaking into she's a romance crime she's gonna do okay so she's got chat with a client first from a passion that's gonna be the name okay so first we're gonna go this is so exciting oh my gosh I'm so excited to play this new thing okay under freelancer we're gonna chat with client and then we're gonna have her write the mystery novel and then get the book of proof okay go Chelsea go we're gonna make $3,000 she's gonna be rolling in it look at this confident girl she's like I'm starting a new career as a freelancer I'm so excited bran Reese listen thank you little three good job bran all right brand now you can switch over what else do you need not that we don't care about you needing attention I mean we do but we don't potty so yeah baby okay now you've made me feel very bad but they're all doing just kidding after school he'll get attention later okay she chatted with the client so now she needs to write a mystery novel and get the book approved it's due by Friday and it's Tuesday so got plenty of time to finish this a whole book three days yeah that's a good Wow bran is epic rushing it he energized oh he's tired though all right Chelsea Brenna read him to bed oh good night moon good night moon is that what you read to me yes it helped his imagination he's three on everything but potty we're so close to aging up Brad maybe we'll a trip Bryn tomorrow look at all the kids in the living room having a good time this is cute in here I like this in here well Art Center yeah Chelsea what Abed yes level four boom all you got to do is that so you can go to sleep and then Ginny how you doing on art still a little low but she's having a blast that's what we want for her you know look at our Artie's look at our little artistes together nice when de Jeanne will graduate to the big big easel you're almost ready to be a kid you just need potty just keep partying until you learn how to potty right I guess yeah it's a potty time let's go boy come on bran you're crushing this potty business doing the business is your business oh my good doing a happy dance he is doing a happy dance why don't you clean oh you don't need to do that anymore buddy you're good he's like I'm done kiss baby you're fine you're fine Oh Jr was here to celebrate with us it's so cute oh there we go breanne aged up pick a number one through four it's two to mental bringing the mental boy pick a number one through thirty the answer is 24 okay so insider I was really hoping he'd be a loner I thought that would work too but he like this would have been good he's an insider he likes being in clubs tend to be happiness when surrounded by their friends wow that's our brand he's cute he's got a cute little haircut with purple fans yeah he's a bunny slippers very cute how do we get the mental thing going Oh Jess oh that's a good we've never had a kid super into chess but I feel like he would be into it yep that's cute and he'll play some chess all right we'll get Chelsea back on her mystery novel yes Julie no sir good job Chelsea misses her deadline that'd be awful that would be kind of disappointing yeah her very first deadline oh it's Winterfest oh my Santa's coming let's say he's hungry so well we'll get him soon get some leftovers there no not cake I don't think any of our kids are vegetarian in the house right now so maybe you'll have a turkey dinner we'll see if it tastes any good he's not quite a chef our boy Oh pick something easier for him to make yeah probably wait is it school time now p.m. it's school time they all need to go to school looks like none of them are going to school so I guess they have school off cuz it's Winterfest typical mom to school yeah it's like oh please don't don't send him home we'll put up the Christmas tree for the family and then we'll have the kids decorate the tree cuz it's Christmas time although they all seemed kind of like chillin how's the cooking going oh the turkey dinners done how cute Oh her book is finished send a client for approval it was approved this is exactly what we're looking for keep up the great work Chelsea and she got $3,000 oh my gosh we're rolling in cash cash money Peter Schmidt family he rings a bell come to dinner come to dinner at 10:00 a.m. on a Wednesday the Triceratops is attending the meal apparently yes our Triceratops apiece oh he's tired okay go to dinner please stop being outside why are you eating in your bedroom Wow maybe he is a bit of a loner how about all the kids that are kind of a chill in here why don't you start decorating the tree Oh like the tree with all the kids going to decorate the tree light the tree kids he's gathering them all I'm sneaking a selfie Jamie would like to came over yes Jamie you're always welcome to come over why don't they all sing together everybody's gonna sing a Christmas carol together why is Brianne outside phoning home he's just watching people from the tree from outside it's Jamie where's Jamie so mad Oh someone had something what happened did you just pee yourself genie no you got to mop that up if you're gonna have an accident you're gonna clean it up and then you're gonna take a shower clean up your own accident now there now she's standing in it will o go to pee Chelsea and then invite over some of your family and we'll have some like festivities maybe she could plan a social event while she's on the body yeah I do my best thinking on the potty don't you know all right let's hang out what's that invite our family members listen what Charlie over got olive of course Jamie nya Natalie Ellie Myles Renee Alexis River Addie Rosie Brielle everyone's coming over okay and then uh Marquis this is a different Santa than we've ever met he looks like a great guy come on in there's all liveolive's here for Christmas Christmas time with all yay there's Charlie oh my gosh olive and a little inner bonding yep you got it there's a lot of kids there's Charlie and olive catching back up oh my gosh up so many kids look of all their outside to Chelsea's welcoming everybody look at all the kids are huh look at them all everybody came though that I invited which is annoying like where's addy you know maybe some of them couldn't make it back to their the holidays that happens sometimes in their adults right it does unfortunately unfortunately look she's failing the baby so cute let's open presents