Sex Tips for Dads by Mums | Channel Mum tips

Sex Tips for Dads by Mums | Channel Mum tips

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Sex tips for knackered parents – find out how to keep the love alive when you’d rather go to sleep. We polled hundreds of mums for their sex tips for dads and here’s what they said.
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channa mom asked hundreds of mums were their top sex tips our dads here are the top five sex tips on moderns and for dads if she's breastfeeding then you gotta kind of accept that oops are off the menu you're gonna try your luck with the boobs and you'll probably end up with a black eye but just reassure him I've got the new look fair she starts crying then starts hitting you just just roll with it new mums are a lot more emotional than they normally are you go go this shop in the middle of the night you just gotta accept it it's gonna be you need to be there for them give them kisses cuddles even the toughest woman needs lots of reassurance you know just make him feel really good about themselves shell pair as well as tell her pop I would most times they just cuz you're thinking about it showing affection towards them cuddles bringing them a hot drink oh that's a shame you never do that penetration so it can be really frightening for mums weeks I mean the months after him in there so just be gentle be slow and really read them be patient a little probably happen sometimes sex gonna be an overwhelming for data – as she's gone through the hardest sort of moment of her life and you've sort of seen everything if you've looked down that way but having a baby brings you closer together anyway and you're probably too tired to even want to do it take it easy yourself make sure you wait until it's sort of all healed up and it's all ready to go sort of thing it can be you know great from there on remember protection like a hard hat especially you go for the boobs what are your top tips leave a comment below or tweet us using the hashtag sex tips if you want to hear channel mom's tips for mums then watch their other video and don't forget subscribe to channel

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