Shoppies MOMs vs DADs Cook-Off | YOU VOTE πŸ‘πŸ‘

Shoppies MOMs vs DADs Cook-Off | YOU VOTE πŸ‘πŸ‘

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By popular demand: Shoppies MOMS vs DADS cook-off in the Chef Club kitchen. The topic of today is the LUNCHBOX using Shopkins Food Fair Blind Box Lunch box.

The MOMs team:
Jessica (Jesse/Jessicake’s mom)
Patty Mint (Peppa-Mint’s mom)
Principal Kristine (Kirstea’s mom)
Kooky Kaleigh (Kooky Kody & Kooky Kadie’s mom)

The DADs team:
Jess (Jesse/Jessicake’s dad)
Philip Mynt (Peter’s Mynt’s dad)
Kirk (Kirstea’s dad)
Kooky Konner (Kooky Kody & Kooky Kadie’s dad)

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to hell 60 times 60 is to hell 60 welcome back to the ship club kitchen today we have the long-awaited and much demanded showdown between moms vs. dads today's topic is the lunchbox that's right we've all had lunch boxes before but today you get to decide just who makes the better lunch all right you know the drill each side will begin by opening their blind lunch boxes after they consult with their teammates they will have one hour to create a special lunchbox made primarily from the ingredients in the plain box now remember you may use anything else in the chef's club kitchen but you will be judged on your creativity in incorporating your lunch box ingredients and who is the judge today you asked for the first time in chef club history you will decide who gets to take home the winner's trophy all right mom and dads today you will be judged by the harshest critics the kids all right moms and dads take your positions and now you may open the lunchboxes go okay let's hurry okay girls let's go all right looks like Patti mint is starting our team all but Susie sushi and Julie general Kate hurry hurry honey peanut tights strawberry kiss come on come on I told my husband I would not lose to him today what why is fry and flavor Ava Oh looks like Jessica and principal Christine are not too excited about their ingredients let's see it Kaylee has some better love to bring to her teammates come on bunch of bananas not bad Betsy Buttercup hey girls I got some versatile ingredients oh you guys got any scissors my nails are not sharp enough to open this not to worry gentlemen this is where my martial arts training comes in um yes I like the ninja swords stand back gentlemen bye okay oh gosh it's kind of doing that martial arts thing again and over here on the dead side we have some very unconventional blind box opening let's see what they got very classic they got cheesy be creamy cookie I'm sure cookie Connor will come up with something to do with that and as very raspberry some melty moment Coney Oh some crispy chips a cake pop and I think last one is hiding down here oops looks like they chopped up queen of tarts before the cooking even started how about let's just give them a job to do yeah Connor how are you be in charge of washing the vegetables ladies how about a strawberry banana tart mixed with some candy on top no no no that's that's not creative enough let's do fries and bananas inside the sushi um that's kind of gross uh spaghetti yes he and Jessica they love spaghetti a spaghetti I don't know how we're gonna do a spaghetti with these ingredients they need someone let's do the sushi thing that is risky not all kids like sushi but I like a idea patty all right girls let's do it moms all right dads how about an ice cream inside a cake inside a cookie inside a burger how about let's put the ice cream inside the cake cover it up with chips and fry it I say caramelize the raspberry and makes it inside the ice cream uh-oh your time to talk to your teammates is up now the competition begins go all right well let's start by putting this on the grill okay let's chop these up perfect while the moms and dads are busy cooking let's check in on the kids all right kids what do you have to say about today's competition um I need they're both doing a great job my parents taught me how to cook everything right let's unroll these first all right rolls unrolled know what okay so what's the plan oh why don't we just bake flour and sugar okay perfect now let's fill up this cupcake pan wait Jessica I got an idea you can put some of these ingredients in a blender and blend it up and then inject it inside the cupcake as a filling bananas Oh a strawberry filling some chocolate ice cream cone as a funnel Billy cupcake okay bill Jessica got a girl got a girl gives me rabies okay it's any other what an interesting event so far let's check in with the moms looks like they are making cookies Oh actually it's a cookie death very interesting looks like this team is catching on to the latest cookie dough craze awesome idea these are very interesting I always love cookie dough's I wonder if they plan to bake it or keep it in raw form okay here goes nothing let's put the sushi rice in here and the fries all right ladies this has got to work and what about you Kirsty do you have anything to say about your mom and dad I just want to remind everybody that it is very important to funk so please make sure you write who you want to win in the comments below two more ingredients what do we do we're going to make ice cream but the ingredients inside the ice cream making now let's just let the machine do its work tight infinite a screen make it before based on my experience I think you'll work are you done chopping those chips coming right up alright let's cover this mess of a dough up all right Kirk here you go all right let's break this up what about you Peter what do you have to say about your dad whoa he doesn't really cook but he is a good team player of course I wish the dads wig what about you young lady come on I totally think the moms are gonna wait right where is that lettuce all right guys found it here you go Connor my goodness I have no idea what the dads are up to but even if they don't win this competition I think they deserve some credits for pure entertainment this is wife Jessica Mary my beautiful decorating skills add some of my grilled recipe what about YouTube do you have anything to say about your mom and dad please don't embarrass me Jessie we don't want them to do their best regardless on who in we're very proud of our mom and dad oh yeah all right thank you kids all right guys found a pasta maker we could put the rest of the ingredients in here let's put the burger in here let's get distinct going can you help me with this I only have one hand why can't you put your soccer ball down I just can't all right that's quite interesting I can't say I've ever had this before and time is up all right put down your spatulas and stop cooking let's see what we have here with the ladies well we have some cupcakes here with some fruit and chocolate fillings and we have a raspberry cake cookie dough yes that's right wall cookie dough very interesting and then we have some tart ice cream and we remade the sushi with some tempura french fries all right it's very interesting mix I must say though this seems to be a little bit more on the sweet side but we'll let the judges decide all right let's check in with the dads what do you have for us gentlemen well here we have some grilled raspberry vanilla cake with ice cream inside and we also made a modern twist of the pasta and we mixed up the dessert ingredients covered it up in chips and deep-fried a very interesting gentlemen you got some of the classics mixed with the experimental mixed with some very unhealthy looking desserts all right and now please cast your votes in the comments section below all of you did a great job today I commend all of you for your efforts and creativity you all should give yourself a round of applause and thank you for competing this cook-off between mom versus dad toy house HD toy house 60 total 60 come and like and share and subscribe before you go joy house HD Toyo 60 it's Toyo 60

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