Sex Tips for Mums by Mums | Channel Mum Tips

Sex Tips for Mums by Mums | Channel Mum Tips

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Sex tips for knackered parents – find out how to keep the love alive when you’d rather go to sleep.
We polled hundreds of mums for their sex tips for other mums and here’s what they said.
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we asked hundreds of month for their top six tips for moms by mum here's what they said biggest worry that mums had was about their body and how it's changed since having a baby and feeling embarrassed to get naked your partner doesn't care and still fancies you like crazy obviously your partner probably hasn't even noticed because they still love us and find us beautiful and maybe then don't let it stop you from doing what you want to do try and find yourself something new that you can wear in bed something that will boost your confidence if you can keep it on the whole time if that makes you feel comfortable if you feel sexy you will be more sexy and your partner will love it if you're breastfeeding you will not want those boobs to be tough might be sore but they will look amazing so you may as well just make the most of them wear a sexy bra with breast pads person you don't want any leaking milk and just rock the cleavage the first time having sex after having a baby is by far the scariest and I think we just build it up and build up don't be pressured and don't put pressure on the whole situation just do it Nike knew what they were saying when they invented that slogan once you've done it you'll probably be doing it like 10 times a day lots of mums felt that they were worried about actually having sacks you know certain going up there lots of moms turn to oral sex as long as they giving it back everyone's a winner don't forget it's not a long term solution but it works for now so what are your top sexiest leave us a comment down below letting us know or tweet us using the hashtag sex tips fancy human what tips we've got for dads check out the link below and don't forget to subscribe to channel mum for more videos

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  1. Lovely video and great tips! I'd just add -Try not to worry too much – if it hurts the first few times it's totally normal. You will eventually get back into your groove so don't put pressure on yourselves for it to be exactly the same after the first go. It will take a bit of time 😀

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