Secondhand Maternity Clothing Haul | Bekah Martinez

Secondhand Maternity Clothing Haul | Bekah Martinez

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-Gold hoop earrings:

-Palm printed sports bra:

-Red hoop earrings:

-Cheetah print jacket:

-White feather earrings:

-Black bralette:

-Rose gold clogs:



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hello everybody I have been so busy because of school stuff I just finished my finals and now I'm getting to transition into a time where it's all about baby all about the holidays all the fun stuff but I wanted to do a little secondhand maternity clothing haul as you can see my body is changing I have never had this much cleavage in my life and I have never had this big of a belly in my life it's a little crazy look at these ridiculous maternity pants so my second hand return to the haul is sponsored by if you've been following my page on the Instagram you know I post about thread up all the time it's kind of like an online thrift store except with better quality stuff it's the world's largest online secondhand shop and you can get a bunch of different brands at discounted prices including maternity wear which is what I'm doing today so actually this outfit I'm wearing right now is from thredUP this brand top is like a gust August I don't really know how to say it it's like August with an E and then the pants it's kind of weird either just hmm maternity leggings see if they got that nice little belly band all the way up here so both of these are from thread up but let's get going so let's look at some the stuff I'm gonna be trying on and showing you guys today I already got some stuff from thread up a few weeks ago so I've already been wearing it and some of it I am just trying on for the first time today so we'll see how that goes okay so the first thing or one of the things I'm gonna try on which I have already worn before it's super cute but I'll show you it's this vintage maternity top it's kind of a little nineties throwback and this is the kind of fun thing about thread up some of the stuff is like older maternity look at this tag oops like that is definitely not from 2018 vintage I guess is like vintage calling it vintage is pushing it but you know what I mean and then some of it is new with tags like this dress that I'm also gonna be trying on how to try this one on yet I'm excited this is Motherhood Maternity and it's new with tags on it so that is great oh also yeah they don't shave my armpits I know I'll probably start getting comments again in the comment section you gross let me buy you a razor or whatever I'm good it's my own personal choice oh here's top I was trying on earlier that I was wearing the August August I don't know how to say it top I'm also wearing the maternity leggings right now but I kind of like to wear them just like below my belly kind of more along that fancy line like that dress this is from the brand summer and sage and it's kind of like a summer maxi dress but I'm gonna try pairing it with this silk blazer from Elizabeth and kind of like a cute snakeskin pattern I really love animal prints right now so we'll try those two together both really good for fancy holiday stuff and I've noticed you know like a lot of the maternity clothes that I've tried on are really kind of frumpy and really kind of like yoga pants why it's related so I get really excited when there's cute kind of upscale stuff that's still fun and funky and goes with my own sense of style and then a couple casual things got this embroidered top from Liz Lange Maternity it is kind of summery but I'm gonna throw a jacket over it so that should be cute and then here are some pants that I ordered actually a while back they are not maternity specific but this is kind of my personal maternity hack I like getting an oversized boyfriend denim and wearing them just right below my belly like this you'll see it when I try them on it's actually pretty comfy when I belt them and they're nice and loose and stretchy and I like the boyfriend look I'll pair them with a little little pair of heels to kind of dress them up here's another pair I got these ones are current / Elliot my tip for thredUP is go onto the site with a purpose so if you're just browsing it's kind of like being at t.j.maxx or a thrift store or any of those stores with where there's just a lot of stuff to go through it can be really overwhelming if you kind of don't go in with a mission so like when I got these jeans I typed in distressed boyfriend denim and I sorted through my sizes and that that really helped or like for this snakeskin jacket I narrowed the search down to animal print jackets and then narrowed it down to my size so that kind of helps me go somewhere with what I'm shopping for instead of just browsing the pages upon ages of stuff alright let's do this it's kind of hard for me to get it all in I haven't paired with some wool sneakers and everything and via H&M maternity leggings I was already telling you about but this time I guess it's not quite so fancy but it's still kind of holiday esque it's got the little velvet collar I really like it this brand is actually like a vintage brand from the 90s and I love it cuz whenever I've worn it so far people have been like I'm pretty sure my mom had the same top when I was in her belly or whatever so I kind of like that aspect of it it was only ten dollars I like to pair it with my little cheetah print jacket kind of gives it a fun 90s Flair with