with everybody oh my goodness they're all gathering around this is my everything aah impeach Ashlee family Christmas we had Mother's Day and Christmas all in one episode can you believe it Chelsea's getting a gift from father Christmas here would you get Chelsea she got a buddy that's kind of you know oh my gosh they're all getting gifts and stuff this is so cute tristin got a shelly sells towel ring he will treasure it will he you know who will treasure it his mother who will probably you know sell it all the impeachment are having a grand family Christmas they've all opened their gifts it Winter Fest was successful Winter Fest was awesome we'll had in a wonderful year we have never had such Oh someone's was awful but that's fine you know what they don't matter apparently Tristan didn't have that great of a Winter Fest Wow I'm okay I'm just gonna blog about it everyone is ready to go for school all the twins I love all the hugs the peaches may be only so huggy and I learned that they're in their happy place all the kids are kind of sad well Christmas is over sometimes there's a lull speaking of which we should put the tree away all right everybody's got school in an hour very exciting all the kids are going to school we have no todd's we're just waiting to pop here goodbye sad son all the kids should study hard oh my goodness he really means to go you should have gone before you left bud you Chelsea's feeling flirty-flirty girl nobody home it's cuz no one home she has a day to herself Mother's Day Tristan is asked to present in front of the entire class he has some great ideas for our jazz up his presentation even if they're not exactly what the teacher asked for should he go it all out and make his presentation shine or just do what was asked well of course cool cool yeah he gave medium that's great Chelsea's having like a good time she's still hungry though she didn't fully have like a full meal I think she just had like a little bit of leftovers that our kids didn't meet it's never happen to you yeah you just say stuff the kids didn't eat that happens a lot oh she got a new camera she got a digital camera for Christmas okay grades are up oh my gosh so who has their grades up we got Tristan what is your grade he's an A student and then we got Theo also an A student willow and Jeannie are B students and bran is a C student but a very good C student which means that we can age up Tristan and Theo I'm pretty sure their mom is still alive so let's invite their he's like really uncomfortable oh they're both so tired that their mom's here and she's like I'll just let myself in yes Haley still amazing oh they flirtin it up still there's still some vibes here okay pick a number one through forty three beyond series twenty Wow so three six twelve he's a foodie all right charming the pants off of some Sims with his culinary delights okay so now we got this guy to blow out some candles he's a little tense but no time like the present Tristan – get out of my house just kidding I love you boys boo always mom's celebrating over here pick a number between one and forty three thirty four so he's a loner she's all sad you know he likes being alone doesn't like hanging out though the people maybe he's just focused on on the game self-improvement but happy birthday Tristan congratulations on both of you aging up put those candles back on so nobody eats that cake our twin boys are twin ginger lads I always wanted ginger kids and you guys were fantastic thank you guys so much for being here except for teens out of the house not bad not bad so Theo's gonna move in with the rest of the kids and then Tristan Kristin's gonna move out alone cuz he's a loner that makes sense he's like bye I want to pursue my career as being a professional athlete we're like that's fun we're proud of your stuff all right we're back at the baby factory we only have three kids right now look at him all shocking oh my gosh wait should she take a photo of her twins this is so cute this is our like a new goodbye thing all right take a photo together with our little digital camera a little selfie their heads are too big I know their heads are quite big okay oh very cute that's one for the books there there's our boys look at him very cute well twin boys let's frame them they're cute that's super nice she's texting on the phone on the toilet who's been there once again double tasking all right Chelsey now all there needs to be done in this episode is for you to Jesse's bursting with a new bundle of joy let's go she's thinking not again she's like oh gosh here we go hopefully we'll have triplets we don't know this guy's panicked Chelsea's like no I'm not panicked I've done this before I've done this so many times this is the weirdest baby factory machine I've ever seen yeah they don't look like this but I know there's no machine just peep no you have to do it yourself Wow c-sections are wild right it's like we've seen people in science oh yeah I was a nurse are they messed up weird these are questions you should not ask well after you've had shoulder all right like a deterrent I live like ever getting a grandchild let's look into our multiplayer and have mom's choice of what our next child will be could have a John John you could just go rogue and name it yourself mom mama peach again has spoken we're naming him John after John Snow got Bram you gotta have a job alright now it's a girl what are we naming our girl oh yeah Aria she's gonna name them all Game of Thrones names you're really addicted right now so we got John and Arya with Brandon you if you suggested those names amazing congrats to you you had the same mind link as my mother alright well Chelsea is now happily having two new babies from the pJK household bringing our grand total up to 24 well this is super great to have a buddy thank you mommy I'll see you guys next week thank you so much for hanging out with me and happy Mother's Day to you and your team Mother's Day hey everybody Mother's Day is May 12th in the US so we decided to come out with some Mother's Day and there so get this for your gamer mom in your life or you can get this for yourself just show your mom some love even if it's not Mother's Day where you are moms need some love too so get your moms merch you

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