some little red earrings fun accessories anyway I really like this top I really like the fit of it and it was super super cheap so okay this is genuinely my first time trying on this dress and I absolutely love it I don't know if you see I paired it with my favorite little fluffy earrings I'll definitely link all of my jewelry and accessories below and also there's a link to thread up below and if it's your first time shopping you can get 30% off with my code Becca so I just really like this I just paired it with some normal and you can't really see it just some normal black platform heels but I just feel really pretty and there's not a lot of time I think during your pregnancy or you get to feel like genuinely sexy and and I don't know I like it I would love to wear this to a New Year's party or something like that all right so let me show you without the jacket it's just a simple little like black maternity maxi dress slash full-length gown if you can see it and then I got this jacket to go over it this snakeskin one it fits great and so does the dress they both really fit well I may issue is I don't know the dress it's it doesn't have very much pizzazz for me and I definitely would want to dress it up with a lot of accessories it's really high cut it on the neck you know and it's also very long I don't know if you can see but it's literally down to my heels and my thing about that is it's just a personal preference I think it should be either like just a little lower cut just to show some of that great pregnancy cleavage come on it's the best or I don't know maybe a little slit up the side of the leg or something like that and I definitely I like this jacket I would pair it with some boyfriend jeans and a black top because this to me is very business party I don't know I I don't like the two together that's for sure so and kind of a Miss the dress is fine there's nothing special about it so see I thought the snakeskin jacket was so cute that I just I had to I had to try it on at the different outfit and I think this is way sexier way cuter let me just show you the details real quick I just paired it with like a little gold necklace I have a little black bra let that's peeking out from just a plain black tank I already had laying around paired it with some of the oversized boyfriend denim that I had also gotten off of front weight some little let me show you rose gold clogs see now hopefully you can just see it a little better again these are not maternity jeans but if I belt him I don't know I think they're really cute this is a really cute like go out for drinks look even though if you're pregnant you're probably not going out for drinks unless you really like virgin cocktails which I do ok I got little red flat so I think and so I just took a drink of water so if there's some little spots that you see right here it's because I drip and I drink water like a five-year-old so this top I got off this site and then these pants too I think they're kind of fun together again this top is much readytalk these pants are not they're just like boyfriend cut denim what I like about these two together is you've got the cute little embroidery right here on the top and then on the pants I don't know if you can see it but on the pants there's a really cute little embroidery detail with the in the distressed part of the denim so I kind of like that together my only issue with this top is this look watch when I take it off when I take off the jacket this is just a jacket that I already had when I take this off it's not super flattering it's just kind of boxy like a sack and it kind of just draws attention to my shoulders god this piece of hair right here just keeps falling in the middle I feel like it brings attentions to my shoulders and my arms and I just feel like rectangle person I don't really like it so I mean it is winter so I probably wouldn't take the jacket off anyway paired with the jeans and with all the little accessories but on its own me well thank you all for joining me for this haul by the way I'm sitting with my birthing ball I changed it into the top with this bra let and now I love it even more anyway thank you so much for joining me on this haul hopefully I'll be popping this baby out soon so I won't have to wear maternity clothes for that much longer but in the meantime I'm trying to stay creative with my maternity wardrobe and that and you can't do hope you got inspired on some outfits and go try out for it up it's great I love it it's good for the environment too you're not buying new clothes secondhand is the way to go alright see you guys later

29 thoughts on “Secondhand Maternity Clothing Haul | Bekah Martinez

  1. I'm not pregnant but love your videos! You are absolutely adorable little pregnant mamma to be! Can't wait for your new lil bundle of joy and am so excited for you to see the gender. So cool you waited!

  2. Hi Bekah, I just finished Murder Mountain on Netflix and it made me think of you and why your Mom freaked out about you disappearing. When you were up there were you a trimmigrant? It seemed like that is what you were probably up there doing, but wanted to get your feedback on this.

  3. I’m so happy you changed into the bralette for the snake skin jacket, but even more so for that blouse bc when I first saw it with the tropical bra I was just like dang it would look so much cuter if it was just black or anything other than a pattern haha! 💛

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